Cool Flame Technologies - Tor Geir Engebretsen - April 2010


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Presented at Nordic Green II conference, April 2010

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Cool Flame Technologies - Tor Geir Engebretsen - April 2010

  1. 1. Cleaning of exhaust from ships engines by use of Cool Flame State of the art technology - meeting maritime emission restrictions
  2. 2. Value proposition • Increased awareness and restrictions on emissions from ships engines (NOx, particles/soot and sulphur) • Main focus on harbours incl those with high population density, and coastal waters • A new proven cool flame technology for significant reductions of NOx has recently been demonstrated. • The technology handles NOx in different kinds of fuels incl heavy/bunkers oil, and has potential to handle particles/soot and sulphur as well. • Future markets include maritime, large diesel engines in trucks and heavy duty, oil companies / refineries and waste treatment
  3. 3. A few facts • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is a promising cleaning technology for ships engines, but with technical challenges so far • CFT controls the exclusive rights to commercialize the patented “cool flame” conversion technology • A test project involving the Norwegian maritime institute Marintek and Rolls Royce recently demonstrated that the cool flame concept reduces NOx emissions significantly • The new technology is superior on part loads, typically for ferries and supply vessels, and for ships using heavy fuels.
  4. 4. System design Éngine K T dP Temp EGR Valve KF-Vaporizer Control system
  5. 5. Testing on Rolls Royce ships engine • Testing at Marintek • Full scale Rolls Royce diesel engine • 20 kW cold flame generator • Control system delivered by Marintek • Testing done with both heavy fuel and marine gas oil.
  6. 6. Testing results • First tests without any optimalisation or tuning • Engine tested at 25, 50 and 75 % load with up to 20 % EGR • 50 % reduction in NOx, even at 75% load with only 2-4 % penalty in fuel consumption • Technology feasible for retro fitting as well as for new ships under construction
  7. 7. Strategy • Go to market with current maritime system: – First phase Scandinavia, served from a Norwegian production base – Facilitate US introduction, based on JV for production and sales
  8. 8. The first full scale cool flame system to be installed later this year in a vessel operating in the Norwegian fjords
  9. 9. References / contact Read more about Marintek on See copy of the test report on Contact: Cool Flame Technologies Martin Lingesvei 15 1367 Snaroya, Norway Tor Geir Engebretsen, CEO, +4790158040