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View our site with screen shots of all the great features that we offer

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BusinessETouchCRM Presentation

  1. 1. Take your business to the nextlevel with BusinessETouchCRM Only $29.95 a month 10 Day Free Trial The #1 selling point of this site is that it is VERY EASY TO USE!!
  2. 2. The Contact page allows for everything you could want. This section is easily customizable to meet your exact needs.You can also add appointments, notes and send emails from this page. Notice that the Notes are date and time stamped.
  3. 3. We Automatically Save everyincoming and outgoing Email to each contact file.
  4. 4. We give you 100 mb of storage to save documents to your contact file.Our system is also compatible with online documents storage companies so you cansave the embedded code to your contacts file.
  5. 5. The appointment setter allows for you to block out how long the meeting is for. You can schedule appointments to repeat automatically.Reminders will send a Text Message, Email and Pop up to you and the contact. And you can color code your appointments for easy identification.
  6. 6. We Automatically save a recordof every Appointment to each contacts file.
  7. 7. Advanced Search Capabilities• Search for any criteria that is saved in your Contact Manager.• You can even do a search within a search.• Send an Email or print letters to any search group.
  8. 8. Email Marketing is Easy with BusinessETouchCRM The Merge feature will insert any information you want into your letters and Emails.
  9. 9. Create Professional Looking EmailsWe allow you access to the HTML window so you have unlimited capabilities. And the word processor is so easy to use anyone can create sharp Emails as well. Of course we provide free training.
  10. 10. Our News Letter Templatemakes it easy to create News Letters
  11. 11. For our customers that are Insurance Agents we have dozens of insurance related lettersto help you create you Email Campaigns. We also have professionally written Insurance and Real Estate News Letter Articles that can insert into your News Letters in seconds.
  12. 12. We are SPAM compliant• We automatically put your address and an opt out button at the bottom of emails sent to groups.
  13. 13. Drip EmailsPre schedule saved Email to be sent at a later date to individual contacts or entire groups.
  14. 14. Email CampaignsOur Email Campaign program allows you to save multiple Emails with predetermined time periods and then assign them to individual contacts or groups.
  15. 15. Automatically Import Internet Leads Our CRM program allows you to import any informationyou want from any Lead Company that Emails you Leads.
  16. 16. Easily Import LeadsYou can also upload large numbers of Leads at one time from an Excel spread sheet.
  17. 17. Our CRM allows you to create a form to place on your web site that will capture any information you want. That information will then be imported into your Contact Managerand an Email is sent to you informing you that you have a new lead.
  18. 18. Auto Responder• The Auto Responder will automatically send an Email or start an Email Campaign to new contacts when they are imported into your system with an Email or your Web Site Form.
  19. 19. We have a Library of Business Ecards. Put your Picture or Logo on every card,Save your Ecards to be sent over and over again. The merge and sort assures you send a personal card every time.
  20. 20. Text customers from your computer. Every Text is saved so you always have a record of all your communications with each client and prospect. No Limit on the number of Text messages sent.
  21. 21. Calendar Month ViewAppointments are listed by day, week or month.Drag and drop appointments from one day to another.
  22. 22. Calendar Day ViewAppointments can be color coded so you know exactly what the appointment is for with just aglance. Click on an appointment to open that contacts information.
  23. 23. Secure Site• HIPPA Compliant• SSL Certificate• Encrypted Secure Site• Sensitive information like Social Security Numbers can have an extra layer of Encryption, so you can be sure your clients information is secure.
  24. 24. Customer Service Call BusinessETouchCRM877-517-8228 or 406-558-4093
  25. 25. Sign Up Today 10 Day Free Trial Only $29.95 a month https://businessetouchcrm.comThis site is so easy to use you’ll be Amazed!