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2012 bulk ieee projects for sale. Contact (0)9966235788/9701440401. Get best price @ ieeefinalsemprojects@gmail.com. Web: www.ieeefinalsemprojects.com

2012 bulk ieee projects for sale. Contact (0)9966235788/9701440401. Get best price @ ieeefinalsemprojects@gmail.com. Web: www.ieeefinalsemprojects.com



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2012 ieee-ece-projects-for-sale 2012 ieee-ece-projects-for-sale Document Transcript

  • DREAMSOFT INFOTECH www.ieeefinalsemprojects.com 2012 IEEE Projects @ DREAMSOFT INFOTECHSL Project IEEE 2012 Project TitlesNO Code ECE PROJECTS 1 DS12E0 A Factorized Quaternion Approach to Determine the Arm Motions Using Triaxial Accelerometers With Anatomical and Sensor Constraints 2 DS12E1 A Fast and Easy-to-Use ECG Acquisition and Heart Rate Monitoring System Using a Wireless Steering Wheel 3 DS12E2 A Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for Gully Pot Monitoring in Urban Catchments 4 DS12E3 A Passive UHF-RFID System for the Localization of an Indoor Autonomous Vehicle 5 DS12E4 A Path-Connected-Cluster Wireless Sensor Network and Its Formation, Addressing, and Routing Protocols 6 DS12E5 A Reliable Transmission Protocol for ZigBee-Based Wireless Patient Monitoring 7 DS12E6 A Smart Health Monitoring Chair for Nonintrusive Measurement of Biological Signals 8 DS12E7 A Wearable Inertial Sensor Node for Body Motion Analysis 9 DS12E8 A Wireless Reflectance Pulse Oximeter With Digital Baseline Control for Unfiltered Photoplethysmograms10 DS12E9 A Wireless Wearable ECG Sensor for Long-Term Applications11 DS12E10 A Zigbee-Based Wearable Physiological Parameters Monitoring System12 DS12E11 Accurate Pedestrian Indoor Navigation by Tightly Coupling Foot-Mounted IMU and RFID Measurements13 DS12E12 An Accelerometer-Based Digital Pen With a Trajectory Recognition Algorithm for Handwritten Digit and Gesture Recognition14 DS12E13 An Experimental Vehicular Wireless System and Link Performance Analysis15 DS12E14 An RFID-Based Position and Orientation Measurement System for Mobile Objects in Intelligent Environments16 DS12E15 An Ultra-Low Power ECG Acquisition and Monitoring ASIC System for WBAN ApplicationsMobile: (0) 9701440401 ieeefinalsemprojects@gmail.com
  • DREAMSOFT INFOTECH www.ieeefinalsemprojects.com17 DS12E16 Assessment of Tremor Activity in the Parkinson’s Disease Using a Set of Wearable Sensors18 DS12E17 Assurance of Energy Efficiency and Data Security for ECG Transmission in BASNs19 DS12E18 Autocalibration of Triaxial MEMS Accelerometers With Automatic Sensor Model Selection20 DS12E19 Building Lighting Automation through the Integration of DALI with Wireless Sensor Networks21 DS12E20 Compressed Sensing System Considerations for ECG and EMG Wireless Biosensors22 DS12E21 Computer Simulations of a Humanoid Robot Capable of Walking Like Fashion Models23 DS12E22 Cumulative Attestation Kernels for EDSedded Systems24 DS12E23 Curvature Based ECG Signal Compression for Effective Communication on WPAN25 DS12E24 Design and Evaluation of a Telemonitoring Concept Based on NFC-Enabled Mobile Phones and Sensor Devices26 DS12E25 Design and Implementation of a Stator-Free RPM Sensor Prototype Based on MEMS Accelerometers27 DS12E26 Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a QoS-Aware Real-Time EDSedded Database28 DS12E27 Robotics for Environment Monitoring29 DS12E28 Detection and Analysis of Transitional Activity in Manifold Space30 DS12E29 Development of a Spherical Air Bearing Positioning System31 DS12E30 Dew-Based Wireless Mini Module for Respiratory Rate Monitoring32 DS12E31 Distributed Bees Algorithm for Task Allocation in Swarm of Robots33 DS12E32 Driver Alertness Monitoring Using Fusion of Facial Features and Bio-Signals34 DS12E33 Dynamic Power Management in Wireless Sensor Networks: State-of-the-Art35 DS12E34 ECG Pattern Analysis for Emotion Detection36 DS12E35 EDSedded System Integrated Into a Wireless Sensor Network for Online Dynamic Torque and Efficiency Monitoring in Induction Motors37 DS12E36 Evaluation of ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4) Time-of-Flight-Based Distance Measurement for Application in Emergency Underground NavigationMobile: (0) 9701440401 ieeefinalsemprojects@gmail.com
  • DREAMSOFT INFOTECH www.ieeefinalsemprojects.com38 DS12E37 Fast Humanoid Robot Collision-Free Footstep Planning Using Swept Volume Approximations39 DS12E38 Frequency Agile Wireless Sensor Networks: Design and Implementation40 DS12E39 Intelligent Lighting Control for Vision-Based Robotic Manipulation41 DS12E40 Language Bootstrapping: Learning Word Meanings From Perception–Action Association42 DS12E41 MEMS Accelerometer Based Nonspecific-User Hand Gesture Recognition43 DS12E42 Mobile Sensor Node Deployment and Asynchronous Power Management for Wireless Sensor Networks44 DS12E43 Multisensor Data Fusion for Physical Activity Assessment45 DS12E44 On the Design and Deployment of RFID Assisted Navigation Systems for VANETs46 DS12E45 On-Body Performance of a Wearable Single-LayerRFID Tag47 DS12E46 Orientation Sensing Using Multiple Passive RFID Tags48 DS12E47 Path Following of Autonomous Vehicles in the Presence of Sliding Effects49 DS12E48 Personalization and Adaptation to the Medium and Context in a Fall Detection System50 DS12E49 Proposing a Standardized Protocol for Raw Biosignal Transmission51 DS12E50 Quantitative Absolute Transparency for Bilateral Teleoperation of Mobile Robots52 DS12E51 Sensors-Based Wearable Systems for Monitoring of Human Movement and Falls53 DS12E52 Sleep Scheduling for Critical Event Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks54 DS12E53 Smart “Stick-on” Sensors for the Smart Grid55 DS12E54 Teleoperation of Multiple Social Robots56 DS12E55 Monitoring Chock Temperature57 DS12E56 Toothbrushing Region Detection Using Three-Axis Accelerometer and Magnetic Sensor58 DS12E57 Wireless Mobile Sensor Network for the System Identification of a Space Frame Bridge59 DS12E58 Wireless Sensor Network Based Home Monitoring System for Wellness Determination of Elderly60 DS12E59 ZigBee MAC Wireless Network Implementation Using a Remote Virtual InterfaceMobile: (0) 9701440401 ieeefinalsemprojects@gmail.com
  • DREAMSOFT INFOTECH www.ieeefinalsemprojects.com61 DS12E60 Enriched Indoor Map Construction Based on Multisensor Fusion Approach for Intelligent Service Robot SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH DIVISION CONTACT USContact Person: K. RAGHAVA B.TECH, MBA.Contact Number: (0)9966235788/9701440401EMAIL: IEEEFINALSEMPROJECTS@GMAIL.COMWEB:WWW.IEEEFINALSEMPROJECTS.COMMobile: (0) 9701440401 ieeefinalsemprojects@gmail.com