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Shark Trivia 5th Grade   Web Shark Trivia 5th Grade Web Presentation Transcript

  • Shark Trivia
  • Are sharks “Mindless Eating Machines”? No! • 80 % of sharks are unable to hurt people • Sharks aren’t attracted to human blood • When shark attacks happen, it is usually because they mistake a human for a seal or some other food source
  • What is the Biggest Shark? A. Mako Shark C. B. Great White Shark C. Whale Shark D. Basking Shark
  • Which animal kills more humans every year, sharks or hippos? Hippos! • There are about 5 deaths worldwide each year due to sharks. • Hippos cause more deaths each year than any other African animal, possibly up to 200.
  • What is the Fastest Shark? A. Mako Shark A. B. Great White Shark C. Hammerhead Shark D. Thresher Shark
  • Sharks are hunted just to use their fins. Yes! • “Finning” is a practice where sharks are caught, their fins are cut off, and the rest of the body is thrown back into the ocean. • Shark fins are used to make Shark Fin Soup, a delicacy in Asian cultures.
  • What Shark Has the Longest Tail? A. Thresher Shark A. B. Swell Shark C. Frill Shark D. Tiger Shark
  • We would be better if all the sharks were gone. No! • Sharks are a “top predator” in the ocean. Without them, the whole ocean food chain would collapse. This would lead to the loss of fish humans like to eat, as well as a reduction in our air quality.
  • What you can do to help... • Don’t buy shark products. • Learn more about sharks and then tell others! • Don’t litter! The trash might end up in the ocean and kill sharks. • Find a way to get involved! You can adopt a shark at
  • Many Thanks To... • • Dr. Salvador Jorgenson Stanford University/Monterey Bay Aquarium • • And…Mom!