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Pakistan Zindabad.....

Pakistan Zindabad.....

Published in Self Improvement , Technology
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  • 3. P PEOPLE ARE THE FRUITS THEY LIKE... Wanna know yourself???? These fruits will help you…
  • 4. Come on choose your fruit…
    • . Apple.
    • Banana.
    • Peach.
    • Black Grapes.
    • Cherry.
    • Coconut.
    • Custard Apple.
    • Mango.
    • Orange.
    • Papaya.
    • Pear.
    • Pineapple.
  • 5. APPLES !!!
    • If Apples are your favorite you are:
    • Extravagant,Impulsive and outspoken.
    • Short tempered.
    • Have leadership qualities.
    • Enjoy Traveling.
    • Charming when with your partner.
  • 6. BLACK GRAPES !!!
    • Astrologers say that if you like black grapes then you are:
    • A polite person.
    • Have quick flare ups of temper.
    • Beauty lover.
    • Lively personality.
    • Expect your partner to enjoy everything in life with you.
  • 7. CHERRIES !!!
    • I If Cherries are your favorite fruit then life isn’t always easy for you.
    • You have a Fertile imagination.
    • you’re a very sincere and loyal partner
    • you’re somewhat reserved.
    • You’re a homely person.
    • y
  • 8. COCONUT !!!
    • Coconut lovers you guys have a:
    • Serious,thoughtful and a contemplative personality.
    • You’re a bit stubborn.
    • Shrewd,quick witted and alert.
    • You need a partner with brains.
    • The people who like Custard Apple are usually:
    • Modest and Conservative.
    • Are Ambitious.
    • Critical.
    • Don’t go on looks,instead value a person’s intellect.
    • Shy in being affectionate.
  • 10. BANANA !!!
    • You’re a Softie!!!
    • Loving,gentle and warm.
    • You lack self confidence.
    • You let people take advantage of your sweetness.
    • Adore your partner in every way.
  • 11. MANGO !!!
    • A person who likes mangoes has:
    • Fixed ideas.
    • Is an extremist with strong likes and dislikes.
    • Take on mental challenges.
    • Have no attitude when it comes to a relationship.
  • 12. ORANGE !!!
    • People who like oranges have:
    • Enduring patience and will power.
    • Do things slowly but thoroughly.
    • Are shy but reliable and trustworthy.
    • Are very loving.
    • Choose a partner with care and thought.
    • Avoid conflicts at all costs.
  • 13. PAPAYA !!!
    • Papaya lovers you have the following qualities:
    • You are truly fearless.
    • You have a good sense of humor.
    • You are a go-getter in professional life.
    • Enjoy meeting new people and touring different sites.
    • your good sense of humor is what your partner loves about you.
  • 14. PEACH !!!
    • Like a peach you guys enjoy the juice of life…
    • You are:
    • Very friendly and outspoken.
    • You follow the rule of FORGIVE AND FORGET.
    • Are very ambitious.
    • You are more of a passionate partner but sincere and faithful.
    • Hate to show affection in public.
  • 15. PEAR !!!
    • If you’re the one who loves pears then your personality trait is:
    • You put your mind to something you successfully complete it.
    • Impatient in knowing the results of your efforts.
    • Interested in good discussions.
    • Restless and a High-strung person.
    • Its easy for you to start a relationship but gets difficult to maintain it.
  • 16. PINE APPLE ! ! !
    • These people are the ones who are successful. They are quick in making decisions and even quicker to act.
    • Brave in changing careers.
    • Have organizing abilities.
    • Are honest and sincere with dealings with others.
    • Perfect example of FRIENDS FOREVER.
    • Your partner is impressed by your qualities but disappointed in your ability to show affection.
  • 17. CO NC LU SI ON A lot of people have a strong belief in things like Fruit Astrology,Palm reading,gemstones,good luck or bad luck charms etc.True that it’s a knowledge but to start believing in these kinda things to such an extent that you give up your own efforts in doing something is nothing but a proof of you being a fool.Don’t get too superstitious no matter if these things are true read them for the sake of mere enjoyment.