Bcc wind farm public meeting

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Bunclody Community Council presentation on Wind Farms, from a public meeting on 10th July 2012.

Bunclody Community Council presentation on Wind Farms, from a public meeting on 10th July 2012.

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  • 1. Wexford Wind Energy StrategyImplications for Bunclody
  • 2. Overview Planned and zoned areas for wind farms around Bunclody Key issues with wind turbines Key issues for Bunclody Elements of Draft CDP of concern
  • 3. Bunclody Wind Farms Since 2006 planning permission has been granted for 13 wind farms in Co. Wexford 10 of these wind farms are located within 5 miles of Bunclody 2 wind farms have been granted planning permission in Co. Carlow 1 of these is located within 5 miles of Bunclody That‟s 50 wind turbines in total within 5 miles of Bunclody
  • 4. Wexford Wind Farms• 1 East Wexford• 2 South Wexford• 10 North Wexford• West zoned in CDP 2013-2019
  • 5. Bunclody Wind Farms Only 3 of the 11 wind farms granted planning permission near Bunclody have been constructed All of these 3 wind farms are at least 4 miles from the town 3 permitted wind farms are located between 1 and 2 miles from the town
  • 6. Planned and Existing Wind Farms North Wexford
  • 7. Wind Farm Zoning Carlow and Wicklow Both Carlow and Wicklow have also zoned areas on the North Wexford border as open for consideration for wind farms. Developments in these zones will also impact visually on Bunclody and surrounding areas The cumulative impact on Habitats and Birds in the area will also be considerable
  • 8. Carlow and WicklowAreas open for Wind Farms
  • 9. County Carlow Wind Farm Zones
  • 10. Key Issues for Residents within 1 Mile of Wind Turbines Visual impact is significant Permitted night noise of 43 Decibels is double the level which the World Health Organisation stated in 2009 causes sleep disturbance and, as a result, damage to health Amplitude modulation including “thump and swish” is an issue, particularly in downwind conditions Low Frequency sounds: even though the wind farm industry says there is no problem, some countries, including Denmark, have introduced regulations to limit them Shadow flicker: like strobe lighting inside a house – long-term health effects not yet clear
  • 11. UK Davis Case (2011) Health and Property Value Claim Davis v Tinsley, Watts, Fenland Windfarms Ltd, EDF Energy plc and Fenland Green Power Co-op Ltd (2011) Couple‟s farm 1 km from turbine Compensation claim against landowner and wind farm developer for: – damage to couple‟s health – reduction in market value of their house Case settled: – Confidentiality clause on total amount – house bought by developer
  • 12. Phil and Catherine Hickey Ballylusk Ballindaggin
  • 13. Our Story What happened in the planning process What it‟s like to live near turbines What we‟re trying to achieve at this stage
  • 14. The Planning Process First planning application for wind farm refused in October 2006 New application in January 2007; objections made in February 2007: not accepted by Wexford County Council as deemed one day too late Planning permission granted at the end of February 2007. Significant changes by developers to permission: – Road access changes – Turbine now 360 metres from our home, without our consent – Misrepresentations in the EIS Even after further objections, the Council granted retention permission to the developer
  • 15. What It’s Like to Live Near Turbines • A turbine is located 360 metres from our home • Regular noise from the turbines: inside and outside our home • Visual damage to our home: 4 turbines are visible from our kitchen table • Shadow flicker from November to February at various times in the morning • Sleep disruption • Stress and ill-health: physical and mental • Financial loss: our home is our only asset
  • 16. View from Our Garden
  • 17. View from Our Back Ground Level
  • 18. View From Our Back Second Level
  • 19. View from Our Kitchen
  • 20. View From Our Sunroom
  • 21. What we’re trying to achieve Correcting the damage to our health Correcting the damage to our home‟s value Independent review of how permission was granted for this wind farm Independent review of how other wind farms were granted permission in “areas not generally allowed”, including how the accuracy and quality of EISs are assessed Your support and submissions to the Council
  • 22. Key Issues for Bunclody No public consultation – in breach of EU Law Cumulative noise impact has not been assessed and is in breach of WHO 2009 recommendation Cumulative visual impact will be considerable No assessment of cumulative impact on Habitats and Birds in breach of both EU Directives UK survey by Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors showed that property values decreased at 60% of properties from where a turbine was visible In terms of the Draft CDP 2013-2019: – No designation of „Landscapes of Greater Sensitivity‟ in this area – Policy of clustering and extending wind farms may have significant negative impact – Route for infrastructure (400Kv overhead lines) not yet decided, but may locate close to wind farm developments
  • 23. Draft CDP 2013-2019 Issues of concern include: Stated policy preference is a combination of locating wind farms where wind resources and infrastructure exist and clustering wind farms in certain locations to minimize impact on rest of the county “Special cognisance” has been given to private developers, the ESB and Eirgrid in terms of their investments. No “special cognisance” of impact on local areas or residential health and amenity No areas in the North of the county have been designated as „Landscape of Greater Sensitivity No changes to the Development Management Standards for wind farms – distance from dwellings, and noise
  • 24. Infrastructure for Wind Farms Eirgrid have launched their Project 25 consultation regarding proposed route for 400Kv Pylons Bunclody Community Council have submitted feedback on proposed route objecting to its location close to Bunclody on the following grounds: – Health – Constraints of SPCs – Impact on the Heritage of the area – Impact on tourism and areas of special scenic beauty
  • 25. Eirgrid 25 Study Area Map