Funding Innovation in the Nordics - Preben Jorgensen - Danish Council for Strategic Research/Vattenfall - April 2010


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Presented at Nordic Green II conference, April 2010

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Funding Innovation in the Nordics - Preben Jorgensen - Danish Council for Strategic Research/Vattenfall - April 2010

  1. 1. Funding Innovation in the Nordics Nordic Green II (Silicon Valley, CA) April 27 – 28, 2010 Preben Jørgensen, Manager of Technology, Vattenfall Heat Nordic and member of the Programme Commission on Sustainable Energy and Environment
  2. 2. The Value Stream of Energy Research in Denmark 2010 1 billion DKK (180 mill. USD) Basic Applied Development Commercialization research research Demonstration
  3. 3. International Energy Research Collaboration • Up to 20 % of Danish Strategic Research Means can be used in international collaboration • Common Chinese-Danish energy funding in 2009 – 2011 • Innovative Energy Technologies (N-INNER) as a cross Nordic national calls and funding in 2007, 2009 and 2010 • EU Programmes • IEA collaboration • Bilateral agreements with USA, Canada and Japan and more
  4. 4. Sustainable Energy More than 70 grants in total – Priorities – Research education – Cooperation research institutions and private companies – International cooperation – Supported energy technologies • Wind power • Energy efficiency • Biofuels • Biomass and environment • SmartGrid and flexible power production • Renewable energy market • Fuel cells and hydrogen Many innovative projects as: • Photovoltaric (PV) - Magnetic cooling - PV (polymer production)
  5. 5. Thank you for your attention! Contact information: Preben Jørgensen Or visit
  6. 6. Backup
  7. 7. Ministry of Science, Technolog and Innovation Minister Secretariat for Minister Permanent Secretary Administrative Centre Policy Centre National IT and Danish Agency for Danish University and Telecom Agency Science, Technology Property Agency and Innovation (DASTI) Innovations Centers: Munich, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, CA, US + Beijing University
  8. 8. The Danish Advisory and Funding System for Research and Innovation
  9. 9. The Danish Council for Strategic Research 2010 Programme Commission on Health, Food and Welfare Programme Commission on Sustainable Energy and Environment Board Programme Commission on 9 members Strategic Growth Technologies appointed by Programme Commission on the minister Transport and Infrastructure and few Programme Commission on commissions Education and Creativity Programme Commission on Individuals, Disease and Society (Established 2004)
  10. 10. Links and Publications Links – Danish Transmission System Operator: Publications Publications in general: Technical University of Denmark: Risø DTU: National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy Energy09: Annual report on Danish energy research Programmes: Aalborg University: 09/ (Energy10: To be published in June).). Danish Energy Association University of Copenhagen: Danish Agency for Science, University of Southern Denmark: Technology and Innovation Bredgade 40 Aarhus University: DK-1260 Copenhagen K Tel: +45 3544 6200 E-mail:
  11. 11. Funding Instruments Strategic Strategic Strategic research research research centres alliances projects Approx 30 mill. DKK 15 - 20 mill. DKK Min. 10 mill DKK (Approx. 5 mill. USD) (3 – 4 mill. USD) (Min. 2 mill. USD) Duration 5-7 years Duration approx. 5 years Duration 3-5 years
  12. 12. The Energy Strategic Research Portfolio