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Ronny haraldsvik new managed services

  1. 1. New Managed ServicesOpportunities forOperatorsThe Enterprise RadioAccess Network (E-RAN)Ronny HaraldsvikVice President of MarketingJune 17 The E-RAN Company™
  2. 2. Indoor 3G Access has Become Business Critical to the EnterpriseWorks Here… But Not Here! The Rapid Growth of 3G Enabled Laptops, Smartphones and Other Devices Requires a Seamless Network Application Experience Between the Enterprise LAN and the Cellular Network © 2010 SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. 2
  3. 3. Today’s Challenges for IT Staff Networks Must Work 24/7Employees Are Inherently Mobile No Data is 100% Safe Manage vs Outsource © 2010 SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. 3
  4. 4. Enterprise Concerns Security & access Control Compliance and data protection Access to qualified IT personnel Reliable LAN/WAN connectivity & mobility Management of mobile employees and devicesBalancing network and application requirements vs core business focus © 2010 SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. 4
  5. 5. Enterprise IT Do Not Want to Manage 3G orWi-Fi Wireless Access – If Given the Choice* Hospitals Education Software Vendors Finance Hardware Vendors Research They Want a Reliable Managed Services Partner *SpiderCloud Wireless Primary Research (interviews with 20 leading firms) © 2010 SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. 5
  6. 6. SmartCloud® is Scalable System Architecture Services Node Voice • Voice + Data mobility platform AD Network • Scalable Local Switching PlatformRADIUS Enterprise Data Intranet Apps • RF + Mobility + IP Networking • High value software VPN GW • Enterprise Appliance IP • Value-Added Services Operator Services Node Radio Node Enterprise Switch (Ethernet) • Scalable Radio Node • Solves Indoor RF Problems Radio Nodes • High Density (# of subs) • SW upgrade to future Uu standards (e.g. HSPA+/LTE) • Leverages low-cost RF components Any Device, No Client 6
  7. 7. SmartCloud® Benefits to the Enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service Painless ‘Fixed-Mobile-Convergence’• No operational or equipment burden • The cellular phone as the work phone• Security of licensed spectrum • Desktop phone replacement• Seamless & consistent user • Dual-ring / single number reach experience outside and inside • No proprietary software client needed• Operator sponsorship • Operator sponsored mobile devicesMobile Virtual Corporate Networks Cost Control (Lower OPEX)• Secure mobile access to domains • Unlimited usage in office ‘zone’• Redefine accessibility & collaboration • Leverage infrastructure for savings• Ease of branch-office set up • New bundled operator service offerings• Centralized management of mobile • Extend mobility services to all“A flexible and mobile workforce needs laptops and smartphones equipped toconnect over high-speed networks from anywhere on the planet.” – Rob Bamforth, Principal Analyst, Quocirca 7
  8. 8. Opportunity: Managed Network Services for the Enterprise 3G + WiFi Software + MVNO Service Compliance Enables for EDU Service & Hospitals Mobile as Desktop Phone Replacement © 2010 SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. 8
  9. 9. Wireless Platform for Location ServicesPeople & First Buildings & Security & Assets & Their Devices & Auto- Response Campus Maps Location Access Location Info Updates 9
  10. 10. Enterprise Circle of Co-Workers, Assets & Locations 10 10
  11. 11. Location & Presence: When Seconds Matter On a Call Seminar 11
  12. 12. Enterprise IT Cares About a Wireless Platform That Works for Voice & Data The Technology is Irrelevant As Long as it Works With Any Smartphone or Laptop with Some Policy Access Control* *SpiderCloud Wireless Primary Research (interviews with 20 leading firms) © 2010 SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. 12
  13. 13. A Scalable & Private Mobile Network for the Enterprise Home Worker Corporate HQ Branch Office PBX CRM ERP DB Home Worker Manufacturing Home Worker 13
  14. 14. Industry Trends Favor Managed Services Own Outsource Converge Virtualized On-demand100%90% 90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10% 0% 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 PBX Outsourcing Software as a Service (SaS) On-Demand Network Virtualization of datacenters WiFi as a Service (WaS) 16,000 datacenters worldwide (USA 9,000) Deutsche Bank (4/19/10) 14
  15. 15. SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc.Senior Management BackgroundMichael Gallagher Fibertower, Flarion Technologies, NortelCEO Networks, Shasta Networks, Bay Networks,  Founded: 2006 Synoptics  Investors: CharlesBehrooz Parsay Aperto Networks, Ericsson, DIVA, Kestrel, River Ventures, MatrixSVP of Engineering & Operations Lantern Communications Partners, Opus Capital, Shasta Ventures ($40 MRon Pelley Qualcomm, Flarion Technologies, Telindus, Series A+B)VP & Managing Director for Europe Network Equipment Technologies, Timeplex  Experienced team: Cisco (Aironet), Flarion,Michael Finlayson Fibertower, First Avenue Networks, FlarionVP of Field Systems Engineering Technologies, Nortel Networks, Shasta Juniper, Qualcomm, Networks, Bay Networks, Wellfleet Stoke, Trapeze…Theresa McCarthy Qualcomm, Flarion Technologies, Nextwave,  Products (HW):VP & General Counsel NeoPoint SmartCloud™ system: Services Node (SCSN)Ronny Haraldsvik Qualcomm, Flarion Technologies, Nortel which controls manyVP of Marketing Networks, Shasta Networks, Bay Networks Radio Nodes (SCRN). Operating System (OS)Russell Agle IAG Research, Qualcomm, Flarion and Advanced RFDirector of Business Development Technologies, PwC Consulting Management  Trial status: Q4 2009 15
  16. 16. 2010 industry RecognitionFierceWireless “Top Wireless Company 2010” for “Fierce 15” list ofprivate companiesWinner of the 2010 World Vendor Award for Technology ForesightTop Ten Wireless Startup for the 2010 TiE 50 Awards --The IndusEntrepreneurs (TiE)Mobile Merit Awards 2010 for “Mobile Technologies, Infrastructure.”GSMA shortlist for the distinguished 2010 Global Mobile AwardsRunner up (#2) for the CTIA Emerging Technology AwardsFrost & Sullivan - 2010 North American New Product Innovation ofthe Year Award for the category “Enterprise Wireless Switches andRouters” 16
  17. 17. Email: The E-RAN Company™ SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. is a privately funded company with investments from Charles River Ventures, Matrix Partners and Opus Capital. The company is comprised of executives with proven success from companies such as Flarion Technologies, Juniper Networks, Motorola, Nortel Networks, Shasta Networks, Bay Networks, and Qualcomm. The company is located in Santa Clara, California (USA) with offices in Ohio and United Kingdom. 17 © 2010 SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc.
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