Lean Engagement Team


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Lean Engagement Team

  1. 1. Lean Engagement Team Book Coming Soon!The Collaborative Cycleof Sales and Marketing
  2. 2. SETTING THE STAGE Will Lean ever be sustained unless sales and marketing are on board? Why start with production if we want to look from the customer’s eyes? Would it be not be more correct if we did Lean sales and marketing first? Why can’t we have Quality in Sales and Marketing?
  3. 3. SETTING THE STAGE(cont.)With few exceptions, every time Lean is introduced to sales andmarketing, it was through Value Stream Mapping with the solepurpose of removing waste in the process.They were told what that data meant and as a result what theyshould stop doing.This resulted in neither an increase in sales nor an increase invalue added time with the customer.Salespeople had every right to scream and ignore theconversation. All they were ever told to do was gather data.
  4. 4. Lean Engagement Team Value Stream Manager Team Coordinator Sales Team Marketing Communication
  5. 5. The implementation and deployment of Lean Sales and Marketingteams must include a clear definition of roles and matching neededtalent to each team.Every organization will deploy differently, there is no cookie cutterapproach.Roles are an important part of this process and the more definitionprovided the more effective the individual Teams will be.Organizations that consider these alignments as an integral part oftheir sales and marketing strategy create strategic advantages overthe competition..
  6. 6. The Team Coordinator (TC) maintains the integrity of the processes through coaching and predefined control poOverview: The Value Stream Manager (VSM) represents the product/service markets and the business. Team Coordinator (TC) maintains the integrity of the processes through coaching and predefined control points. The Sales and Marketing Team (Team) is a cross- functional group whose number and expertise are derived from the decision-making path of the customer. This Team does the actual sales, providing content, technical functions, trials, testing, etc.
  7. 7. The Team Coordinator (TC) maintains the integrity of the processes through coaching and predefined control po Transaction to teams Obtainable goal setting. Willingness to train people. Commitment to measurement Understanding and agreement on the need for processes. Dedication to knowledge capture & sharing internally & externally. Clear-cut business and/or divisional strategy and objectives.
  8. 8. Value Stream ManagerIdentify specific products/markets that offer organization bestoptions for growth.Create a value model for each of targeted product or market.Clearly state the organization’s competitive value proposition.Identify the direction needed to enhance that value proposition.Monitor competitive value proposition.
  9. 9. Team CoordinatorFacilitating the team’s progress toward their goalEnsuring that work being delivered is in tune w/ customer’s needs.Mentoring the team on Lean processes .Acting as a buffer for outside interruptions.
  10. 10. SALES PDCAIt is nothing more than a standardPDCA cycle except the SALES part ofthe framework is where the sales teamgets its directions and coaching fromthe team coordinator and valuestream manager. Within the actualPDCA stage the sales team isempowered to make their own choicesand determine their own direction toaccomplish the goals of that cycle.One of the key considerations indeveloping a team is to determine theobjective of the cycle. Is it primarilyproblem-resolution, creativity, ortactical execution?
  11. 11. TeamsFirst consider the kind of team needed: • Problem Resolution • Creativity • Tactical executionOnce youve established the objectives, youchoose a team structure to match it.Without this process you may have creativeteams working on tactical execution or onthe other hand a problem-solving teamworking on a creative solution.
  12. 12. As the customer/prospect travels throughtheir decision-making process our marketingefforts are implemented in spirals ofincreasing knowledge of their process thatconverge on the ultimate goal, the correctsolution for the customer. The spiral getstighter as we progress. I like to think of it asan increase in cadence. Passing throughfrom one spiral to the next is a result of thecustomer or, better put, the result of ourincrease in knowledge about the customers’problem and the match of our proposedsolution. This handoff from one PDCA cycleto another is typically managed through acontrol point.
  13. 13. This entire value stream could be managed by one value stream team or it could be passed to another value stream team that manages only that cycle. It all depends on how you set up your organization. Viewing your value stream/marketing cycle in this manner creates endless opportunities for improvement. It is also much easier to handle the team concept of sales and marketing with a thought process of continuous improvement.The sales and marketing team is a cross-functional group whose number and expertiseare derived from the decision-making path of the customer. The team is first andforemost the listening post for the customer (prospect), providing the customer with theinformation, technology, and support that is required. This is done through aPDCA/SDCA/EDCA cycle that depending on the complexity may constitute an entiresales cycle or just a certain portion of the customer’s decision-making process.
  14. 14. Marketing CommunicationsHandles the marketing communications for the company.Works closely with Value Stream Managers & Team CoordinatorsProvide support for program strategy and value stream. Web Ezine Mailers Brochure Pricing Presence Social Press Speaking Advertising Referral Media Release
  15. 15. Lean Marketing House TrioAvailable on Business901: • PDF – Instant DownloadAvailable on Amazon: • Kindle • CD Rom • Ring bound
  16. 16. Marketing with Lean Program Series1. Lean Marketing House Overview2. Driving Market Share3. Marketing with PDCA4. Marketing with A35. Lean Engagement Team
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