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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

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  • Your company looks upon you as Mr. Dependable hence Our CIO has now turned from Chief Information Officer to Chief Intelligence Officer who knows everything and can do & deliver anything at anytime of the hour expected to deliver like Bond James Bond .


  • 1. C hief – I ntelligence – O fficer – CIO Mr. Dependable
  • 2. Dependable CIO - Pain Problem Area – The Mission
  • 3.
    • Large data to manage.
    • Constant
    • Pressure on IT
    • MIS team to
    • deliver on time
    • Frequent
    • changes to
    • existing reports
    • Too many ad
    • hoc reports
    • request
  • 4. Management needs multi dimensional reporting but cubes and data ware house development is prohibitive due to time and cost
  • 5. Urgent Need to roll out BI solution at Operation level but has prohibitive cost and no right sized ready solution
  • 6. Need for BI is explicit as data stored in silos are multiple ODS
  • 7. People don’t trust their spreadsheet generated numbers
  • 8. Most time is spent on arguing about which number is right
  • 9. MAIA BI reports creates similar look and feel of Excel preserving its strengths, eliminates weaknesses, extending functionality
  • 10. Results of unstructured way of report management leads to chaos which is typically seen in a Non BI Set up
  • 11. Solving MIS Reporting Problem
    • Operational Systems
    • Finance Systems
    • CRM System
    • HR System
    • Partners and Vendors
    • Channel Data
    • IT hours spent on more
    • productive projects.
    • Complete freedom for end
    • users.
    • Business users having
    • reliable information.
    • Reduction in analysis time
    • for users.
    • Improved
    • accuracy in
    • decision.
    • Improved
    • streamlined
    • operations.
    MAIA - BI Products
  • 12. A new champion has arrived on the international arena in business intelligence product space
  • 13. MAIA develops software that helps business users make instant fact-based decisions with reporting analytics
  • 14. MAIA BI reporting products consolidate streamline data, convert & shape them into analytics & trends
  • 15. Service Oriented Architecture in BI SOA
  • 16. Services on Query builder Build your query Reporting on SOA SOA Start Anywhere in the cycle, Use only what you need Business Intelligence enabled by
  • 17. MAIA BI products manages all the data in the organization no matter where it resides . Loads from any data sources
  • 18. You have already made an investment in a white elephant
  • 19. MAIA BI products will make these elephants Dance.
    • Too big
    • Too clumsy
    • Does not
    • provide what
    • we want
    • Remembers
    • everything
    • but tell us
    • nothing
    • Takes away
    • all our
    • resources
  • 20. Many transaction applications has built in conventional query and reporting tool but are relatively limited in there capabilities they seem to be good, but don’t go far enough
  • 21. You have data quality reporting issues, whether you know it or not. MAIA BI products helps them reduce it and brings in authenticity
  • 22. MAIA BI products help with authentic data results. Our users talk about what it means rather than argue. Our BI delivers decision making accurate reports
  • 23. MAIA BI products help to cash out on your data by giving valuable analytical reports
    • Information must be treated like a cash
    • currency which can be
    • banked on it via reports
      • manage it,
      • save it,
      • account for it,
      • leverage it
  • 24.
    • Everybody
    • claims
    • affordability
    • MAIA can
    • prove it
    • Affordability
    • doesn't sound
    • glamorous, it
    • has major
    • implications
  • 25. Mercedes at the cost of Maruti
  • 26. MAIA BI products co-exist & live in with the current leaders in BI space due to the lowest TCO which we have proved it
  • 27. Pidilite have used all version of B.O. from 4.x, 5.x, 6.x (intermediate) and now using B.O.XI Rel. 2 Pidilite is using 1KEY at Operational BI reporting. We have more than 600+ user empowered with BI reporting.
  • 28. Companies look up to us for providing enterprise class architecture with single unified reporting platform
  • 29. CIO and its IT team Always a winner with MAIA BI products
  • 30. Thank You MANALI ANAGAL [email_address] Visit Stall No. 6 Next Session is LIVE demonstration on 1KEY Business Intelligence Request to fill up the feedback form