transformational strategies for school librarians: condensed version

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Condensed version without explanatory notes/slides or examples …

Condensed version without explanatory notes/slides or examples

carol kearney leadership retreat, ithaca, ny | august 2011

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  • 1. transformational strategies forschool librariansbuffy j. hamilton | carol kearney leadership retreat, ithaca, ny | august 2011CC image via
  • 2. CC image via
  • 3. challenges that threaten to detour ourmission
  • 4. shifting rolesin the educationallandscape
  • 5. money and funding
  • 6. social mediaImage used with written permission of
  • 7. demands on time CC image via
  • 8. a climate that values standardized test scoresover inquiry
  • 9. filtering fears are debilitating toour growth Image used under a CC license from
  • 10. believing books are our brand and willdetermine our future CC image used with written permission from
  • 11. pulling and weaving together themany threads of librarianshipCC image via
  • 12. CC image via
  • 13. we can decide which approach we willtake to these challenges
  • 14. we can choose to accept the lemons we’ve beenhanded
  • 15. or we can make lemonadeImage used under a CC license from
  • 16. “innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat” william pollardImage used under a CC license from
  • 17. how do we transform ourselves and libraries?CC image via
  • 18. create enchantment andengagement in our communitiesCC image via
  • 19. trustworthiness CC image via
  • 20. likabilityCC image via
  • 21. fantastic product or serviceCC image via
  • 22. enchantment:sustained,voluntarydelight that ismutuallybeneficial CC image via
  • 23. “enchantmenttransformssituations andrelationships.”Guy Kawasaki,Enchantment: The Art of ChangingHearts, Minds, and Actions CC image via
  • 24. library is the storyof the humanexperience CC image via
  • 25. libraries as communal experiences and“commonplace” texts constructed byparticipantsCC image via
  • 26. libraries as sites of the experience of self-excavationand discovery through learning CC image via
  • 27. CC image via
  • 28. enchantment is the nectarCC image via
  • 29. vanishingboundaries
  • 30. 1 create and nurture a participatory culture that invites conversations for learning, multiple forms of literacy, and multiple modes of learning
  • 31. make our practice transparent to theworld 2 Image used under a CC license from http:/
  • 32. embed yourself in the instructionaldesign process 3CC image via
  • 33. 4 leave your silosCC image via
  • 34. 5energize and expand your mind and spirit byplugging into the wisdom of the crowd andgrowing your personal learning network Image used under a CC license 10557450@N04/
  • 35. embrace your role as a fearless advocate forintellectual freedom and equitable access to allforms of information6
  • 36. 7help our students learn multiple ways of reading andwriting today’s world by acting as sponsors oftransliteracy
  • 37. 8be willing to go out on the limb CC image via
  • 38. 9 engage in action and reflection to grow and evolveCC image via
  • 39. embrace a sense of play 10 cc licensed photo from
  • 40. cc licensed photo by The Shifted Librarian:
  • 41. “learning and innovation go hand in hand.The arrogance of success is to think thatwhat you did yesterday will be sufficientfor tomorrow.”william pollard
  • 42. inquiry begins withourselves: why am Idoing this?
  • 43. transforming our practice will transform our profession and lives of those we serveCC image via
  • 44. embed
  • 45. empower
  • 46. engage
  • 47. enchant
  • 48. CC image via
  • 49. contact information @buffyjhamiltonbuffy.hamilton@gmail.comhttp://theunquietlibrarian.wordpress.com