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5 Ways To Increase Profits With Online Marketing
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5 Ways To Increase Profits With Online Marketing


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. 5 Ways To Increase Profits With Online Marketing Small Business Marketing5 Ways toIncrease Profitswith OnlineMarketing
  • 2. 5 Ways To Increase Profits With Online Marketing Small Business MarketingFor great insights on how to create value for your clients, boost profits andincrease your market share, click hereOnline marketing for small business has really lifted to anotherlevel. With the Internet exploding and consumers flocking tosearch engines researching products and services to makeeducated buying decisions, when your business isnt showing upas these people are searching for you, youre leaving a lot ofmoney on the table.So now I will reveal 5 strategies you can use right now toincrease your profits utilising the Internet.1 Video MarketingWhile everyone is chasing the page one spot on Google, manydisregard the power of video! YouTube has been ranked as thenumber 2 search engine for quiet some time. This alone shouldmotivate you to take action and start shooting videos which driveconsumers of your business to your website. Simply shoot a videoabout some Frequently Asked Questions your customers mayhave and provide answers to them. Then make sure you insert acall to action to visit your site and drive these people towardsyour website.
  • 3. 5 Ways To Increase Profits With Online Marketing Small Business Marketing2 Social Media MarketingSocial media is the big buzz word these days. A lot of people aremaking big claims that theyre making a killing with social media.If you ask me... its pretty hard to sell to cold prospects whichhave just added you as a "Friend" on Facebook. The key tomaking money with this media is building relationships, thenmoving these prospects over from the social media platform ontoyour own business database. This way you can build a strongerrelationship with your prospects and turn them into customers.3 Search Engine OptimisationThis one is the big daddy. If you optimize your website to showup on the first page of Google you are pretty much guaranteed alot of visitors to your website. This one does take a little bit ofwork and knowledge to structure your site and build link networksexactly the way the search engines like it. However oncemastered, you can generate tons of FREE traffic, drive this trafficto your website and build your customer database.4 Opt In FormsOnce youre driving visitors to your website you need some wayto capture their details so you can follow up and continue tomarket to these people. The way to do this is place a form onyour website which offers something free to your visitors. They
  • 4. 5 Ways To Increase Profits With Online Marketing Small Business Marketingwill get this freebie in return for giving you their name and emailaddress. Then once you have them on your database you cancontinue to market to these people at a very low cost. Whichleads into strategy number 5...5 Email MarketingOnce you have a list of prospects by utilizing the last 4 strategies,you are basically sitting on the holy grail of Internet marketing.No longer will you have to rely on high advertising costs,investing time into social media marketing and bust your nose inthe big world of Search Engine Optimisation. You have a low costway to market to your customers, build a relationship andmonetise your database.By utilising these strategies when doing online marketing forsmall business you can take your business to a whole new level ofprofitability. For great insights on how to create value for your clients, boost profits and increase your market share, click here
  • 5. 5 Ways To Increase Profits With Online Marketing Small Business MarketingBut this is just the start of online marketing for small business. You can now get David Krauters "CovertSmall Business Internet Marketing Secrets" training DVD (value $47.00) TOTALLY FREE which revealsactual step by step strategies to taking your business to another level of profitability by clicking on orvisiting: Source: