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  • 1. Font
    Font face - the font of your text
    Font size - 1 to 7
    <font face=________ size = ______ color=_____>
    When complete, end font tag.
  • 2. Tables
  • 3. Table Elements
    Row - horizontal line of information
    Column - Vertical line of information
    Cell - intersection of a row and column
    Heading cells - display text as bold and center aligned
    Data cells - display normal text that is left aligned
  • 4. Table Elements cont’d
    Table borders - lines that encompass the perimeter of the table
    Table header - bold text that indicate the purpose of the row or column
    Table caption - descriptive text located above or below the table that further describes the purpose of the table.
  • 5. TableCaption
  • 6. <table><caption>Caption</caption>
    If you want the caption on the bottom of the table, type <caption align=bottom>
  • 7. Table Borders
    <table border= _____ bordercolor=_____ width= ___% bgcolor=_______>
    The border is a number which represents the thickness.
    The width is how much of the screen you want to cover in %. If the width ___% is not included, your table is left aligned and scrunched together.
  • 8. Border Color of Cells
    To change the border of a particular cell:
    <th bordercolor=_____> for heading
    <td bordercolor=_____> for data
  • 9. Alignment for cell info
    Place the alignment tag in the part of the table you wish to align.
    If you wish to center info in an entire row:
    <tr align=center>
    If you wish to only center info in a certain cell
    <tr><td align=center>
  • 10. Alignment of a Table
    To align a table - not the contents of a table
    <table align=______>
  • 11. To merge cells in a table
    To merge columns:
    <td colspan = _____> Fill in the blank with the number of cells you want to merge over.
    To merge rows:
    <td rowspan =______> Fill in blank with the number of rows you want to merge over.
  • 12. Changing the font color in a table
    To change the font color in a table, the font color tag must be put at the start of each word in a cell. You must also end it at the end of each cell.
    <tr><td><font color=blue>Hello</font></td></tr>

  • 13. Background colors of cells
    To change the background color of cells:
    <tr><th bgcolor=_____></th></tr> (Heading cells)
    <tr><td bgcolor=_____></td></tr> (Data cells)
    You must put the bgcolor in EACH <th> or <td> tag you want to have a bgcolor.
  • 14. Adjusting the width of cells
    <tr><th width=___%> Adjusts width of heading cell
    <tr><td width=___%> Adjusts width of data cell.