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Pakistan Zindabad.....

Pakistan Zindabad.....

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Explain difference in the three types of audits
  • The last item is the one you can control
  • This is the first thing that auditors will request. Be sure new emp are given a copy. If you’ve found a better way to do a procedure that what you have in your policies, you will be written up because you aren’t following the established procedures. So keep them current.
  • Document Common criticism.
  • Document
  • Document!
  • Bookkeeper Approve payment Write and sign check Update accounting records Deposits payments and updates account records Reconciles bank account
  • Vacations
  • Transcript

    • 1. How To Give an Effective Presentation
    • 2. Four Cardinal Rules
      • Make sure you have something to say, applicable to audience
      • Speak clearly
      • Be comfortable with your style
      • Nothing will help if the information is weak
    • 3.
      • 7 Easy Steps on
      • How You Can Deliver a Good Presentation
    • 4. 1. The Power of Persuasion
      • Gain the audience's attention
      • Be very clear to ensure understanding of your materials
      • Keep your audience interested
      • Bring closure
    • 5. 2. You are the Message
      • Be cognizant of your facial expressions - keep a true smile, don't put on a face, your audience WILL know!!!
      • Gestures - keep nervousness to a minimum
      • Keep your eyes on the audience, NOT the equipment
      • Movements & Posture
      • Voice and Modulation - Practice on how you sound DO NOT speak over the audio in your presentation
    • 6. 3. On Being Confident
      • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse - Enough times that you are completely comfortable with the material
      • Make sure you know the script very well
      • Practice the set up of equipment
      • Go to the conference room before hand and familiarize yourself with the surroundings
    • 7. 4. Don't be a "Show Off"
      • If possible hide your equipment. It is NOT necessary for everyone to see your equipment, even though YOU might think so.
      • Remember, why you are giving the presentation - To present the information!!
    • 8. 5. On Using TEXT and Graphics
      • Color - Color can create excitement, add emphasis, contribute to credibility
      • DO NOT use too many colors or fonts, keep them flowing with your template
      • Stay with the same color scheme
    • 9. The Psychology of COLOR - the colors of the r a i n b o w
      • Red = alert, passion
      • Orange = warmth, wisdom
      • White = hopeful, truth
      • Black = importance, gravity
      • Green = growth, proceed
      • Purple = regal, spirituality
      • Gray = integrity, maturity
      • Blue = trust, stability
    • 10. 6. On Using Sound and Music
      • Sounds are powerful tools - they can:
      • heighten an experience
      • improve your retention rate
      • enhance interaction with your audience
      • send a message
      • Be a responsible presenter!
    • 11. Or You Can Use A Video to Grab Attention
    • 12. 7. Take Control !!
      • Be prepared for anything
      • Know where you are presenting. Will you have a podium or free space ?
      • Have someone introduce you. It will begin the presentation
      • Have a contingency plan, if ALL fails, use hand outs, overheads, etc.
    • 13. Do a Wrap Up
      • Summarize what you have just talked about!
      • Any Questions ??