CARDIO SUCKS! 15 Excellent Ways to Burn Fat Fast and Get in Shape


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If you're short on time and sick of the same old boring cardio routine and want to kick your fat loss into high gear by working out less and...heaven forbid...actually have some fun...then you want to read this new book.
Here's the deal:

The "old school" of cardio has you doing grinding, grueling long-distance runs or bike rides for hours and hours each week to burn a little bit of fat and, unfortunately, eat away muscle too (giving you that "skinny and flabby" look).

Fortunately, the science of exercise has progressed and the "new school" of cardio has arrived, and it's a dream come true.

If you follow the rules of the "new school" of cardio, you can have a lean, toned body by working out less than 20 minutes per day (you can even get in an intense, fat-burning workout in 5 minutes if you know what you're doing!).

In this book, you're going to learn how to spend less time exercising to burn more fat and build muscle, and you won't have to ever step foot in a gym if you don't want to. And it's a fast read--no fluff here.

Here are some of the secrets you'll learn inside:

- The 4 biggest weight loss myths and mistakes that keep people fat and stuck in a rut. If you've fallen victim to any of these (and most people have), you NEED to have this information.

- The 3 simple laws of healthy fat loss. All workable weight-loss methods rely on the three simple rules to achieve results, and once you know them, you don't need to chase fads.

- Why long-distance jogging is an incredibly inefficient way to lose weight and what you should do instead to have a lean, sexy body that you're proud of. (The good news is it's easy and takes no more than 20 minutes per day!)

- A fat-incinerating method of cardio that you can literally do during the 2-3 minute commercial breaks of your favorite TV shows.

- 4 killer circuit training workouts that not only melt fat but give you hard, rippling muscles that will make people green with envy.

- And more...

This book is for people that hate doing cardio and want to squeeze every ounce of fat loss possible out of their workouts.

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CARDIO SUCKS! 15 Excellent Ways to Burn Fat Fast and Get in Shape

  2. 2. Copyright © 2012 Waterbury Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.This book, or any portion thereof, may not be reproduced or used in any mannerwhatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher, except for the useof brief quotations in a book review. The scanning, uploading, and distribution of thisbook via the Internet or via any other means, without the permission of the publisher,is illegal and punishable by law.Please purchase only authorized electronic editions of this book and do not participatein or encourage electronic piracy of copyrighted materials.If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additionalcopy for each person you share it with, or ask them to buy their own copies. This washard work for the author, and he appreciates it.This eBook is a health-related, general information educational product and is intendedfor healthy adults aged 18 and over.This eBook is solely for information and educational purposes, and is not medicaladvice. Please consult a medical or health professional before you begin any exercise,nutrition, or supplementation program, or if you have questions about your health.There may be risks associated with participating in activities or using productsmentioned in this eBook for people in poor health or with pre-existing physical ormental health conditions.Because these risks exist, you will not use such products or participate in such activitiesif you are in poor health or have a pre-existing mental or physical health condition. Ifyou choose to participate in these risks, you do so of your own free will and accordingly,knowingly and voluntarily, assume all risks associated with such activities.Specific results mentioned in this book should be considered extraordinary, and thereare no “typical” results. As individuals differ, then results will differ.Cover Designed by: Damon FreemanPublished by: Waterbury Publishers, Inc.www.waterburypublishers.comVisit the author’s
  3. 3. OTHER BOOKS BY MICHAEL MATTHEWS The Shredded Chef: 114 Recipes for Getting Ripped and HealthyIf you want to know how to forever escape the dreadful experience of “dieting” and learn how to cook nutritious, delicious meals that make building muscle and burning fat easy and enjoyable, then you need to read this book. Click here to learn more about this book! Muscle Myths: 50 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making
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  5. 5. You Don’t Need Long, Grueling Workouts to GetInto Great ShapeImagine if you could make TWICE the gains in HALF of the time spent working out.CHAPTER 1The Four Biggest Myths and Mistakes of BurningFatMillions of people fail to meet their weight goals every year because of these traps.CHAPTER 2The Science of Healthy Fat LossAll effective fat loss methods rely on these three simple laws.CHAPTER 3Fat-Incinerating Cardio CircuitWho wants to grind away on a treadmill every day? Mix it up with this killer whole-body workout.CHAPTER 4Stair SprintsThe ultimate exercise for burning calories and getting a great read end and lean, tonedlegs.CHAPTER 5Box Your Way Into ShapeIt’s fun, it burns a TON of calories, and it’s great for building upper-body strength andmuscular endurance.CHAPTER 6High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)Is this really all that it’s cracked up to be? Find out!
  6. 6. CHAPTER 7Burn More Calories with Lateral BoundsUse this little-known technique to blast fat and firm up all of your lower-body musclesas well as your core.CHAPTER 8Create a Mini-TriathlonIf you’re feeling hardcore, give this strategy a go. Beginners beware!CHAPTER 9Supersets for Super Fat LossThere’s more to getting into amazing shape than working out.CHAPTER 10Dance the Fat Away with ZumbaThere’s a good reason why Zumba is wildly popular.CHAPTER 11Burn Fat Fast with Tabata TrainingThis Japanese training method is the king of calorie burning.CHAPTER 12Get Fit by Playing Video GamesVideo games hardly make you think of getting in shape. But should they?CHAPTER 13Heat Things Up with Hot YogaMost people think yoga is just for relaxing, but they haven’t tried this before.CHAPTER 14Jump Roping Can Work Wonders for Your Body
  7. 7. Jump roping can be done in the comfort of your home, it requires no fancy equipment,and it delivers a killer workout.CHAPTER 15The Drill Sergeant RoutineIt’s time for serious fat loss soldier! This circuit training routine is as tough as they come!CHAPTER 16Train Like the British ArmyIf you like to hike, you’ll love this method of exercise. Serious calorie burning!CHAPTER 17The Cardio Core BlastIf you’re looking to lose fat and tone up your stomach, this is the routine for you.CHAPTER 18Would You Do Me a Favor?You’re awesome for buying my book, and I have a small favor to ask...OTHER BOOKS BY MICHAEL MATTHEWSMore practical health and fitness advice to help you get into the best shape of your life.
  8. 8. YOU DON’T NEED LONG, GRUELING WORKOUTS TO GET INTO GREAT SHAPEYou’re fast asleep in your bed. You’re warm, relaxed, and enjoying a dreamthat you hope never ends.A clanging sound jolts you from your slumber. You look out of the windowand the sun is peeking over the horizon.Why the heck is your alarm set so early? Because you have to do yourcardio. Ugh!Or maybe you experience the other version of this dreadful feeling. Theone where it’s the evening and you’re at home on the couch, windingdown after a long day. Your belly is full of food and maybe some wine, andyou finally feel like you’re catching a breather. And then you’re supposedto rev your energy back up and go for a jog.Well, let’s face it. For most of us, cardio sucks. One of the biggest reasonspeople fail with exercise is that they have too much trouble fitting it intotheir schedule. But we know that regular cardiovascular exercise is a bigfactor in losing weight, so what are we to do? How can we get bettermotivated and see better results?That’s what this book is all about. If you know what you’re doing, you cannot only spend less time exercising and burn more fat, but you can alsoactually have some fun in the process. (And you don’t have to step foot in agym.)Cardio isn’t complicated, and these methods don’t need a ton ofinformation to fill up the pages. But you need to know some importantprinciples of exercise and fat loss to get the most out of your training fromthe least amount of time and effort. And, as you’ll see, there are quite a fewfun ways to achieve this.
  9. 9. Chances are you’ll find some of these methods tougher than those you’reused to. But keep in mind that they’ll also take less time, and you’ll getmore out of them in the end. So, I think you’ll find them worth the extraeffort.I’m also going to share with you some common misconceptions peoplehave about losing weight and the simple principles of burning fat. I thinkthis information will help you achieve your fitness goals.So let’s get started.
  10. 10. CHAPTER 1: The Four Biggest Myths and Mistakes of Burning FatWith obesity rates over 33 percent here in America (and steadily rising), itwould appear that getting into great shape must require a level ofknowledge, discipline, and sacrifice beyond that of which most humansare capable.Well, this simply isn’t true. The knowledge is easy enough to understand(in fact, you’re learning everything you need to know in this book). Sure, itrequires discipline and some “sacrifice” in that no, you can’t eat three pizzasa week and have a six pack. But here’s the kicker: When you’re training anddieting correctly, you will enjoy the lifestyle; you will look forward to yourexercise; you won’t mind watching what you eat; and you won’t feelcompelled to eat junk food or desserts (even though you will be able tohave them).Simply put: You will look and feel better than you ever have before—andthis will continue to improve every month—and you will find it infinitelymore pleasurable and valuable than being lazy and addicted to ice creamand potato chips. When you can get into this “zone,” you can do whateveryou want with your body—the results are inevitable; it’s just a matter oftime.But most people never find this sweet spot. Why? Well, the most practicalanswer to that question is twofold: First, they don’t have a strong enoughdesire to get there (they don’t have their “inner game” sorted out), andsecond, they lack the know-how required to make it happen, which leadsto poor results, which kills discipline and makes sacrifices no longerworthwhile.
  11. 11. In this chapter, I want to address the five most common myths andmistakes of burning fat. Like those of building muscle, these fallacies anderrors have snuck into our heads via magazines, advertising, trainers,friends, etc. Let’s dispel them once and for all so that they can’t block yourpath to having the lean body that you desire. MYTH AND MISTAKE #1: Counting Calories Is UnnecessaryI don’t know how many people I’ve consulted who wanted to lose weight,but didn’t want to have to count calories. This statement is about as logicalas saying that you want to drive across the country, but don’t want to haveto pay attention to your gas tank.Now, I won’t be too hard on them because they didn’t even know what acalorie was, and they just didn’t want to be bothered with having to countanything. Well, whether you want to call it “counting” calories orwhatever else, in order to lose weight, you have to regulate food intake.In order to lose fat, you must keep your body burning more energy thanyou’re feeding it, and the energy potential of food is measured in calories.Eating too many calories, giving your body more potential energy than itneeds, gives it no incentive to burn fat.What people are actually objecting to regarding “counting calories” istrying to figure out what to eat while on the run every day, or what to buywhen rushing through the grocery store. When they have a 30-minutewindow for lunch and run to the nearest restaurant, they don’t want tohave to analyze the menu to figure out calories. They just order somethingthat sounds healthy and hope for the best. But little do they know thattheir “quick, healthy” meal has hundreds more calories than they shouldbe eating. Repeat that for dinner, and a day of weight-loss progress istotally lost.Well, that’s the problem—not “having to count calories.” They are makingit unnecessarily hard by failing to plan out and prepare meals.
  12. 12. MYTH & MISTAKE #2: Do Cardio = Lose WeightEvery day, I see overweight people grinding away on the cardio machines.And week after week goes by with them looking fatter than ever.They are under the false impression that idly going through the motionson an elliptical machine or stationary bike will somehow flip a magicalfat-loss switch in the body. Well, that’s not how it works.You lose fat by making your body burn more energy than it gets from food,and cardio can enhance fat loss in two ways: first, by burning calories andsecond, by speeding up your metabolic rate.To clarify the second point, your body burns a certain number of calories,regardless of any physical activity; this is called your basal metabolic rate(BMR). Your total caloric expenditure for a day would be your BMR plusthe energy expended during any physical activities.When your metabolism is described as “speeding up” or “slowing down,”what is actually meant is that your basal metabolic rate is going up ordown. That is, your body burns more calories while at rest (allowing you toeat more calories without putting on fat) or burns fewer (making it easier toeat too much and gain fat).But here’s the thing with cardio: If you don’t eat correctly, that nightly runor bike ride won’t necessarily save you.Let’s say you’re trying to lose weight and are unwittingly eating 600calories more than your body burns during the day. You go jogging for 30minutes at night. While the actual number of calories burned during thejog will vary depending on your body weight and pace, a realisticexpectation would be about 300 calories burned. That leaves you with adaily excess of 300 calories, and the small jump in your metabolic ratecreated by the cardio won’t be enough to burn that up plus burn fat stores.You could continue like this for years and never get lean. As a matter offact, you’ll probably gradually put on weight instead.
  13. 13. MYTH & MISTAKE #3: Chasing the FadsThe Atkins Diet. the South Beach Diet. the Paleo Diet. the HCG Diet (thisone really makes me cringe). the Hollywood Diet. the Body Type Diet... Itseems like a new one pops up every month or two. I can’t keep up thesedays.While not all “latest and greatest” diets are bad, the sheer abundance of“fad” diets being touted by ripped actors is making people pretty confusedas to what the “right way” to lose weight is (and understandably so).The result is that many people jump from diet to diet, failing to get theresults they desire, and they buy into some pretty stupid stuff simplybecause they don’t understand the physiology of metabolism and fat loss.The rules are the rules, and no fancy names or snake-oil supplements willhelp you get around them.Well, when you understand the basic principles of why the body stores fatand how to coax it into shedding it, you will see how absurd many of thefad diets taking gyms by storm really are. MYTH & MISTAKE #4: Spot ReductionHow many guys have you seen doing crunches “to get a six pack”? Howmany girls try to target their butts and thighs to “burn away the fat”?Well, that’s not how it works. You can’t reduce fat in any particular area ofyour body by targeting it with exercises. You can reduce fat by properdieting, and your body will decide how it comes off (which areas willbecome lean first, and which will be stubborn). Our bodies are allgenetically programmed differently, and there’s nothing we can do tochange that.We all have our “fat spots” that we hate. That’s just genetics for you. Someguys I know store every last pound in their hips, while others are fortunate
  14. 14. enough to have their fat accumulate more in their chest, shoulders, andarms instead of their stomach area.Rest assured, however, that you can lose as much fat all over your body asyou want, and you can get as shredded as you want; you’ll just have to bepatient and let your body lean out in the way it is programmed to. SUMMARYMany people approach fat loss in the completely wrong way and, thus, failto achieve their weight goals. The laws of fat loss are actually very simple,however, and also incredibly effective. Carry on to learn the laws and howto put them to work for you.
  15. 15. CHAPTER 2: The Science of Healthy Fat LossBefore getting into the laws of fat loss, I want to share some insight intohow your body views fat versus muscle. Your body views fat as an assetand muscle as a liability. Why?Evolution has taught the body that having fat means being able to survivethe times when food is scarce. Many thousands of years ago, when ourancestors were roaming the wilderness, they sometimes journeyed for dayswithout food, and their bodies lived off fat stores. Starving, they wouldfinally kill an animal and feast, and their bodies knew to prepare for thenext bout of starvation by storing fat. Having fat was literally a matter oflife and death.This genetic programming is still within us, ready to be used. If you starveyour body, it will burn fat to stay alive, but it will also slow down itsmetabolic rate to conserve energy, becoming fully prepared to store fatonce you start feeding it higher quantities of food again.Muscle, on the other hand, is viewed as a liability because it costs energy tomaintain. While there is much debate as to the exact numbers in terms ofcalories, a pound of muscle burns more energy than a pound of fat. Thus,your body doesn’t want to carry more muscle than it has to because itknows that it has to keep it properly fed, and that this requires calories itmay or may not get.So, what does this mean for fat loss? Well, it means that you have to showyour body that it has no reason to store excess fat and, in a sense, coax it tothe level that you desire. The same goes for building muscle: If you don’tprovide your body with the perfect building conditions (proper training,proper nutrition, and proper rest), it will be inclined to simply not grow itsmuscles.
  16. 16. All right, let’s dive into to the fundamental laws of fat loss. THE FIRST LAW OF FAT LOSS: Eat Less Than You Expend = Lose WeightFat loss is just a science of numbers, much like gaining muscle. No matterwhat anyone tells you, getting ripped boils down to nothing more thanenergy consumed versus energy expended. When you give your bodymore calories (potential energy) than it burns off, it stores fat (unless yourmetabolism is very fast, in which case you may not store fat, but won’t loseit either). When you give your body fewer calories throughout the daythan it burns, it must make up for that deficit by burning its own energystores (fat and, to a lesser degree, muscle), which leads to the ultimate goal,fat loss.Healthy fat loss isn’t as simple as drastically cutting calories, however. Ifyou eat too little, your body will go into “starvation mode.” Sure, it will losefat, but you will also lose muscle. Plus, worst of all, your metabolic rate willslow down. Then, when you start eating more, you’ll quickly gain the fatback (and sometimes even more than you lost). This is what leads to so-called “yo-yo” dieting.Yes, you will need to watch your calories. Yes, you will have to get used tofeeling a little hungry (at least for the first week or two of cutting). Yes, youwill have to stay disciplined and skip the daily desserts. But if you do itright, you can get absolutely shredded without losing much muscle. THE SECOND LAW OF FAT LOSS: Eat Small, Frequent MealsMost people have heard this advice before, but they don’t understand whyit works.By putting food into your body every three hours (or so), your body isconstantly having to work to break it down. This not only provides youwith a steady stream of energy, but also prevents hunger pangs and
  17. 17. actually speeds up your metabolic rate, which, after enough time, canbecome naturally higher than when you first started eating this way. Thisallows you to eat more calories each day and not gain fat. Sounds prettygood, right?Feeding your body every few hours also keeps it from ever going into“starvation mode,” which completely wrecks your long-term fat losspotential. You want your body to know that it will get food every fewhours and, thus, not have to hold onto unnecessary amounts of fat. THE THIRD LAW OF FAT LOSS: Use Cardio to Help Burn FatAs you know, doing cardio doesn’t necessarily mean you will burn fat. Itcan accelerate fat loss by burning calories and by speeding up yourmetabolic rate, but whether you actually lose fat or not will be determinedby your caloric intake. (If you are overeating by 600 calories per day, youwon’t be able to do enough cardio to make up for this).Now, with that being said, most people find cardio necessary in order to getreally lean because you can only cut your calories so much before you startto suffer from lack of energy and strength. SUMMARYBelieve it or not, fat loss depends on these three laws and no others. TheU.S. weight-loss market generates over $60 billion per year, and, drugsand invasive surgery aside, all workable weight-loss methods rely on thethree simple rules you just read about to achieve results.Sure, you can get fancy by counting “points” instead of calories, you cancome up with all kinds of creative recipes, you can have your miniaturedesserts, and so on. Regardless, the fundamentals of fat loss don’t need afancy name or marketing campaign. They really are this simple.
  18. 18. CHAPTER 3: Fat Incinerating Cardio Circuit Calories Burned: 500–800 per hourGoing to the gym and hitting up the cardio equipment day after day afterday is going to get incredibly boring, incredibly fast. That’s why you need anew game plan. You need a form of cardio that’s constantly changing,never allowing you a chance to get bored.In addition to that, you also need a form of cardio that will not only burncalories while you are doing it, but also cause the body to continue to burncalories for hours after it’s completed.That’s precisely what the fat-incinerating cardio circuit is going to do. Thiscircuit is going to combine a mixture of movements that keep your heartrate up, keep your body moving, and make sure that you see nothing buttop-notch fat-loss benefits.Another nice thing about cardio circuit training is that it can double up asstrength training if you use enough weight for it to be a muscularchallenge.To do the fat-incinerating cardio circuit, you’re going to select from anumber of different exercises that target all the main muscle groups in thebody. Do your best to choose dumbbell or bodyweight exercises only, asthis will reduce your chances of standing around waiting for gymequipment to open up. Furthermore, it also makes it possible to completethe workouts in the comfort of your own home if desired.
  19. 19. Once you have your exercises set, then you’re going to perform 10–15 repsof each exercise, without stopping, and then move directly to the nextexercise.A good way to set up the structure of this workout program is to performone lower-body exercise, one upper-body exercise, and then either onecardio conditioning exercise or one abdominal exercise, for one minute.This will ensure that your entire body gets worked evenly, while alsohelping to prevent the buildup of a large amount of fatigue. Since thelower body can rest while you’re doing your upper-body exercise, and viceversa, this will enable you to keep up the pace required for this workoutsession.Aim to complete a total of 12 exercises in a row, and then rest for two orthree minutes before repeating again. How many rounds of this you dowill depend on your fitness level, but aim for somewhere between two andfive for best results.Here is a sample circuit that you could perform: Dumbbell Squats Dumbbell Floor Chest Press Jumping Jacks Dumbbell Lunges Dumbbell Shoulder Press Burpees Dumbbell Deadlift Dumbbell Bent-Over Row Plank Dumbbell Step-Ups Dumbbell T Raises
  20. 20.  Jump RopingGet creative and come up with a circuit that works the areas of your bodythat you want to improve most.
  21. 21. CHAPTER 4: Stair Sprints Calories Burned: 550–700 per hourWant a firmer backside? More powerful thighs? Want to burn fat likenever before? If so, Stair Sprints, also sometimes referred to as “TowerRunning,” are an excellent exercise choice.This workout session will be just as intense, if not more intense, than a veryfast-paced run. The main muscles that you’ll be hitting each time youlaunch up the stairs for another sprint will include the glutes, hamstrings,squads, calves, as well as all the muscles in the core and those runningalong the spinal column.If your calves are slow to respond to training, this cardio variety is going tochange that dramatically. Since your calf muscles engage with every step,this form of cardio will definitely get them reacting and growingnoticeably more defined.So, what does Stair Sprinting consist of?Find a very long staircase somewhere (10–15 floors is plenty to start with).This could be an apartment building, an office building (preferably onethat isn’t all that populated and be sure to check ahead of time forpermission to use it). You could find stairs outside as well, such as those ina sports stadium. Start at the bottom of the stairs and, once ready, run as fast as you can tothe top. Once you reach the top, simply walk back down, using this as yourrest period for the interval session.
  22. 22. Once you’re able to do this 10–15 times consecutively (depending on howlong the staircase is), you’ll want to start adding some advanced variationsinto the mix.Try going up the staircase using only one leg. Once at the top, come backdown and then reverse it, so you’re using the other leg. This is anincredible strength builder, and is quite tough—don’t be surprised if youneed to stop and rest halfway up when you first get started.Another variation is double jumps. Try taking two stairs at a time ratherthan just one. This increased stride is going to help target the hamstringsmore.Finally, if you want something really different, consider going up sidewaysor, if you’re really skilled, backwards. Just be sure to have someonewatching out for you and try and take note of others around you beforeyou start going up the staircase.Stair sprints are a fantastic way to tone and firm up your lower body, whilehelping you get into the best cardiovascular shape of your life. Give thema try next time you’re heading for a cardio workout and need somethingfresh and challenging.
  23. 23. YES, YOU CAN BURN MORE FAT BY WORKING OUT LESS THAN EVERYONE ELSE!If youre short on time and sick of the same old boring cardioroutine and want to kick your fat loss into high gear by workingout less and...heaven forbid...actually have some fun...then youwant to read the rest of this book.The "old school" of cardio has you doing grinding, grueling long-distanceruns or bike rides for hours and hour each week to burn a little bit of fatand, unfortunately, eat away muscle too (giving you that "skinny andflabby" look).Fortunately, the science of exercise has progressed and the "new school" ofcardio has arrived, and its a dream come true.If you follow the rules of the "new school" of cardio, you can have a lean,toned body by working out less than 20 minutes per day (you can even getin an intense, fat-burning workout in 5 minutes if you know what youredoing!).In this book, youre going to learn how to spend less time exercising toburn more fat and build muscle, and you wont have to ever step foot in agym if you dont want to. And its a fast read--no fluff here.This book is for people that hate doing cardio and want to squeeze everyounce of fat loss possible out of their workouts.Forget pounding the pavement for hours and hours every week just to losea little fat and muscle. Follow the methods taught in this book and you cantorch fat in a fraction of the time and get tight, toned muscles (and youmight actually have some fun too!). Click here to buy the book now and learn what some of the top athletes in the world know about getting a lean, sexy body!
  24. 24. OTHER BOOKS BY MICHAEL MATTHEWS The Shredded Chef: 114 Recipes for Getting Ripped and HealthyIf you want to know how to forever escape the dreadful experience of “dieting” and learn how to cook nutritious, delicious meals that make building muscle and burning fat easy and enjoyable, then you need to read this book. Click here to learn more about this book! Muscle Myths: 50 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making
  25. 25. If you’ve ever felt lost in the sea of contradictory training and diet advice out there and you just want to know once and for all what works and what doesn’t—what’s scientifically true and what’s false—when it comes to building muscle and getting ripped, then you need to read this book. Click here to learn more about this book! Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male BodyIf you want to be muscular, lean, and strong as quickly as possible, without steroids,good genetics, or wasting ridiculous amounts of time in the gym, and money on supplements...then you want to read this book. Click here to learn more about this book!