Business Intelligence Quiz 2010


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Business Intelligence Quotient (BIQ) 2010 Quiz held at Technology Senate, Hong Kong

Third Year in a row and again all CIOs roll up their sleeves to play the most popular Business Intelligence Quiz - The Business Intelligence Quotient (BIQ) 2010 - Quiz Your BI Intellect by MAIA Intelligence.

Congratulations to the winners. The BI Quiz, first of its kind, gives opportunity to the CIO community from across India BIQ quiz to sharpen their knowledge.

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Business Intelligence Quiz 2010

  1. 1. EDITION: ALL INDIA DATE: SEPTEMBER 20, 2010 PAGE: 22 Day Three / MAIA BI Quiz Time for a MAIA Intelligence BI Quiz In 2009, the market saw high drama in the business intelligence segment, where some of the largest BI projects were sold and implemented despite the recession. The market also saw consolidation where large BI vendors gobbled up smaller players. According to BI vendors, BI is at the top of the CIO priority list for the third year in a row—highlighting the important role that it plays in strategic planning and performance management for enterprises. In the backdrop of such developments, Technology Senate 8.0 sessions included a series of quizzes on BI. The quiz Business Intelligence Quotient 2010–Quiz Your BI Intellect sponsored and organized by MAIA Intelligence had the participants on their toes even as the audience watched eagerly. The aim of the quiz was to bring together the sharpest CIO minds. It was a battleground for the cleverest, fastest and most knowledgeable. It was also a test of knowledge (in the BI / DW space) and speed of response, in a competitive and entertaining format and there were attractive prizes. The quiz aimed to highlight the importance of BI in the enterprise among the CIO community. A elimination round with a crossword was held at the start. From the contestants scoring the highest marks in this round, five were invited for three rounds of live questions, from whom the winners were selected. This written elimination round consisted of questions from business intelligence, data warehousing and related subjects such as corporate, personalities, brands, markets, etc. A few questions related to MAIA Intelligence and its 1KEY BI product were also asked with anagrams revealing the answers. The questionnaire was shared with all the CIOs at the start of the day’s sessions. The crossword in the elimination round and the three live rounds also included a category where CIOs’ faces had to be matched to their names. Participants were judged on the accuracy and speed of their response.