Backup Powersystems - David Martin - Dantherm Power - April 2010


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Presented at Nordic Green II conference, April 2010

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Backup Powersystems - David Martin - Dantherm Power - April 2010

  1. 1. Focus. Trust. Initiative. Dantherm Power Nordic Green II - April 2010
  2. 2. Common questions Answers that might surprise you • Can I buy one today?  • Will it save me money?  • Anybody important using them?  • Can they power my IT network?  • Should I have one at home?  • Is yours like the Bloom box?  Why not?
  3. 3. 10 years away or just around the corner? How do you measure success? • Deployed on every continent  • Meet every performance metric  • Exceed reliability & durability needs  • Preferred choice for most advanced networks in the world  • Dominant technology for Backup  Why not?
  4. 4. The integrated communication solution Optional climate control solution for Hydrogen storage cabinets using compressed and hydrogen in shelters cylinders including hydrogen monitoring equipment Power Supply module with integrated UPS or power backup and reformer integrated when running on methanol
  5. 5. Reference Network 2 million hours with 100% availability • Nationwide TETRA (emergency/military) network • Dantherm supplied integrated cabinet solution including cooling, power, and radios: – 330 sites with battery back up (4 hours all that is required) – 125 critical sites with hydrogen based power back up (168 hours) • Eliminate batteries at critical sites to ensure power available for 15 years with annual service only
  6. 6. Sample Deployments • 15 Temporary Power sites in Canada – Cheaper and friendlier than diesels until grid is connected • GSM-R station in Norway Indoor – Reduced energy consumption for heat/cooling – Increased maintenance to 2 year cycle from 6 month • Extreme Climate Indoor/Outdoor site – Complete battery replacement for remote telecom site • High power Indoor Backup Power system – Emergency power for critical communications and healthcare • Large operator sites in Canada – Low maintenance, battery and genset replacement • Mobile Network expansion with standalone equipment – Easy deployment of new network plus high value Backup • Data, VoIP, and pharmaceutical power quality & reliability – Keep patients, doctors, clinicians and medicine safe and available
  7. 7. Temp. Power sites for new Canadian operator Continuous use for 3-6 Months till mains grid is connected from utility
  8. 8. 1,7 kW UPS system in rack Battery free configuration eliminates extra heating/cooling system. Zero millisecond transfer from grid to Backup. Standard 1,7 kW module in custom indoor cabinet, 16 hours outdoor. GSM-R station subjected to extensive vibration from trains.
  9. 9. Extreme climate Northern remote critical Battery free configuration reduces cost and complexity. Eliminates need for air conditioners. Reduces energy consumption and improves power quality. 0 ms bridge from grid power to full fuel cell backup.
  10. 10. 13,4 kW backup power system in racks • Battery hybrid backup power system for big Chinese network operator • 2 racks with each 4 modules of 1,7 kW standard units • DC power source for large telecom and data sites • External storage can provide extended power for emergency power
  11. 11. 5 kW backup power system in rack Battery free backup power system for use in big telecom shelters for top operator in Canada. 1 rack with 3 x 1,7 kW standard units 16 hours on-site with 6 hr. response Economizer replacement – pulls heat out
  12. 12. Wireless Outdoor Cabinet Complete system 6kWe for 12 hours Battery free Backup power system for large OEM Single 36U rack with: • 3 x 2 kW standard units or • 2 x 2 kW plus LTE radios 12 hour Backup from standard H2 cylinders for critical and remote sites Easy way to overlay LTE plus long- run Backup
  13. 13. Data Indoor Cabinets - UPS Stand-alone 4 hours 2 kWe UPS for critical individual loads. 5kWe Backup extenders use front- end of UPS eases integration, requires no unplugging. Easy way to add or extend data backup with limited building modifications.
  14. 14. Sample Economics TempPower 1 kW DC, urban setting, 25% less $$ than diesel Backup fibre 2.7 kW DC, 16hours, 30% savings over battery/generator Backup data 5 kW AC, 16 hours, 5 times per year, -20% over bat/gen Remote PV 1.6 kW DC, 400 hours per year, -15% CapEx and -25% OpEx Backup BTS 1.5 kW DC, 24hours onsite, 20% savings over batt/gen
  15. 15. Why not? • I won’t be here in 10 years. • That is a different budget. • Somebody said they are dangerous. • Who will fuel and fix it