25 anti bullying tips


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The Top 25 Anti Bullying Tips for The victims of Bullying.

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25 anti bullying tips

  1. 1. Top 25 Anti Bullying Tips Jim Burnswww.bullyproofclassroom.com
  2. 2. A Safe Learning environment for yourstudents. It is much easier to concentrate if you’re comfortable
  3. 3. Your students about productiveconflict and how to allow space for disagreements in a conversation
  4. 4. That we are responsible for all of ourthoughts, words, actions, attitudes, an d motives
  5. 5. An appreciation of the spirit of cooperation, even through disagreement
  6. 6. That “attitude is everything” and disagreements can be handled respectfully
  7. 7. The art of forgiveness. Be an example by showing forgiveness to others
  8. 8. The characteristics of respect byteaching your students to say “please” and “thank you”
  9. 9. The qualities of awareness andalertness and how they can lead to confidence
  10. 10. “The 5 types of listening”Ignoring, Pretend Listening, Selective Listening, Attentive Listening, and Empathic Listening
  11. 11. Potential situations, demonstratingthe language skills needed to diffuse a bully
  12. 12. That immediate courage works like asprinting muscle….sometime we only need that strength for only a few minutes at a time…and that lastingcourage develops like a strengthening muscle, over a longer period
  13. 13. The negative effects of cyber-bullying
  14. 14. Your students that fighting is not a solution
  15. 15. Any acts of bullying. If you hear it or see it your own it
  16. 16. That some things are right orwrong, black or white. Bullying is one of these things and it will not be tolerated
  17. 17. For the victim, who could become the next bully
  18. 18. The difference between jokes and serious statement
  19. 19. Friends with caution…sometimes they can be bullies too
  20. 20. Because your self respect and well being are more important
  21. 21. Your strengths and talents. Don’t let frustrations grow inside you
  22. 22. To accept and apology from a bully
  23. 23. Your anger appropriately; don’t let it get to the point where you seek revenge
  24. 24. Ant acts of bullying that you observe because journaling can help in problem solving
  25. 25. Your fears by asking yourself what are you really afraid of
  26. 26. And don’t take overwhelming matters into your own hands
  27. 27. Threatening text, emails, or facebookposts in case they are ever needed later