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Burns Careerbuilder

  1. 1. DIGITAL STRATEGYBy: Sean Burns
  2. 2. Company Overview Largest online job site in the U.S., More than 24 million unique visitors a month visit looking for new jobs and careers Matches talent with the right opportunity more often than any other site Offers career advice Provides businesses opportunitiesto find new employees, andexpand their brands.
  3. 3. Goal for digital strategy Increase social media, internet presence, and click rate to become the preferred brand. Get customers to interact, and become involved in Careerbuilder brand to build presence, and strengthen brand name. Consistently build and manage content for social media Utilize collected data to hone in on specific audiences and ad spaces Increase overall sales for Careerbuilder brand
  4. 4. Steps Develop a consistent digital and social identity for better brand presence Build a strong Adwords campaign and consistently measure/maintain success Determine target audience, and ad spaces to build a digital campaign for demographics Constantly update content and maintain a consistent digital presence
  5. 5. Targeted Market Companies with job openings People in need of jobs College students How to find them? Utilizingsocial media and GoogleAdwords, and tracking whom isLooking for jobs
  6. 6. Ad words Over 500 million global searches for jobs are made at Google.com each month. Utilizing Ad Words is a must. Consumers searching the web for jobs, or careers, need to find Careerbuilder at the top of all of their searches. Word that should be utilized:  “Resume builder”, “job search”, “career”, “career finder”, “jobs in…” Careerbuilder sells to multiple groups: job searchers, and companies that have job to posts. So multiple
  7. 7. Ad Words Examples Ads for Job-searcher: Ad for Careerbuilder to Job-poster: Careerbuilder job postings Take the path least posted. 24 Million unique visitors a month, Resume your résumé All searching for a new career Careerbuilder.com Target your target audience_______________________ Careerbuilder.com___ Looking for a new job?start a new career with a few clicks easily search over hundreds of job opportunitieswww.careerbuilder.com/Jobs
  8. 8. Measuring Success Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics, Quality score, blogs, and videos channels can be used to collect data Use different key words to see if competitors beat you in search results. Google Analytics will track which consumers are searching for your brand, utilizes this information to see where any holes in data or target audiences may exist
  9. 9. Social Media Utilize all form of social medias Posting about job openings Career advice Building new content Keep a consistent brand identity
  10. 10. Budget and Timeline Peak job searching times are from April-June, due to college gradutions. The campaign for Careerbuilder to job-posters should be from January to March. Campaign for Careerbuilder to job-seeker from April – June. Careerbuilder’s total revenue is $650 million, and the digital-marketing budget should be around $65 million dollars.
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