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  • Okay class, it’s time to work on Science. Today we will be learning a little about the parts of a seed . This way, we will understand how seeds grow for when we plant them tomorrow in class!!
  • Seeds have three parts. The first part is the seed coat which is the most outer part of the seed. The seed coat protects the seed from danger, such as wind or animals. The seed coat will be left behind as the embryo develops into a plant.
  • The second part of the seed is the stored food. This is a very important part to the seed because it feeds the embryo which we will learn about on the next slide. Since the seed has not developed enough to make food for itself, the stored food provides food for the growing seed until it can make food for itself.
  • The final and most important part of the seed is the embryo. Why is the embryo so important to the plant? Well…the embryo is the part of the plant that is going to grow. In other words, the embryo is the living part of the seed that will grow into a fruit of vegetable, or some other type of plant when given sunlight and water. Over the next couple of weeks we will see the embryo grow as it consumes the stored food, causing the seed coat to break and fall off!


  • 1. We will be planting seeds tomorrow, so pay close attention!
  • 2.
    • The most outer part of the seed
    • Protects the seed
  • 3.
    • Feeds the embryo
      • Plant cannot make its own food yet
    • Helps embryo to grow
    The Stored Food
  • 4.
    • Most important
    • The living part of the plant
      • Will grow into plant
    The Embryo