Smart Grid Citizen Concept Presentation Dec 2009


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Smart Grid Citizen™ is a social network and media site that makes it fun and easy to take greater control of your energy usage, save money on your energy costs, and take steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Smart Grid Citizen Concept Presentation Dec 2009

  1. 1. Concept Presentation<br />Smart Grid Citizen™ Concept Presentation<br />December 2009<br />Privileged & Confidential<br />©2009, Smart Grid Citizen™<br />
  2. 2. What is Smart Grid Citizen™?<br />Smart Grid Citizen™ is a social network and media site that makes it fun and easy to:<br />Take greater control of your energy usage<br />Save money on your energy costs<br />Take steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle<br />
  3. 3. Our community Suggestion Board for energy conservation and sustainable living marries traditional search, sort, and filtering for typical keywords and category attributes with social votes and ROI data.<br />This new level of structured content gives the user unprecedented power to identify highly relevant and personally rewarding ideas that they can manage and act upon.<br />Our public Eco-profiling system engages and rewards users for their social interaction and green living achievements. <br />As users become “smarter”, they become more recognized among their fellow Citizens and gain new privileges.<br />How?<br />
  4. 4. An untapped kinship exists in a fragmented and growing community of residents living in homes with smart meters and energy dashboards…<br />Beyond smart meters, consumers must wade through a large and growing number of ideas, products, and services to help them lead more energy conservative and sustainable lifestyles.<br />Utilities and energy providers need help in developing more meaningful relationships with their customers and educating them to think and act differently about their energy consumption.<br />While the true vision of the Smart Grid may take 20 -30 years to fully realize, the evolution has already begun:<br />Demonstrations, pilots, some large-scale deployments, consumer skepticism, a wide variety of tools, technologies, and standards, <br />Broader deployments, availability of common standards and interoperability, wider user acceptance <br />Smart energy technologies are more commonplace<br />Why?<br />
  5. 5. Make it fun and easy for consumers to identify the most relevant and rewarding ideas in energy conservation and sustainable living.<br />Deliver an engaging ‘social’ component that makes energy conservation rewarding both online and offline.<br />Create a community that promotes:<br />Sharing, learning, and community participation<br />Discovery of the “smartest” energy conservation and sustainable living tips and suggestions<br />Discussion and debate<br />Healthy competition<br />Create a consumer-centric energy conservation brand<br />Help develop best practices and educational content that resonates with consumers<br />Address challenges with the deployment and use of specific smart grid tools, technologies, and programs<br />Help improve the dialogue and relationships between utilities and consumers<br />What’s our goal?<br />
  6. 6. Standalone site capability<br />Broad consumer audience<br />Residents of smart grid enabled homes<br />Clients<br />Utilities, Universities, Microgrids<br />Partnerships<br />Energy monitoring and management software and device makers<br />User Groups<br />Consumers, Students<br />Clients/Partnerships/User Groups<br />
  7. 7. Suggestion Board<br />Extracting relevant content<br />Public eco-profiles<br />Point system<br />Social publishing<br />All content can be filtered<br /> for smart grid specific areas.<br />Key Features and Functionality<br />
  8. 8. Key Features and Functionality<br />Suggestion Board<br />Sharing ideas on energy conservation and sustainable living:<br /><ul><li>Suggestion attributes
  9. 9. Smart Votes
  10. 10. Cost
  11. 11. Do it yourself hours
  12. 12. Annual savings
  13. 13. Payback timeline</li></ul>Suggestion categories<br />General<br />Insulation/Sealing<br />Heating/Cooling<br />Water Heating<br />Windows<br />Lighting<br />Appliances<br />Electronics<br />Driving<br />Renewable Energy<br />Pools and pumps<br /><ul><li>Suggestion types
  14. 14. Buy this…
  15. 15. Try this…
  16. 16. Read this…
  17. 17. Watch this…
  18. 18. Invest…
  19. 19. Quick Tip
  20. 20. Utility Alert</li></li></ul><li>Key Features and Functionality<br />Suggestion Content Structure<br />Search suggestion posts by keyword(s) *<br />* search box above<br />Sort Suggestions by***:<br /><ul><li> Smart votes
  21. 21. Cost
  22. 22. Annual savings
  23. 23. Time required
  24. 24. Payback</li></ul>*** above<br />Filter Suggestions by**:<br /><ul><li> Smart Grid specific content
  25. 25. Type
  26. 26. Category
  27. 27. Utility
  28. 28. Geography</li></ul>** on the left<br />
  29. 29. Voting system<br />That’s Smart vs. That Sucks<br />Evaluate suggestions based on<br />Cost, Do-it-yourself hours, Annual savings, Payback timeline<br />Search, sort, and filter for:<br />Smart Grid specific guidance<br />Suggestion types<br />Buy this, Try this, Read this, Watch this, Invest in, Utility alert<br />Suggestion categories<br />General, Insulation/Sealing, Heating/Cooling, Water Heating, Windows, Lighting, Appliances, Electronics, Driving, Renewable Energy, Pools and pumps, Other<br />Suggestion attributes<br />Cost, Do it yourself hours, Annual savings, Payback timeline<br />Search Forum topics<br />Client query and reporting capabilities<br />Key Features and Functionality<br />Extracting Relevant Content<br />
  30. 30. Profile Level – How ‘smart’ are you about energy conservation?<br />Smart<br />Brainy<br />Gifted<br />Genius<br />Establishing your eco-profile<br />Registration profile<br />Smart Grid enabled home<br />CFL lighting<br />Energy Star products/appliances<br />Optional: <br />External energy consumption, production, and conservation data<br />External carbon footprint integration<br />Key Features and Functionality<br />Public Eco-Profiles<br />
  31. 31. Points build upon your original eco-profile registration<br />Earn ‘social’ points<br />Voting<br />Sharing<br />Commenting<br />Inviting<br />Earn ‘green living’ points<br />Update your registration profile with new energy efficiency purchases<br />Taking up specific energy conservation suggestions<br />Yes, I bought this, Yes, I tried this, etc.<br />Contributing suggestions and green content<br />Custom rewards integration<br />Key Features and Functionality<br />Point System<br />
  32. 32. Key Features and Functionality<br />User Generated Content Broadcasting<br />Real world energy conservation and sustainable living suggestions will be broadcasted on:<br />Website “Suggestion Board”<br />RSS – RSS feeds contain links to further share by<br />Email<br />Facebook<br />Twitter – Twit This<br />Digg<br />Users can vote through RSS<br />Invite friends through Facebook, Gmail, Outlook<br />Forum<br />Blog<br />Social Publishing<br />
  33. 33. Clients or partners will benefit from supplementing their education and energy efficiency programs with the free public or paid white label version of Smart Grid Citizen :<br />Enjoy powerful ways to disseminate information<br />Distribute conservation ideas through the site suggestion board and syndicated content outlets<br />Deliver time-sensitive communications<br />Extract useful data and messaging for use in smart grid, and energy efficiency, program development and deployments<br />Expanded options to communicate with customers to develop stronger relationships, and more meaningful dialogue<br />Expanded options to integrate actual energy consumption data<br />Client/Partner Benefit Summary<br />
  34. 34. Residents of smart grid enabled homes will enjoy specific ways to converse with one another, and share ideas on how to make the most of their new smart grid energy management tools.<br />All people interested in energy conservation and sustainable living will have a helpful starting point and on-going guide for identifying the “smartest” ideas based on factors such as popularity, cost, savings, implementation time, and payback time. <br />All Citizens of the community are free to contribute their own suggestions on things to buy, try, read, watch, and invest in with the stated goal of conserving energy or reducing our carbon footprint. <br />All Citizens have straightforward ways to raise their eco-profile within the community and become a more recognized and relevant member.<br />Smart Grid Citizenship is FREE.<br />User Benefit Summary<br />
  35. 35. Partnerships<br />Tie-ins with existing energy efficiency or sustainability programs<br />Integration with actual and/or real time energy consumption data<br />White label customization for specific clients and user groups<br />Introducing independent point redemption capabilities<br />Various merchants, vendors, environmental groups<br />On-going social expansion and integration<br />Facebook, iPhone, Smart phones, Twitter , etc.<br />Introducing additional ways to raise your eco-profile<br />Carbon foot print calculator integration<br />What’s Next?<br />