How to best prepare for a job interview


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  • This presentation slides give you a comprehensive guidance on how to best prepare for a job interview.
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How to best prepare for a job interview

  1. 1. ClickNSmart Team
  2. 2.  Interview is one of the most important part toward your career path.  The purpose for an interview is for a prospective employer to know more about your skill and knowledge
  3. 3.  1. You may want to check the company’s website (if there is one) in advance;  2. You should know your own interest and skills;  3. Prepare for an opening statement that tells a profile of who you are and your interest in the position;
  4. 4.  4. Don’t forget to ask for the recruiter’s business card;  5. Dress appropriately in interview attire. You want to give a good first impression and look like one who can be an asset to the profession;  6. Don’t forget to ask questions to the interviewer about the position and the requirement to succeed in that position. This will show the interviewer that you’re enthusiastic about the job.
  5. 5.  1. Be sure to send a formal thank you letter to the person that interviewed you. In the letter, you may want to share with him or her about the project discussed during the interview.  2. Continue to maintain contact with the person you interviewed;
  6. 6.  3. When you decide to pursue the career field, you should send a letter by stating something like ◦ ” if you hear any job opportunities, i would really appreciate hearing from you. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.”  We also have an article on: how to write a good resume as well at: 0/05/how-to-write-a-good-resume/
  7. 7. 7 Typical Questions Employers Ask Candidates
  8. 8.  During a job interview, think of yourself as a marketing representative for a very unique product, YOU.  You must offer convincing proofs that you are the person best qualified for the position.  Employers are impressed when you give specific examples of how your skills and accomplishments are right for the job at hand.
  9. 9.  1. What can you tell about our company, our products, and our mission? ◦ If you can reply this question by discussing what the company’s products and/or services are and how the company mission statement fits with your personal goal/mission, then you will show the interviewer that you have done the necessary research before coming to the interview. ◦ This can improve your chance to be hired.
  10. 10.  2. What do you know for the position i am interviewing you for? ◦ This question is important because the interviewer wants to know at least that you are not applying to the opening position because you’re desperate to get a job, but rather you are applying for the position knowing all the required qualifications and the tasks & responsibility related to the job.
  11. 11.  3. What is your greatest strengths and weaknesses? ◦ Although highlighting your strengths are very important, talking about your weaknesses and your efforts to minimize your weaknesses is also equally important. ◦ The interviewer wants to know what have you done to deal with your weaknesses and challenges.
  12. 12.  4. Describe how you would go about making a decision?  This question relates to your ability to make hard decision with much uncertainties and within a limited time.  Your answer can also show the interviewer whether or not you’re a team player.
  13. 13.  5. In what ways do you think you can contribute to our company? ◦ The interviewer wants to know whether you’re the best fit candidate for the job and also for the company.  6. Which achievement are you most proud of and why? ◦ Highlights not only your accomplishments, but also all the hard work and challenges associated to your achievements.
  14. 14.  7. Describe what you will consider to be an ideal job? ◦ Somehow relates your idea job to the position you’re applying. By preparing all these common questions, it will decrease your anxiety and increase your chances of getting the results you want. Lastly Be Genuine and Honest in answering all the questions that the interviewer may ask you.
  15. 15.  ” Prove and Convince the interviewer that you are the best qualified candidate “ Written by ClickNSmart Team