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BusinessIntelligenze - BPO Applicability (English)

BusinessIntelligenze - BPO Applicability (English)






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    BusinessIntelligenze - BPO Applicability (English) BusinessIntelligenze - BPO Applicability (English) Document Transcript

    • Concept Draft of Business Intelligence Tool-kit for Call Centers, BPO, KPO BI for BPO and KPO www.businessintelligenze.comBusiness Intelligence (BI) is a proven approach for achieving sustainable businessprocess improvement. We can supply significant business value to our clients bydeploying BI in BPO. Business intelligence is the proven technique for achieving asignificant business impact -- from enhancing the top line to discovering new ways toreduce the bottom line; from trend analysis to customer retention; from revenue toexpenses; from analytics on recruitment to retention; and constant benefit analysis.Key benefits of integrating Business Intelligence in BPO: • Discover profits: The profits from savings in operational costs after implementing BI can generally exceed BI investment itself in a relatively short period. • Beyond Reporting: BI lets you watch in near real-time the performance across multiple campaigns across multiple regions through a single dashboard. Receive automated alerts as soon as a variance is generated in a process. Get accurate updates and information by integrating mobility kit with BI. • Track where your data is going. Get alerted in near real-time as soon as security is breached. • You can prove that you are delivering and possibly exceeding the mutually agreed upon business value by continuously monitoring different SLAs (Service Level Agreements) • Accurately forecast business conditions to take proactive decisions using powerful predictive analysis tools • Reduce executive workload. Increase overall organizational output and employee efficiency • Reduce the risks of the BPO function • Reduce risks for all parties by enabling continuous monitoring of the outsourced business process
    • Concept Draft of Business Intelligence Tool-kit for Call Centers, BPO, KPO • Automatically deliver the right information to the right people at the right time • Know precisely. The powerful and intuitive analytics and reporting tools of BI can automatically alert you of the discrepancies even in the ability and efficiency of a particular staff member. • Powerful trend analysis of customer behavior and stock movement. This lets you deliver right products to the right regions and avoid dead stocks. • Optimize the Why, Where, When and How of every process. • Achieve sustainable business process improvement. • Establish confidence in your clients that process effectiveness and control will not be lost. • Client company can reduce the costs of related retained business processes. • Give more productivity to the outsourcing company’s retained staff. • You do not have to customize every proposal as a BPO supplier. At a minimum, you could simply integrate the existing business intelligence packages into a basic data-warehousing environment.A BPO with business intelligence deployment is looked upon much favorably by keyexecutives of outsourcing companies, as they now prefer outsourcing entire businessfunctions than just the IT part. This is why business intelligence is a criticalcomponent for all BPO proposals.Enterprise Performance Management becomes much simpler to implementwith a business intelligence solution. As soon as the BPO function discovers avariance in expected business performance, a well-developed business intelligenceenvironment would be able to send an e-mail to the appropriate leaders within allcompanies, so they can focus on improving overall service-level performance.We provide call centers with the insight they need to increase agent productivity,reduce overhead costs, and improve the customer experience.New call center trends and business models – such as outsourcing and virtualcontact centers – are emerging, making service and support operations more difficult
    • Concept Draft of Business Intelligence Tool-kit for Call Centers, BPO, KPOto track, manage, and evaluate. Additionally, as more companies rely on their callcenters to make a measurable contribution to the bottom line, they are underincreasing pressure to boost revenue, maximize productivity, and reduce overheadcosts.Our enterprise integration and business intelligence solutions provide call centerswith valuable, timely insight into all facets of their operations with focus onperformance Mgmt. Managers can instantly identify critical patterns and trends in callvolumes and accurately evaluate agent performance to ensure proper staffing levelsand optimal workforce efficiency. Representatives have comprehensive customerand prospect information at their fingertips so they can deliver superior service andsuccessfully leverage up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.Our technologies can empower todays call centers with: • A complete view of customer information from popular CRM applications such as Oracle, SAP, and more than 300 other sources • Real-time agent activity and performance monitoring • In-depth call traffic analysis • Continuous tracking of critical metrics such as average speed of answer, call- handling times, hold times, transfers, etc. • Workforce planning and management • The ability to build and deploy robust and intuitive Web-based self-service solutionsCall centers of all types and sizes can rely on Integral Fusion to increase agentproductivity while reducing operating costs. Most importantly, weve empowered callcenters around the globe with the insight they need to maximize customersatisfaction and retention by ensuring consistency and quality across all interactions. ----- End of Document----