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Final Script

  1. 1. THE SCRIPT FILM: ‘E3’ CAST: Derek – Samuel Leader Trigga – Jack Richards Boycie – Jordan Burns Frank – Matt Shirley Drug Dealer – Ian Grant Directors – Toby Barnswarda and Jordan Burns SCENE 1: The scene is set in Bow, East London. Contains shots of the various estates of the area, which include moving shots and panning shots. The weather is overcast and this symbolises that a bad event is going to occur. The scene runs for roughly 1 minute and 30 seconds. This scene sets the scene for the movie, as it is the area that the main characters grew up in. The song ‘Big H – Alone’ is playing throughout the scene as this symbolises the character’s lives – drugs, sex and violence. SCENE 2: Set on a small run-down bridge. It is now night and the weather is dark, which symbolises the bad event build up. The scene opens with Derek standing by the wall of the bridge smoking a fag. The camera then switches to a pan of Trigga, Frank and Boycie walking on to the bridge to meet him. There are background noises of trains in this scene. Derek: We meet the dealer, pull him out his car and rob him up fam, you get me. (followed by a silence from the group) Group: Yeah yeah cool fam. Boycie: (to Trigga and Frank) Alright cool, Derek is coming my yard, we’ll meet you two by the car park in 20 minutes yeah? Trigga & Frank: Yeah yeah cool cool. (Derek and Boycie walk rightwards off the bridge, whilst Trigga and Frank walk leftwards off the bridge)
  2. 2. SCENE 3: The scene continues approximately 20 minutes after scene 2. Opens with a long-shot of Derek and Boycie sitting on a railing, smoking a cigarette. The camera position changes to their viewpoint and pans as the drug dealer’s car pulls up in a harsh manor. Derek and Boycie walk to the car. The camera position then switches to a close up of Derek, Boycie and the drug dealer. The song ‘Dizzee Rascal – Live Large N Incharge’ is playing quietly in the background. Derek: You got the draw fam? Drug Dealer: Yeah yeah how much do you want? Boycie: We want a benz fam. Drug Dealer: Yeah you got the money? (Derek looks at Boycie in a shocked manor) Derek: Money? Boycie: (to the Drug Dealer) What you mean have we got the fucking money blud? Derek: Yeah what do you mean we got the fucking money, pull him out the car, fuck you blud The song ‘Dizzee Rascal – Live Large N Incharge’ increases in volume greatly. Derek and Boycie pull the Drug Dealer out to the car and throw him to the ground shouting at him. The camera then switches to Trigga and Frank walking to the car park. They hear the noise and run to help. The camera switches back to the Derek and Boycie beating up the drug dealer and Trigga and Frank run in. They continue to beat him up whilst shouting obscenities at him. Derek finds the drugs and pulls them out of the dealer’s pocket. Derek: I’ve found the drugs blud I’ve found them! Run run! The group run out of the car park after finding the drugs. The camera pans following them. The camera then switches to the drug dealer as he is lying on the floor. Drug Dealer: (Standing up) Your fucking dead bruv! Watch when I find you! Your fucking dead! The Drug Dealer then gets into his car angrily.
  3. 3. SCENE 4: The scene is set in the drug dealer’s car as he is driving to look for the group to take revenge. The song ‘Dizzee Rascal – Live Large N Incharge’ is still playing. Drug Dealer: Where the fuck are they bruv I’m gonna fucking kill them! Drug Dealer: They’re fucking dead bruv. Scene fades out. SCENE 5: This scene is in a very dark and remote place, symbolising the bad event that is about to occur. Derek, Boycie, Trigga and Frank are standing by Frank’s car discussing when they are going to smoke the drugs. Boycie: I can’t believe we robbed the fucking dealer fam! Trigga: I aint sure about this fam, I aint sure. Derek: What you on about Trig? We’ve got the draw, now lets smoke this fam. Frank: Yeah fam, stop being a pussy blud. Trigga: But its karma blud, its karma, something bad is going to happen blud, get me? Boycie: Shut up blud, what I suggest we do, is skin the draw, then smoke that shit, get me? Derek: Yeah fam, I just gotta take a piss fam, I’ll be back in a minute blud. The camera switches to Derek who walks off to a secluded corner. The camera then switches back to the group. Boycie: Lets roll it fam, lets roll it. Trigga: Oi whats that noise blud. A camera pan rightwards to show an approaching car driving up to the group – it is the drug dealer. Trigga: Fuck blud! It’s the dealer it’s the dealer! Run blud! Frank: Run! Run!
  4. 4. The group run past the dealer as he gets out of his car and runs towards a clueless Derek. The song ‘Shystie – Arms Open Wide’ begins to play symbolising the defeat of Derek. The film slows down in terms of speed. The Drug Dealer gets out of his car and runs towards Derek. Frank: Oi Del! Del! Watch out! The camera switches to a close up of Derek, who turns around to the Drug Dealer who stabs him. Derek falls to the ground. The camera switches to the ground, showing Derek fall and showing his pain. Drug Dealer: Fucking prick! Camera fades to black. The text ‘E3’ and ‘Welcome to East London’ appear on the screen. The non-diagetic sound from the film continues to play. The sound of the drug dealer’s car starts up. Trigga: Oi Del! Del! Boycie: He’s been stabbed! Fuck! Frank: Del are you okay!? Boycie: Ring an ambulance! The non-diagetic sound fades out and ‘Shystie – Arms Open Wide’ continues to play. The film credits begin to roll. FIN.