Digitizing Life


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Digitizing Life

  1. 1. Digitizing your life Why Burak will be critical on your sucess?
  2. 2. Who is he ? Born on the 21st of August 1970. Very typical Leo.Borned to be a leader and idea generator. Married with two beatiful daughters. Enjoys every aspect of fatherhood. Biker, getting old but still has the soul to go faster. Blogger, likes to write and share (www.sanal- hayat.net) Cars and bikes are a passion.Once a test pilot for MSNBC as a hobby. Tech gizmos are his best friends. Believes that one day, there will be no classic media but everything digital.
  3. 3. What did he do ? He was only 23 when he started working for BAT in Central Asia giving sales and marketing services to 9 countries in the region. Local brand quot;Xanquot; which created under his supervision- still the best selling regional brand. Organised the retail and sales network in Uzbekhstan and Kazakhstan Managed International Brands Barclay- Lucky Strike and Kent.
  4. 4. Then ? Worked on the set-up of commercial vehicles business for Volkswagen in Turkey. Started with less then 0,5% market share , left with 7% market share and sales more then 7.000 units in 2 years. Launched the VW Commercial vehicles brand in Turkey. Prepared the product specs for Caddy - Transporter and LT products in Turkey.
  5. 5. Then ? Worked for McCann Erickson for 6,5 years 2 years at Pars McCann Erickson 4,5 years with Momentum Client Services Director Managed 14 million USD worth of business Managed major accounts like GM, Opel, Nestle, Coca Cola, Unilever, Goodyear. Win the first Advertising Age press award in Turkey with Opel Corsa advertising.
  6. 6. Then ? Worked for Mynet Marketing and Product Development Director Later took over the New Biz also Managed M&A acitivities like beyazperde.com for Mynet Established first local language content based performance ad system in Turkey partnering with Ad Click of Switzwerland Signed Google, Pic Search, Boonty and many more Partnership deals for Mynet. Revised and renewed more then 20 Mynet services with his team. Changed the Mynet logo with his marketing team.
  7. 7. Then ? Worked for Fox International Channels Established all Fox digital properties in Turkey (Fox Life, FX, baby TV, National Geographic) With the proprieraty infrastructure build in Turkey, I supervised the build up of Fox web sites in Spain, Poland, Russia, Greece. Build the .Fox Ad network business in Turkey. Second office in Europe. Profitable operation by the end of Inıtial fiscal year.
  8. 8. Now Consultant Marketing Sales Strategy Idea generator Full with tones of ideas for digital businesses Web visionare You want to know what is coming up ? Blogger Looking at the future of the web. I will only tell when I know you :-)