The State Of Mobile 2013


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The best ways to make your content mobile friendly

Examples & Case Studies of what you can do RIGHT NOW to move your online business into the mobile era
Why you HAVE to go mobile

Why mobile will affect every decision you ever make again

The limitations of mobile

How going mobile will help your online business flourish in 2013 and put cash in your pocket

Please note, I'm not going to be promising you great riches by going mobile on this webinar.

This is an honest and open look at the benefits of going mobile to create success in your life, whatever that means to you!

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The State Of Mobile 2013

  1. 1. How Your Online Business CanFlourish In The New Mobile Age
  2. 2. Smartphones are the backbone of our daily media use. Theyare the devices used most throughout the day and serve asthe most common starting point for activities acrossmultiple screens.Going mobile has become a business imperative. Source: Think with Google
  3. 3. What Does This Mean? Every video should be able to play on mobile devices Every website should be mobile friendly Every email should be readable on mobile devices Mobile should be incorporated into every campaign
  4. 4. The New Multi Screen World
  5. 5. Marketing Online
  6. 6. VISITORSHow Much Of Your Traffic Is Mobile Traffic Right Now?
  7. 7. MY MOBILE TRAFFIC6,724 Total Unique Visitors1, 479 Visitors From Mobile Devices21.99% Of My Web Traffic Is From Mobile Devices!
  8. 8. Do You Know Your Mobile Stats?
  9. 9. Mobile VideoCisco reported that mobile video accounted for 52%of mobile data traffic by the end of 2011, and it isexpected to increase 25-fold to make up 70% oftraffic by 2016. Mobile network connection speeds will increase 9-fold by2016. The average mobile network connection speed (189 kbpsin 2011) will exceed 2.9 megabits per second (Mbps) in 2016
  10. 10. Mobile Video
  12. 12. MOBILE WEBSITES1)Mobile detection and redirection2)Responsive Design3)Dynamic Serving
  13. 13. Responsive DesignImages, videos, and text are sized according to deviceOne URL for desktop and mobileGoogle’s preferred way of delivering mobile content
  14. 14. Responsive Design
  15. 15. Mobile Email
  16. 16. Mobile Email Limit images in email Make your emails “skinny” Link to “mobile optimized” pages if possible If using HTML, keep graphics simple
  17. 17. SMS – Text Messaging
  18. 18. Text Messaging AdvantagesText messages get opened and readAlmost everybody can textAlmost every mobile phone can text
  19. 19. Text Messaging DisadvantagesCan be limited geographicallyCan be expensiveCan be costly Per text charges FTC fines for spamming
  20. 20. Text Messaging Rules Always have prospects opt in!!!!!!
  21. 21. Text Messaging Rules Give value in exchange for number Give expectation for number of messages Double opt-in if possible Make it easy for customer to unsubscribe
  22. 22. QR Codes
  23. 23. QR Code Best Practices Always test your qr codes Link to mobile friendly sites Give people a reason to scan your codes Educate Your customers
  24. 24. Mobile Apps
  25. 25. Mobile Apps
  26. 26. What Will You Do To Attract,Engage, And Market To Your Mobile Audience?
  27. 27. Introducing…….Mobile Solutions For Online Marketers
  28. 28. $17/month