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  • 1. Femtocells:Opportunities, Challenges and Status Mark C. Reed Mark.Reed@nicta.com.au
  • 2. What is NICTA doing in Femtocells?•  Developed WCDMA Femtocell modem –  World first Uplink Interference Cancellation –  Tested Real-time at Radio Frequencies•  Femto System modeling tool –  Predicts •  performance and interference (femto to macro) •  throughput and offload benefitsNICTA Copyright 2010 From imagination to impact 2
  • 3. Introduction•  What is Femtocell? –  Wireless Access Point for your Mobile Phone –  Enabled by broadband access for backhaul; –  First Market is Residential Use –  Improves Indoor Coverage and Throughput; –  Very low cost.•  Basic Specifications –  Cost : ~$100 –  Range : 50m – 1km –  Users : 4-32NICTA Copyright 2010 From imagination to impact 3
  • 4. Femtocell Market•  Combined, sales of FMC equipment forecast to grow –  $8 billion worldwide by 2013 (Infonetics Research)•  The Market for WCDMA Femtocells will reach –  $2.2 Billion by 2012 (Rethink Research Apr. 2008) •  There will be 40m femtocells deployed by endo fo 2014, serving 132 million subscribers (ABI Research, Oct ‘09) NICTA Copyright 2010 From imagination to impact
  • 5. WCDMA-HSPA Femto Market SizeGlobal W-HSPA femtocell infrastructure equipment market forecastSource: ABI ResearchNICTA Copyright 2010 From imagination to impact
  • 6. Deployment Status•  Status ( Femto Forum) –  6 Commercial Launches –  2 Carriers Commited –  Others have restricted service –  120 Femto Forum Members –  3GPP St’d: Apr 09 –  IOT Testing: Mar ‘10NICTA Copyright 2010 From imagination to impact
  • 7. Advantages of Femtocells•  Coverage (Indoors where most usage is) –  Overcomes building penetration problems•  Capacity/Throughput –  High Sustained data rates•  Reduced need for CAPEX/OPEX Spend –  Less Backhaul needed on Macro –  Less Macro Base-station equipment needed•  Reduced Churn –  Increased StickinessNICTA Copyright 2010 From imagination to impact 7
  • 8. What has changed in Mobile Broadband? •  Divergence between Revenue and Traffic •  Lower cost of mobile broadband delivery is the only answer•  Paul Jacobs, CEO: “According to the results of our research, femtocells will possibly result in eight times higher throughput per user. In retrospect, an eight-times improvement is equivalent to that brought by the cell phones shift from analog to digital. This is really an exciting fact.” Jacobs says LTE will only provide a 10% spectrum efficiency improvement! NICTA Copyright 2010 From imagination to impact
  • 9. Femtocell Challenges (1)•  Operations and Management –  Utilize TR-069 (DSL Std) for Management –  Can Perform Location Verification –  Auto Configuration of the Femto –  Assign core serving elements –  Provide Remote Management and control –  Billing –  Faults –  Service mechanism –  Scaling to potentially Millions of femtos!NICTA Copyright 2010 From imagination to impact 9
  • 10. Femtocell Challenges (2)•  Interference (Uplink and Downlink) –  Macro to Femto –  Femto to Femto –  Femto to Macro Scenario Naming is from: “Interference management in UMTS femtocells,” Femto Forum White Paper, Dec 2008.NICTA Copyright 2010 From imagination to impact 10
  • 11. Femtocell Challenges (3)•  Timing, Location and Zero TouchNICTA Copyright 2010 From imagination to impact 11
  • 12. Applications of Femtocells•  Residential•  Enterprise•  Metro-Femto –  Indoor Shopping Centers•  Military•  EmergencyNICTA Copyright 2010 From imagination to impact 12
  • 13. Take home Messages•  6 Commercial Launches to date•  Femtocells solve –  coverage, capacity and cost –  Data Offload of Mobile Broadband•  Challenges include –  Operations and Mgmt –  Interference –  Timing/Position/Zero Touch•  Future Cellular Concept –  Greenfield Service Providers perhaps will start with the deployment of femtocells!!NICTA Copyright 2010 From imagination to impact 13