Kara Milligan Device Classification


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Kara Milligan Device Classification

  1. 2. Keyboard Computer Mouse Input devices is the information you put into the computer.
  2. 3. Computer Monitor Speakers Output Devices allows the user to see processed data.
  3. 4. Cell phone Microphone
  4. 5. Central Processing Unit (CPU) Pentium Processor Processor are chips that process data and instructions.
  5. 6. Ram Memory is the part in the computer that stores data and information . Bio C hip
  6. 7. Blank CDs Jump Drive Storage is a data holding device.
  7. 9. Microsoft Word Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access Application software is designed and written for a specific personal, organizational, or processing tasks.
  8. 10. Windows Vista Mac OS Windows XP Mac Windows 98 System Software is software that controls the operations of a computer system.
  9. 12. iPhone Laptop A personal compute is designed for use of a single user.
  10. 13. Laptop Desktop Workstation is a computer connected to a network at which users interact with software stored on the network.
  11. 14. Wii Playstation 3 A Videogame console is an electronic device that is designed to play video games especially in accompaniment with a TV.
  12. 15. Medion Home Server Mozilla Firefox A server is a computer or device that handles network resources.
  13. 16. Laptop Cell phone A client is a program that connects to and requests information from a server.
  14. 17. A mainframe computer is a computer used to control large databases, perform high volume transaction processing, and generate reports from large databases.
  15. 18. A supercomputer is the fastest, largest, and most powerful type of computer.
  16. 19. iPhone Palm Tungsten E2 A handheld computer is a PDA enhanced with features such as removable storage, e-mail, Web access, voice communications, built-in camera, and GPS
  17. 20. Blackberry PDA A PDA is a handheld computing and communication devices.
  18. 21. Samsung smartphone Verizon Smartphone A smartphone is an electronic handheld device that integrates the functionality of a mobile phone, personal digital assistant (PDA) or other information appliance
  19. 22. iPod Mp3 Player A portable media player allows users to take digital content with them on the go
  20. 23. Clock Microwave A microcontroller is a special-purpose microprocessor that is built into the machine it controls
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