buildingSMART Hong Kong Introduction


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buildingSMART Hong Kong Introduction

  1. 1. Introductions Prepared bybuildingSMART Hong Kong Chapter
  2. 2. Overview What is buildingSMART? History of buildingSMART Our core value: OpenBIM What is IFC? Road map of buildingSMART Hong Kong
  3. 3. What is buildingSMART?A neutral, international and unique non for profitorganization supporting open BIM through the life cycle.VisionSustainability by building SMARTERMissionContribute to sustainable built environment throughSMARTER information sharing and communicationusing open international standards in the building andconstruction sector, private and public.
  4. 4. What is buildingSMART?GoalsDevelop and maintain open international standards for BuildingInformation Modeling (Open BIM)Accelerate market assimilation of interoperability through successfulsustainable projectsProvide networking opportunities, specifications and written guidance.Resolve high cost problems that hinder data sharing.Extend buildingSMART processes and technology to the whole builtenvironment, over its lifecycle, and encompassingleadership, production, facilities management and engineeringmaintenance.
  5. 5. History Established in 1995 Core value: Open BIM • buildingSMART is the developer of the technical specification for the open BIM standard: the IFC format • Today, the standard has been implemented in various construction projects across the globe.
  6. 6. buildingSMART ChaptersAustralasia JapanBenelux KoreaBelgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg Middle EastFrench Speaking NordicGerman Speaking Denmark, Finland, Norway and SwedenGermany, Austria and Switzerland NorwayHong Kong North AmericaIberian Alliance SingaporeItalia UK & Ireland
  7. 7. Organizational Structure Executive Committee CPD Technical Educational Standard Editorial Membership Marketing Committee Committee Committee Committee Committee Committee Committee Working Groups
  8. 8. Major works Develop and maintain international standards for openBIM (IFC):  buildingSMART Processes  buildingSMART Data Dictionary  buildingSMART Data model
  9. 9. Major worksDevelop ISO standards originated User guidesby buildingSMART International • Definition of user processes (process maps)• Building Information Model (IFC - ISO/PAS • Definition of exchange requirements (ER) 16739:2005) • Software implementation guide (MVD, IFC and ifcXML)• Terminology (IFD - ISO 12006-3:2007) • Webservices• Process model (IDM- ISO/FDIS 29481-1:2009) buildingSMART eventsDevelop specifications • buildingSMART summit / conference• Requirements for certification of processes • buildingSMART week• Requirements for certification of software • buildLive Events• Requirements for certification of users
  10. 10. Major worksAcademic BIM Market BIM• BIM Journal • Website• Case study • White papers• Feasibility study • Articles• Joint research on BIM with • Conference presentations academic institutions and organizations Educate BIM • Teaching materials • Training • Webinar
  11. 11. Our core value: OpenBIMOpen BIM is a universal approach to thecollaborative design, realization and operation ofbuildings based on open standards and workflows.Open BIM is an initiative of buildingSMART andseveral leading software vendors using the openbuildingSMART Data Model.
  12. 12. What is IFC? • A transparent, open workflow, allowing project members to participate regardless of the software tools they use. • A common language for widely referenced processes, allowing industry and government to procure projects with transparent commercial engagement, comparable service evaluation and assured data quality. • Small and large (platform) software vendors can participate and compete on system independent.
  13. 13. What is IFC? • Provides enduring project data for use throughout the asset life-cycle, avoiding multiple input of the same data and consequential errors. • Energizes the online product supply side with more exact user demand searches and delivers the product data directly into the BIM.
  14. 14. Roadmap of Hong Kong ChapterTargetsTo recruit 500 Members & 80 Company Members by theend of 2013.To popularize industry BIM adoption.To develop a Hong Kong BIM Standard.
  15. 15. Forthcoming Events BIM Seminars & Inauguration Workshops for Ceremony Professionals / Students BIM Case / BIM Networking Technology / Hours Feasibility Study buildingSMART Open BIM Hong Kong Competitions Conference buildingSMART Joint Institute International BIM Conference Conference
  16. 16. For more information, please visitbuildingSMART International :http://www.buildingsmart.combuildingSMART Hong Kong: