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Shapeblue is the leading Apache CloudStack integrator worldwide. This presentation highlights some of the lessons learned in the field as they deploy CloudStack for their customers. Giles presents some of the trends he sees such as the adoption of clouds to support enterprise and cloud workloads, adoption of open source technologies and a trend to IT as a Service which will move us pastt the *aaS terminology and back to basic IT.

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  • End of day So we’ll start gentlyHopefully something for everyonePlease bear with me if seems obvious to you.Bear with my english accent and phrases/terminologyBasics and more advanced ideasPaul AngusEngineering and Science degreesCloudStack 2.13
  • Lead in with monkey joke about gartner
  • Design Phase – some tips from experienceRedundancy & resilience – again some thoughts on building redundancy and resilience into the infrastructureAutomation – some examples of automation in the building of a cs architecture.Finanally a ‘word’ on documentation.
  • Across nearly all of our metrics
  • Do it as a quizSome people add on “must be on internet”
  • In this cloud era we are toldDespite how much engineering you do it will failSebastien Buemi escapes 200mph crash unhurt in ShanghaiSwiss, youngApril 2010
  • Cloud : modern, expects things to go wrong…if things get busy, he just sorts it out himeselfTraditional: We don’t like this guy, but he wont go away. relies on his staff, expects everything to work. If things get busy, its somebody elses problem
  • Storage, networking, overall architects technical and managerialEverything is interconnected and feels like everything relies on everything elseSomeone chipping in can be invaluable – particularly if they have past experience.
  • Shapeblue BACD Amsterdam

    1. 1. @ShapeBlueStories of a cloudStackcloudbuilderGiles SirettCEO & Managing Consultant ShapeBlueGiles.sirett@shapeblue.comTwitter: @ShapeBlue
    2. 2. @ShapeBlueCEO of ShapeBlue“ShapeBlue are expert builders of public & private clouds. Theyare the leading independent global CloudStack / CloudPlatformintegrator & consultancy”Involved in Apache Community, Chairman of EuropeanCloudStack user group, always talkin’ CloudStackTechnical enough to be dangerousA unique insight…..#whoami?
    3. 3. @ShapeBlueEnterprises Service Providers
    4. 4. @ShapeBluevCloud DirectorMicrosoft SystemCenterVendor tiedAbiquoOnAppFelxiantHaexagridEnd to endCloudStackOpenStackOpennebulaEuacalyptusOpen communitiesYour orchestration must beopen to survive
    5. 5. @ShapeBlueOnly CloudStack &OpenStack will survive
    6. 6. @ShapeBlueBut why CloudStack Giles ?“It just works”
    7. 7. @ShapeBlueBut why CloudStack Giles?
    8. 8. @ShapeBlue
    9. 9. @ShapeBlueCan I predicttrends?Giles See’sClouds
    10. 10. @ShapeBlueThe move toenterpriseadoption
    11. 11. @ShapeBlueJan 2012 = 90% public cloudJan 2013 = 50/50 splitIn 2013, we will see enterprises doing one ofthe following:adopt public cloudbuild private cloudalign with public clouds (technology, process,standards)But, why ?.....The move to enterprise adoption
    12. 12. @ShapeBlueWhats driving enterprise adoptionthen?Deploy mycode Only on myinfrastructure
    13. 13. @ShapeBlueWhats driving enterprise adoptionthen?XXXXXX is a software development method thatstresses communication, collaboration andintegration between software developers andinformation technology professionals. XXXXXX isa response to the interdependence of softwaredevelopment and IT operations. It aims to helpan organization rapidly produce softwareproducts and services
    14. 14. @ShapeBlueThe obligatory cloud definition slideSelf ServiceResourcepoolingRapidElasticityMetered Use
    15. 15. @ShapeBlueEnterprises are virtualised = cap/op exsavingsHowever, operationally often still manualStill often a service ticket to provisionnew resourcesLong delivery timesRelatively high operational costsRelies on specialist skillsMargin for human errorOn-demand self-service is a cloud driver
    16. 16. @ShapeBlueMake the most of a global compute estateResources dynamically assigned accordingto demandWorkloads can be averaged: acrossdepartments, across Geos, across times ofday, days of month,etcBy pooling resources, reduces the relianceon local capacity planningAbstracts physical resourcesEnterprise cloud drivers– Resourcepooling
    17. 17. @ShapeBlueThe The XaaS model allowsaccurate cost measurementComputeStorageNetworketcInternal chargeback model muchsimpler“Shadow IT” can be removedEnterprise cloud drivers– Measured service
    18. 18. @ShapeBlueScale upScale backAutoscalingBurst capabilitiesWORKLOAD PORTABILITYEnterprise cloud drivers– Rapid elasticity
    19. 19. @ShapeBlue“The car was not a problem. I just lost both wheels."Failure happens – Get used to it
    20. 20. @ShapeBlueCloud EraworkloadTraditional workload“I have twotypes ofworkload”“Failurehappens”? –no thanks
    21. 21. @ShapeBlueTraditional workloadsTraditional n-tierapplicationsScale & reliance handledby the infrastructureScale by “scaling up”Infrastructure expectedto be always availableTraditional Workloads
    22. 22. @ShapeBlueCloud era workloadsApplications designed forfailureApplications designed formassive scaleScale by “scaling out”(horizontally)How can an enterprise benefitfrom both models ?Cloud Era workloads
    23. 23. @ShapeBluePrivate CloudEnterprises will adopt a 2 workloadmodel
    24. 24. @ShapeBlueone big aSSCloudaSSSaaS, IaaS, PaaS, STaas,BaaSITaaSIT2010/112011/122013
    25. 25. @ShapeBluedroppingmy aSS!CloudaSSSaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Staas,BaaSITaaSIT2010/112011/1220132013/14
    26. 26. @ShapeBlueCloudStack Cloudbuilder skills – whats reallyrequired?Cloudstack& “thecloud way”IntegrationStorage &NetworkingVirtualisationGovernanceSecurityProjectManagementUpwardVertical
    27. 27. @ShapeBlueGet involved in Apache CloudStack….
    28. 28. @ShapeBlueMaybe too developer focussed?Would like to see more users/operators/integrators in thecommunityMaybe two communities could develop?Mailing lists are cumbersomeThe forums are like wild west townsThe mailing lists can be intimidatingI love the Apache way, but...
    29. 29. @ShapeBlueCollaborative environment for:all things CloudStack/ CloudPlatformRelated tech: CloudPortal BM, CloudBridge,ecosystem products, hypervisors, storage, etcTechnical deep-dives, issues & best practiceCase studies & ideasTo showcase complementary technologiesTo give a strong voice for feedback tovendor/communityNo pitching !The European CloudStack User Group
    30. 30. @ShapeBlueQuestions?