Stephan Gutzeit - Stiftung Charite - Stanford Engineering - Feb 6 2012 - V2
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Stephan Gutzeit - Stiftung Charite - Stanford Engineering - Feb 6 2012 - V2






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Stephan Gutzeit - Stiftung Charite - Stanford Engineering - Feb 6 2012 - V2 Stephan Gutzeit - Stiftung Charite - Stanford Engineering - Feb 6 2012 - V2 Presentation Transcript

  • „Edelweiss“ vs. „Thomanerchor“ Innovation in Germany Stephan Gutzeit, Executive Director, Stiftung Charité Stanford School of EngineeringEuropean Entrepreneurship & Innovation Thought Leaders Speakers Series February 6, 2012
  • A Tale Of Two Innovation Systems To Boldly Go Where No One has Gone Before1
  • Kinds Of Innovation Compared • MIELE: Shallow, continuous, low but steady growth, close to customers; moats: tradition, loyalty, cohesion, craftsmanship, family ownership. • APPLE: Deep, discontinuous, fast but unsteady growth, surprise customers; moats: vision, creative A+ culture, conflict-friendly, congenial + anticyclical GPs, innovator ownership. innovator-ownership • E-COMMERCE: Shallow, semi-continuous, fast and steady growth, close to customers; moats: speed, lo-risk „industrialized innovation“, first-rate execution, procyclical GPs, build-to-sell serial entrepreneurs, „accelerators“. Derivative: CLONES. • DEEP TECHNOLOGY: Deep, discontinuous, slow growth/ hi potential, solve problem; moats: mastered complexity relations with KOLs first mover IP complexity, KOLs, IP.2
  • Innovators Compared Edelweiss Thomaner Choir3
  • German Innovators Then… (in the long 19th century)4
  • German IG Innovators N t Now … (i cars, machine t l chemicals): (in hi tools, h i l )World-Beating Companies5
  • German Innovators Now … (everywhere else): Copying the US6
  • Berlin is #1 – in Clones Source: Klaus Hommels Presentation at DLD 2012 Munich Hommels, 2012,7
  • Philanthropists All i t IllPhil th i t Alleviate Ills Of The Past, But They Can Also Th P t B t Th C AlBuild The Future … • Christian tradition: Charity. • Graeco-Roman tradition: Innovation. • Prometheus: The forward thinker ( Vordenker“) („Vordenker“). Also the first innovateur, and venture philanthropist, of mankind? • And yet: No good deed goes unpunished …8
  • … And Do They Pay For It!9
  • The Testing Ground For Our Ideas: Stiftung Charité • Benefactress: Johanna Quandt • Founded December 2005 • Enables innovation in medicine (entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship) • P t Partner: Ch ité – U i Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin ität di i B li • Target group: Academic entrepreneurs • Hybrid structure: Non-profit foundation and venture capital fund (Charité Biomedical Fund)10
  • Meet Innovateur Ivo Buschmann11
  • … And The Procedures He‘ll Displace in Creative Destruction12
  • Truly Original People Are Rare And Often Embattled … Abraham Maslow, The Farther Reaches of Human Nature. Compare Peter Drucker: „Monomaniacs with a Mission“ (Adventures of a Bystander).13
  • … Even In Universities! Meet Innovateur Friedrich Koehler14
  • Inventions vs. Innovations at Universities15
  • Systems Thinking Helps Us Understand Creativity Creative Individual Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Creativity Flow and the Psychology C ti it – Fl d th P h l of Discovery and Invention. Domain Field • No one can make rules by himself (Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations). • If you think about it: No one can break rules (productively) by himself either.16
  • Meet Innovateurs Martin Stockmann And Karsten Heyne For all of us with human, not titanic livers!17
  • Next Iteration: Schumpeter Stiftung • Healthcare Innovation System: - Business Development Company - Business Angel Syndicate - Digital Health Hub - Exchange (2-way) with Silicon Valley and Boston - … • Renew the Bauhaus:18
  • Stephan Gutzeit, Executive Director Stiftung Charité | Charitéplatz 1 | 10117 Berlin Telefon: 030 450570-509 | Telefax: 030 450570-959 E-Mail: www.charite-summit.de19