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Pakistan Zindabad.....

Pakistan Zindabad.....

Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Charms Of Being A Girl Presented By: Muhammad Tayyab Choudhary
  • 2. Girls in the present society
    • A strong attraction for men:
    • The girl of the modern society is an element of attraction for the boys of the day. The boys who are usually very proud of themselves just close their wings after seeing a charming & attractive girl .His eyes just go round starring that girl .Infact he falls in love with that girl within a moment ,and the next moment is anxious to talk to her .Now in case of talking to the girl first of all he has to gather enough courage to talk to her ,but can’t do it .
  • 3. Infact that girl has had a great impact on him .And most girls often do the same to the silly guyz .
  • 4. Advantages Of Being a Girl:
    • Well Respected :
    • Girls as they are the desire of every young heart are the most accepted personalities where ever they go, Infact they are treated in a unique manner rather then the pitiable males .Whether they go the banks ,to the offices ,or even the bus conductor says :”Ladies First “.
    • A great advantage of being a girl is that they do not have to go to the college or university by foot, they go on vehicles because every one is quick on the foot to give them a lift.
    • This phase is quite common and even the children know this principle of the society.
  • 5.
    • Impressive Nature: I just don’t understand why God has gifted them with such an impressive nature ,some have this due to their innocense ,and God knows for what qualities ,every person has a strange attraction for them ,even the teachers mark their papers efficiently ,but when they see their marks they consider that this all due to their hardwork and hence the struggle of the poor teacher goes in vain .
  • 6.  
  • 7. Weapons of mass destruction Facial make up thrice a day, applying “Surma” to eyes with long tails towards ears. Brushing hair with a new style every day.Applying different sorts of moisturizing beauty creams,bleach creams,sun screen creams oooohhhh!!! What more is that they ride on such shoes ,having height equal to their knees.”5” inch,”6”inch and even “8”inch heels are commonly used by the jockeys. U CAN JUST SEE NOW IN YOUR OWN CLASS……
  • 8.  
    • They are usually called by the names such as ”hello honey”, ”hello beauty” .”hello sweet heart” and many more…….
  • 10.  
  • 11. Heaven and Hell
    • The girls pour charms and sweetness in dull life.I, being a girl, would have been the fountain of love and kindness.
    • Holly Prophet (P.B.U.H) said
    • “ There will be a majority of ladies in the hell and most of the men would be there because of women.
    • Shaitan once said
    • ” To rule in Hell is better than to serve in Heaven”.
    • I SAY”to be first in Hell is far better than to last in Heaven”
  • 12. If I were a Girl
    • Luxuries:
    • I would have been getting all the luxuries very easily ,which one cannot get much easier being a boy .Every one would look after me like if he were my “Ramu Kaka”,( a common name of servants).
    • Enjoyment:
    • I would have no needs of bikes and guittars to entertain myself ,like all girls I would also entertainm myself by making fun of the poor guys ,BCOZ u just have to give a glimpse on them and they will start starring u and roaming after you like the beggers.
  • 13.
    • Unique Look:
    • As pasting a lot of make –up has become the necessity of girls ,so I would also paste a mass of a bundle of creams placed on my dressing table ,and then I would apply don’t know wt they say to it ,yeh “Maskara”.After doing that when I would leave the gate of my house ,if a wise old man would see me first he would just consider me an “EVIL WITCH”. But if I were seen by a young guy ,he would just scream with joy “PRINCESS YAAR” .saying to his friends
    • This is a great terror to the young generation which destroys their character and carreers.
    • Precautionary measures should be taken as soon as possible ………….
  • 15. Conclusion
    • So these were some of the advantages of being a girl ,but I would thank to Almighty Allah that He has made me a boy ,Bcoz
    • “ Every thing that glitters is not Gold”.
    • Summarizing wt I wanted to say in a phrase, I would like to end my presentation.
  • 16.
    • Thanx!