Gooeybrand Catalogue 2010


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The next collection from Gooey Brand. Available around November 2009.

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Gooeybrand Catalogue 2010

  1. 1. We think kids deserve the healthiest clothes you can give them. That’s why we use 100% certified organic cotton to produce our clothes. We love bright clean colors and if they’re Oeko-Tex certified then we’ll use them. China may be cheaper but we feel that there are hidden costs which are’nt always reflected in the price of the clothes. It’s difficult to know what you’re really “paying for”. Producing in Portugal is closer to home and reduces transport energy, it also helps to guarantee that the employees who make the clothes are given a fair salary. This makes the clothes a little more expensive to produce. The thing is, it’s not only about low costs and higher profit margins. It takes a bit more effort to try and make things in a better way. We try to make clothes which are pure, healthy, beautiful and fun...... like the kids that wear them! We care as much about the quality as the design and believe that most parents do too.
  2. 2. How do you make something that becomes a “favorite” shirt, dress or hat? “It’s a combination of style and quality That’s why we enjoy seeing and hearing and even the way it becomes worn or how our products affect people. broken in. It’s also a personal perception of the Sometimes a child pulls away from his or her Brand and what that means to you.” parent’s side at a trade show, runs over and grabs one of our shirts because they like the fun characters. “It’s all about The Name. That’s pure gut-reaction which they act on! For others it’s the quality of the product. Usually its a combination of things. “ Or sometimes a parent will see our stuff through the maze of other vendors and We like to think it’s also about the type their face lights up with a smile. Again, of materials and the way it’s made. simple gut-reaction to a fun character. Our clothes are well designed and Or an email from a mom who say her son made of high quality materials which sleeps with his Gooey hat on... or the mom are also eco-friendly. The workers that hopes we’ll make larger sizes since her receive a fair wage for their labor. son or daughter is growing out of his (and her) favorite shirt or dress. For us it needs to work on a couple of different levels to become our “favorite”. We like to hear that the clothes wash well and the prints stay looking good. Then we know we’ve created something which meets our criteria for “favorite” status!
  3. 3. 1 jumpsuit 100% organic cotton for your organic baby. 500-01 green 500-04 pink pink indian purple cowboy Fun, loose fitting overall in soft 500 500 interlock cotton. sizes 50/56- 86/92 500-02 blue 500-03 white blue pirate black strongman
  4. 4. 2 500-07 green green owl 500-06 pink orange owl 500-09 blue green/orange giraffe 500-08 pink green/orange giraffe
  5. 5. 3 dresses comfortable classic fun beautiful A tunic style dress - 1 model in 3 dresses. A long sleeve dress & short sleeve with or without pockets. Wide “A” shape with fitted shoulders in soft 100% organic interlock cotton. 3 sizes: 86/92-110/116 301-06 blue/ cowboy 301-07 pink /purple cowoboy 301-05 pink brown /purple 301-01 blue print green /purple grass with butterflies print.
  6. 6. Fun owls in a tree with a tiny rabbit and a snail underneath. 4 4 Lonley owl on the back! 302-04 purple black print Big peony flowers 301-03 white 302-03 purple pink/green, orange 301-04 pink lilac/purple butterflies pink/pink, orange butterflies
  7. 7. 5 hats, mössor, chapeau... 500 500 400-08 400-15 400-11 pink/purple blue/blue & green purple/black 400-10 400-06 400-14 purple/black green/brown blue/red
  8. 8. fun! colors! fun! colors! fun! Double layered 100% organic interlock cotton. Optional fleece lined for colder weather. 6 400-07 400-13 400-04 pink/orange blue/silver green/green 400-05 400-12 400-09 green/pink purple/black pink/pink
  9. 9. 7 t-shirts “gubbar” “the guys” in swedish! 200-02 pink purple cowboy 100-02 100-19 black print Shirts in pink, purple, blue, green and white. single jersey organic cotton sizes from 74/80-134/140 200-19 purple gray spaceman 100-15 100-01 silver-gray print gooey 500 500
  10. 10. 8 200-11 blue red pirate 100-14 100-11 black print 500 500 500 500 500 500 200-20 purple black strongman 100-16 100-17 black print 200-04 green pink indian 100-04 100-18 red print
  11. 11. 9 gorillas... Shirts in pink, purple, blue, Choose between dark brown or gooey and green. brand gooey single jersey pink gorilla on organic cotton green for long & sizes from short sleeve. 74/80-134/140 200-27 green dk. brown gorilla 100-20 pink print gooey brand gooey 200-28 pink green gorilla 100-21 gooey brand gooey brand gooey brand 200-29 purple black gorilla 100-22
  12. 12. & bulldogs 10 200-32 pink dk. pink dog 100-05 200-10 green red dog 100-08 200-12 blue purple dog 100-06
  13. 13. 11 owls... Shirts in pink, purple, blue, and green. single jersey organic cotton sizes from 74/80-134/140 200-21 green green owl 100-26 200-22 pink orange owl 100-27 who whoooo! 200-23 purple black owl 100-28
  14. 14. & giraffes 12 200-31 pink orange/ brown giraffe 100-25 200-30 blue orange/green giraffe 100-24
  15. 15. 13 angel Shirts in pink, purple and blue. single jersey organic cotton sizes from 74/80-134/140 200-26 purple purple angel 100-29 200-25 pink red angel 100-12 200-24 blue green angel 100-13
  16. 16. care Wash inside out in 40˚c / 100˚f with a lower-revolution spin cycle. We do not recommend drying in the tumble dryer. We use high quality materials, yet they are not indestructible, so some care must be taken to ensure a long life looking good! Hang dry after washing taking care to flatten and form the wet material so it dryes in a nice shape. Iron inside out. our sizes Dresses 86/92 98/104 110/116 Jumpsuite 50/56 62/68 74/80 86/92 T-shirts 74/80 86/92 98/104 110/116 122/128 134/140 Long sleeve t-shirts 74/80 86/92 98/104 110/116 122/128 134/140 Catalogue design / photography / layout by Bush Production. Actual colors may differ due to catalogue printing discrepancies. Brovchure is printed by Trosa Tryckeri / certified ecological. 100% certified organic cotton
  17. 17. +46(0)158 14141 petra +46(0) 70 788 3771 steve +46(0) 70 715 5478 gooey brand / bush production västra storgatan 53 646 35 gnesta, sweden