Lean Service Design Trilogy


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Lean Service Design changes the way you think about business. No longer can companies focus their efforts on process improvements. Instead, they must engage the customer in use of their product/service rather than analyzing tasks for improvement.

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Lean Service Design Trilogy

  1. 1. Service by Joe Dager, Business901
  2. 2. Service80% of Companies believe they deliver a Superior Service, only 8% of Customers agree
  3. 3. ServiceWe are in a Service Economy Do we act that way? Or think that way?
  4. 4. Service Better, Faster, Cheaperdoes not maintain “Best in Market” position We have shifted from Goods Dominant Thinking to Service Dominant Logic.
  5. 5. ServiceWe are defined not by the products we sell but the services we offer.Can we continue to give away services to sell products? Is it time that we design around our services? Do we have excess or inconsistent service capacity?
  6. 6. ServiceEngage the customer and create demand through services. Change the way you think about service, about business. Sign up for Lean Service Design Trilogy Workshop This is an online program
  7. 7. Lean Service Design Trilogy Lean • Identify Value • Map Value Stream • Create Flow • Establish Pull • Seek Perfection SDCA EDCA Service PDCA Design • Expectations • Empathize • Understanding SD-Logic • Define • Standards • Ideate • Delivery • Prototype • Perceptions • Test
  8. 8. Lean Service Design Trilogy Lean Principles and Thinking provide structure for Continuous Improvement
  9. 9. Lean Service Design Trilogy PDCA Lean is the enabler of processes across the organization Standard – Do – Check – Act Plan – Do – Check - Act Explore – Do – Check - Act
  10. 10. Lean Service Design Trilogy Services80% of Companies believe they deliver a Superior Service, only 8% of Customers agree. Understand your gaps
  11. 11. Lean Service Design Trilogy Sd Logic Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing by Lusch and Vargo, 2004Knowledge is the fundamental source of competitive advantage. All economies are services economies. Customers are always a co-creator of value. Value is always determined by the customer (Value-in-Use).
  12. 12. Lean Service Design Trilogy What if? What Wows? Design ThinkingDon’t think Value Stream Mapping, think Journey Mapping. Don’t think Future State, think Concept Development. Don’t think Build and Deliver, think Prototype and Test. Don’t think Product Benefits, think Value in Use.
  13. 13. Lean Service Design Trilogy Problem Solving Teams Customer Experiencewill mimic your Employee Experience Commitment to measurement Understanding and agreement on the need for processes Knowledge capture & sharing internally & externally Clear-cut business strategy and objectives
  14. 14. Service Sign up forLean Service Design Trilogy Workshop This is an online program by Joe Dager, Business901 http://business901.com
  15. 15. Visit the Lean Marketing Lab Community Our Mission is to bringContinuous Improvement to Sales and Marketing. http://leanmarketinglab.com