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Energovision 18.02.13 eng


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Building Energy-efficiency
  • 2. Existing and new building’s maintenance problems• Old engineering systems that need more maintenance• Lack of monitoring and control of important nodes and parts• Federal requirement is field energy efficiency• Hi-cost consequences of alarm cases• Lack of top-level integrated information about all the processes andquality of service• Lack of real time control out of any place
  • 3. Solution – EMS Energy Management SystemSCADA/BMSBAS – controllersField level: sensors and actuatorsEnergy-Efficiency-as-a-Service
  • 4. • Integration steps:1. Audit of already existing engineering systems and automation systems interm of their complex integration2. Installation, programming and commissioning3. Providing «cloud building energy management service –»Turn-key solution
  • 5. Step 1: audit• Customer tasks and demand analysis• Current engineering and automation solutions analysis• Approving the task and costs with the customer• Installation (if needed) additional hardware (sensors, metering, etc.)
  • 6. Step 2: IntegrationMultiprotocol gateway SmartUnity BMS GatewayVentilation Cooling Heating Power Water Security
  • 7. Step 2: integrationSupported protocols Supported brands
  • 8. Step 2: integrationSupported brands HVAC Supported security brands
  • 9. Step 2: integrationPast Future
  • 10. Step 2: integration controlWi-Fi/3G/4GLocal networkVentilation Cooling Heating Power Water Security
  • 11. Step 2: IntegrationReal-time monitoring and control of thebuilding over the secure channel through anyweb browser
  • 12. Step 3: cloud BMS serviceDatabaseSMS-center
  • 13. Шаг 3: cloud BMS service functions• Access from anywhere anytime• Personal control panel• SMS/email/push notifications• Database: history of all parameters• Online monitoring and building control• Parameters analysis and prediction• Reports generator and KPI dashboard• Maintenance schedule• Integration with ERP or e.g. hotelmanagement system
  • 14. User interface sample
  • 15. Advantages of cloud• 100% data security and accessability• Focus on “core-business” no IT problems• Pay as you use• Access from any PC or smartphone• The software is always up to date
  • 16. • Reduce monthly fees for energy• Make you engineering systems work more reliable• Reduce alarms and fails• Upgrade your control over the building• Make KPI’s transparent• Follow the government rules of energy efficiency• Monitor group of buildings(for territory-spreaded businesses)Achieved results
  • 17. EnergoVision BMS/BAS
  • 18. EnergoVision BMS/BAS• OEM hardware• EnergoVision BMS software
  • 19. Russia, Fedorov CEO 911 999 36 77Thank you