Estonia - Your Product Innovation and Production Partner


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Estonia - Your Product Innovation and Production Partner

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Estonia - Your Product Innovation and Production Partner

  2. 2. The metalworking and mechanical industry The machinery and metalworking industry in Estonia provides about 18% of total sales for the Estonian manufacturing industry and employs approximately 12% of all employees in the manufacturing industry. The sector’s key specialities are fabricated metal products, precision tungsten carbide dies, high-end welding, tool making, machinery and equipment, automotive components and ship building. The sector comprises 18% of total industrial exports. The biggest export partners are Finland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Russia, the Netherlands and Denmark. Source: Statistics Estonia 2
  3. 3. Dynamic engineering industry ecosystem World class foreign investors supported by extensive local supply chains Productivity increased by 48% in 5 years One stop business for complementing your supply chain: Solution + Development + Production + IT Support Solutions for industry are supported by competence centres Tehnopol, a science and business environment for knowledge based companies, has the Mechatronics Innovation Centre, which offers R&D and laboratory space for technology-based companies. Tallinn University of Technology has just opened a Technology Campus uniting various engineering departments and offering companies modern industrial research and testing services. 3
  4. 4. Opportunities Existing supply chain from design to production Flexible high-value contract manufacturing and engineering services Design and R&D services Product development, piloting and testing Scalable development sites around major sea and land hubs 4
  5. 5. High efficiency Ranked 21st country in the world for ease of doing business (World Bank) Ranked 7th in the world for ease of trading across borders Simple, flat rate tax system — 0% tax on re-invested profits Creating a company in Estonia via the internet takes only 18 minutes Annual reports can be submitted in 20 minutes via the e-Annual Report online environment (voted best e-government solution in the world at World Summit Award 2011) and tax declarations via fully automatic e-Tax Board Prime bulk industrial space rent 4€/m2 per year Low risk Political and economic stability — joined the euro zone in January 2011 Lowest government debt in Europe Lowest corruption among CEE countries (Transparency International) Estonia is ranked 2nd in economic sustainability (European Policy Centre) Cyber security — NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, is located in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city Most integrated country in Northern Europe - member of the euro zone, EU, NATO, OECD and the Schengen area 5
  6. 6. Progressive infrastructure Cutting edge ICT infrastructure: 100% fibre national broadband by 2015 Many large-scale ICT companies have development centres in Estonia The EU Agency for large scale IT systems is located in Tallinn 98% of money transfers are made online Industrial parks are scalable and accessible EU tax exemption in the customs-free zones of the ports 6
  7. 7. Strategic location and accessibility Gateway between the north, west, Eastern Europe and Russia Major European cities are reachable by air within a couple of hours (for example, it takes 75 minutes to reach Tallinn from Oslo Airport) Ports are ice-free year-round with growth potential and development sites, including the Port of Tallinn — the largest and deepest (at 18 m of depth) port of the Baltic Sea Excellent national and international rail network with particularly strong links to Russia Border crossings to Russia are quick and easy with online border queue operation service GoSwift (selected as one of the world’s TOP40 e-services at the World Summit Award), saving millions of euros per year Cargo can be moved from the Baltic Sea to Moscow within two days and to China within 15 days 7
  8. 8. Quality talent pool 6 public (state) universities and 1 private university, plus 22 professional higher education institutions; virtually all academic research in Estonia is performed at the public universities 48 vocational education institutions — 15,000 students in technical, science and production study programs 15% of workforce has an engineering background 55% of the Estonian workforce is fluent in one or more foreign languages (especially Russian, English, Finnish, German and Swedish) Ranked 19th in world for quality of higher education (World Economic Forum 2013) Ranked 5th in the world for high school education standards (PISA) 8
  9. 9. Examples of sector companies in Estonia ABB AS ABB is the leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. In Estonia ABB One Campus with its Head Office is located in Jüri. There are sales and engineering units, four factories and other regional and global service centres with a total area of 119 000 m2. ABB One Campus hosts more than 1200 employees on a daily basis. Furthermore has ABB remote location activities such as full and field service and workshop with summing up of total headcount for ABB AS around 1300. DECK Engineering OÜ DECK Engineering provides engineering services for emerging offshore oil & gas, energy and infrastructure industries. Established in 2013, employs 5 employees. 9
  10. 10. BLRT Grupp BLRT Grupp is one of the biggest industrial holdings in the Baltic Sea region. It incorporates 71 companies which build and service vessels, product advanced steel solutions, proceed metal products, produce gases, offer transport and port services. BLRT Marketex is the subsidiary of BLRT Grupp which focuses on industrial and large scale steel solutions. BLRT Marketex Marine is the subsidiary of BLRT Grupp which focuses on small shipbuilding and fish farming solutions. BLRT Marketex Offshore Constructions is the subsidiary of BLRT Grupp which offers solutions for offshore oil&gas market. Hanza Mechanics Tartu AS Hanza Mechanics Tartu’s work ranges from cold stamping, milling, turning, plating, etc to assembly of mechanical and electromechanical electronic units. The company was first established in 1907 and privatized in 1996. Employs over 470 employees. 10
  11. 11. Fortaco Estonia AS Manufactures steel structures and components and cargo handling solution components for Hiab and Kalmer brands. Established in 2007. Employs around 360 employees. ICD Industries Estonia OÜ ICD Industries provides developers with a reliable, complete framework for development of industrial control systems. Our CDP application will increase your team’s performance and ability to deliver end-user optimised and bug-free solutions – on time. Established in 2012, employs 3 employees 11
  12. 12. Bestra Engineering AS AS Bestra Engineering’s main production articles are metal constructions, components for the engineering industry, assemblies and equipment for oil rigs. Established in 2006, employs 41 employees Stoneridge Electronics Automotive electronics production and development unit of global auto-electronics group. Established in Estonia in 1998. Stoneridge’s Estonian facility employs around 300 people, including design and development engineers dedicated to product research and development. 12
  13. 13. What they say about us “We work with Tallinn Technical University to direct the courses they offer towards our specific needs, and we handpick our engineers through this cooperation. It takes only simple maths to conclude this is a great place to do business. In Sweden, one employee has roughly 1400 workable hours. In Estonia, one employee has 1750 hours.” Ericsson “Even when the labour market has been at its tightest, ABB has been able to recruit and train the specialists it needs. When ABB could not find the specific specialists it needed to produce turbines for wind generators, it created programs and trained them itself.” ABB “For five years now we’ve added value with design and development. We have always managed well in getting the engineers we need. From the point of having an ambitious vision, we have quite quickly come to have a fully functional team of bright young engineers integrated with the overall R&D team at Stoneridge Electronics.” Stoneridge 13
  14. 14. More information ELIKO — Competence Centre in Electronics, Info and Communication Technologies IMECC — Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Systems Competence Centre STACC — Software Technology and Applications Competence Centre Mehhatroonikum — a science and business environment Tartu Science Park Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry Tallinn University of Technology University of Applied Sciences Estonian Academy of Arts Sector business opportunities in Estonia
  15. 15. Estonian Investment Agency Enterprise Estonia Lasnamäe 2, Tallinn 11412, Estonia Phone: +372 627 9700 / Fax: +372 627 9701 E-mail:
  16. 16. Capital: Tallinn Area: 45.227 km2 ≈ Denmark Population: 1.300.000 Internet users: 80% Country Calling Code: 372 Currency: euro (EUR) Country credit ratings: Fitch A+; Standard & Poor’s AA-; Moody’s A1 (August 2013) GDP: EUR 17 billion (2012) GDP per capita: EUR 13.210 (2012) Index of Economic Freedom: 13th among 183 countries Member of EU, NATO, OECD, WTO, Schengen area