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    Cyberbullying Cyberbullying Presentation Transcript

    • Cyberbullying A new technique of bullying
    • What is Cyberbullying?
      • It is a negative form of communication done electronically which is intended to embarrass or hurt another person.
      • It is only consider cyberbullying when a child or a teen is involved. Otherwise, it considered cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking when adults are involved.
    • Electronic forms of cyberbullying
      • Email
      • Instant message
      • Chat rooms
      • Video games
      • Internet – social network websites
      • Mobile phone – Text, photo & video messages
    • Cyberbullying examples
    • Cyberbullying examples
    • Cyberbullying involves:
      • Humiliation
      • Impersonation
      • Exclusion
      • Torment
      • Blackmail
      • Identity theft
      • Threats or intimidation
      • Harassment or "cyberstalking”
      • Unauthorized publication of private information or images
    • Megan Meier
      • Age: 13
      • Committed suicide
      • Self esteem issues
      • Myspace Account
      • Bully: Josh Evans
    • Lori Drew's outcome
    • Effects for victims
      • Loss of appetite
      • Trouble sleeping
      • Suicidal thoughts
      • Anxiety or low self-esteem
      • Seems sad, moody, or depressed
      • Unexplained bruises, scratches, and cuts
      • Sudden decrease in academic performance
      • Loss of interest in school and extracurricular activities
      • Seems afraid of going to school, riding the bus, walking to school, or taking part in organized activities with peers
    • Effects of being a bully
      • Tends to drops out of school
      • Generally does not do well in school
      • Higher risk for alcohol or substance abuse
      • Difficulty in maintaining friendships with others
      • Difficulty in maintaining long term relationships
      • Increased chance of spousal or child abuse as an adult
      • Increased percentage are convicted of a crime by age 24
    • How can kids prevent cyberbullying?
      • Tell friends to stop cyberbullying
      • Report cyberbullying to a trusted adult
      • Save or print all messages from bullies
      • Block communication with cyberbullies
      • Refuse to pass along cyberbullying messages
      • If you are threatened with harm, call the police
      • Don’t share secrets, photos, or anything online that might be embarrassing if someone found out (such as your entire school!)
    • How to prevent your child from a bully
      • Teach your child to have good manners
      • Don't encourage your child to be a bullying
      • Discipline your child when being rude to others
      • Be actively involved with your child's social activities
    • Parents encouraging their child to fight
    • Step-dad disposed evidence
      • Each state laws is different
      • Most states allow school officials to take action against cyber bullies even if the bullying did not originate or take place on school property
      • Schools have incorporated anti-bullying polices
      • If convicted of cyberbullying, you face misdemeanors
      Cyberbullying Laws