6d 2nd term 1st exam


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6d 2nd term 1st exam

  1. 1. Name Surname: Number: Mark: 2012/2013 ACADEMİC YEAR ADEM YAVUZ SECONDARY SCHOOL 6th GRADE 2nd TERM 1st ENGLISH EXAM (40 min)1.READING TIME Gerda is 12 years old. She lives in the countryof Suriname. Suriname is in South America. Gerdagoes to the Johan Ferrier School in Paramaribo.Paramaribo is Suriname’s capital city. In the school,Gerda speaks Dutch, because school’s educationlanguage is Dutch. And sometimes she speaksEnglish because she has English lessons at school.But at home, she speaks her first language,Surinamese with her parents and with her friends. Gerdauses different languages at home and at school. But she isn’t a good student because shedoesn’t like school. She likes swimming, she can swim very well. She often swims in thecompetitions and sometimes she wins; she has got four first-place ribbons!..Her parents arevery happy and they keep Gerda’s ribbons in their living room at home. And in her bedroom,she has got a lot of picture of her hero, Anthony Nesty, an Olympic gold medal swimmerfrom Suriname. One day Gerda wants to go to the Olympics like him... A. Choose the correct answer (25 points)1.Gerda can speak ________ different languages 2. With her friends,Gerda _______ a. Five a. goes swimming b. four b. speaks dutch c. two c. speaks surinamese d. three d. tells stories3. Gerda has got four _______________ 4. Gerda doesn’t _____________ a. good friends a. go to school very often b. first place ribbons b. tell stories very well c. gold medals c. like school very much d. pictures of Anthony Nesty d. speaks English at school B. Write T (true) or F (false) for the statements (18 points) 1. Gerda lives in Suriname’s capital city. _____ 2. Gerda’s first language is English _____ 3. Gerda is good at swimming. _____ 4. Gerda’s ribbons are in her parent’s bedroom _____ 5. Gerda wants to be an Olympic swimmer. _____ 6. Gerda loves school very much. _____ GOOD LUCK
  2. 2. Name Surname: Number: Mark:2. GRAMMAR TIME (12 points)A. Match the situations and suggestions (Durumlarla önerileri eşleştirin)1. I am hungry. a) Let’s go to the cinema.2. I am very boring. b) You should sleep.3. I am tired. c) How about eating pizza?4. I have got a headache. d) Why don’t you take a medicine?3.TEST TİME (45 points)1,2 ve 3. Soruları metne göre yapınız. 7-) Aşağıdaki eşleştirmelerden hangisi Hello .I am Diana. Tomorrow is yanlıştır? Sunday.It is my birthday.I want to give a party and invite my a) b) friends It is at 2 o’clock at WhiteRose Café. I want all of my friends to my party1-) It is _____________ birthday party. ballons gift a) Diana’s b) her sister c) d) c) her friends d) Diana’s mother2-) She is going to have a party ________. a) at home b) in the garden c) at a cafe d) in the school birthday cake guests 8-) Erzurum is cold but İzmir is………3-) The party starting at __________ a)rainy b)snowy a) three o’clock on Saturday. b) two o’clock on Sunday. c )freezing d) hot c) four o’clock on Friday. d) two o’clock on Saturday. 9-).A: …… cheese is there in the fridge? B: There is ….. cheese in the fridge.4-) Resmi ifade eden parti hangisidir? a)How much / a few c) How much / a little b)How many / a few d) How many / a little a) birthday party b) wedding anniversary 10-) ……………………………. after your c) graduation party meal. d) beach party A) Clean the oven B) Wash the vegetables5-) A: What is the first month of the year ? C) Wash your hands B: ………………. D) Take off your daily clothes a) February c) June b) January d) September6-) JANE:How many…………………….arethere in a year?BRAD: there are four ………………..a)seasons b)months c)weeks d)days GOOD LUCK