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Ports and terminals around the world face the challenge of reducing equipment and labour costs, managing growth without large capital
investments in land and berth space and developing new technology.
Business Intelligence (BI) addresses all the challenges, by providing comprehensive terminal solutions for real-time planning, management and control of port and terminal operations and inter-modal facilities, said Sanjay Mehta, CEO, MAIA Intelligence.

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BI for Cargo Terminal Port

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  3. 3. Emerging Technology Port Terminal Management Business Intelligence Sanjay Mehta for Cargo Terminal Port Ports and terminals around the world face the challenge of reducing equipment and labour costs, managing growth without large capital investments in land and berth space and developing new technology. Business Intelligence (BI) addresses all the challenges, by providing comprehensive terminal solutions for real-time planning, management and control of port and terminal operations and inter- modal facilities, said Sanjay Mehta, CEO, MAIA Intelligence. CT Bureau T here is a pressure from owners and customers to augment BI can optimise a terminal’s performance by utilising its port profitability and increase throughput, to exceed customer resources more efficiently. BI Reporting Analytics, combined with service goals and prove a return on their information KPIs & Dashboards, helps executives at terminals to get the right technology investment. information at the right time and make strategic decisions faster through alerting, scheduling, reporting, forecasting, auditing and making predictive analysis. Business The terminal business is highly mission critical and a 24/7 Intelligence (BI) Features operation, involving varied applications across the domains 26 CARGOTALK SEPTEMBER 2010 WWW.CARGOTALK.IN
  4. 4. of operations, services and engineering. can deliver on this promise if deployed Since each department is putting data into successfully because it can improve BI can help… different systems, consolidation of reports decision making and operational efficiency, OPERATIONS is a huge task and so is determining its which in turn drives the top line and the Railway movement accuracy. These and text based applications bottom line. Internal & outside truck movement make the “timely” data analysis critical RTG movement QC (Quac Crane) movement and challenging. With BI, companies can As per NASSCOM ZINNOV INDIA Software Berth productivity analyse data that was not attemptable Product Business Study report, BI is on 3rd Ship production earlier. The savings from BI are therefore opportunity priority list for Indian software Shift production myriad- less time required to make reports, product companies. COMMERCIAL analyse information and therefore make Revenue in terms of service faster decisions. Some of the Analysis which can be Productivity in terms of service, line and voyage done with BI: Importance in CLAIMS & CONTRACTS 1 Y a r d Inve n t o r y P e r f o r m a n c e Vendor Data Analysis and comparison India Analysis, which is an interactive Claims for accidents and near misses Third party as well as one’s own claim visual model, allows executives to tracking According to Mehta, BI technology adoption understand the Container Movement Impact FINANCE and recognition of its importance in India, analysis by container size. Executives can P&L analysis are definitely on the rise. The maturity of further analyze on the basis of commodity Outstanding receivables / payables BI adoption can best be seen with the new and size. Customer / vendor ageing B/S comparisons and analysis economy companies, including those in the Budget v/s actuals and monitoring marine cargo terminal sector. Currently, many marine cargo terminal companies have deployed and stabilised ERP/CRM/ SCM/HRM or core business (transactional) applications and are thus looking for a 2 QC (Cranes) Analysis a l l o w s executives to understand about QC productivity i.e. information on load, unload and total performance ratio of QC in last one hour, in last 24 hours, which HR – Head count reports Attrition rate Blue/white collar analysis Yard production of container stacks tool that can leverage the IT investment in type of container has been moved in the last Container parking and rail cars and gate these packaged applications. “We are seeing one hour (20 footer, 40 footer, empty, full operations involving entry and departure great interest from verticals, such as Marine containers) and movement analysis (load, into the terminal Terminal Cargo companies for adopting BI unload and total movement). for increasing their competitiveness and These dashboards help the operational transparency, respectively,” he said. In India, there is a general awareness on the theory and concept of BI. They are spearheading BI adoption by going in for 3 Truck Turn Around Time Analysis, visual model allows executives to understand the collective turnaround time of trucks by Gate, by Truck, by container and container size. users to avoid confusion at the ports in terms of long queues of trucks awaiting access to terminals. With BI it is possible to get single unified separate BI units within the organisation to Executives can further compare per truck data view of an enterprise and get benefits provide the `right’ product to the `right’ performance (for twelve months) according like saving time, accuracy, authenticity of customer at the `right’ time and price. to the container type and size. report, manpower saving and much more. This industry is one of the early adopters BI turns data into actionable information. of BI in India. Presently, the demand for BI solutions is largely being driven by MNCs and large enterprises. BI solutions seem to have gained more acceptance 4 Vessel Productivity Analysis allows executives to understand about Vessel Productivity, including hourly comparison of container movement including loading and unloading and also It helps monitor, measure and analyze the health and performance of a terminal’s operations. and significance in cargo industry where time plays a pivotal role in the future give information on how many containers of the company. have entered in last one hour. USERS OF BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE COULD BE… Gartner Report “Hype Cycle for ICT in The purpose of a marine terminal operation’s India 2008,” expects BI market in India to dashboard is to allow the marine terminal Shift Managers reach U.S.$ 46.8 million by 2012. India is a management to monitor yard operations in real Gate Manager huge market for Business Intelligence and is time and to alert them on unforeseen problems. Maintenance Head fast growing with double digit figures even Marine terminal operations fall into three main Finance Users in this slowdown. The overall BI market areas in terms of production management: Commercials Managers in India is at a nascent stage, with a huge Crane operations from/to vessel and Heads of Departments opportunity for vendors to capture. BI train/truck 27 CARGOTALK SEPTEMBER 2010