Title                    Link and/or More Information            Recommended By         Comments/Thoughts“What’s Right Wit...
Title                      Link and/or More Information   Recommended By        Comments/ThoughtsBorn Digital:            ...
Title                       Link and/or More Information   Recommended By         Comments/ThoughtsHere Comes             ...
Title                      Link and/or More Information   Recommended By     Comments/ThoughtsGuided Inquiry:            h...
Title                        Link and/or More Information   Recommended By      Comments/ThoughtsNurtureShock: New        ...
Title                        Link and/or More Information                  Recommended By     Comments/Thoughts2011 Horizo...
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Recommended Reads:  Issues in School Librarianship
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Recommended Reads: Issues in School Librarianship


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Here is the result of how I crowdsourced a request from Dr. Mary Ann Fitzgerald, my mentor and colleague, at the University of Georgia:

Here's a question that's perfect for you. I'm teaching an Issues class this summer as an elective (M.Ed level). In the past, I've come up with a laundry list of topics and we've explored those.

Another approach might be to choose a single book -- a paradigm shifter sort of book that relates to SLM. Not a textbook. Something like: 1. information + social + technology + education, multiplied by radical. 2. Something we can all read and have some rich discussions about. 3. Preferably available in e-book format :-). 4. TED talkish.

What title would you nominate? Something published quite recently.

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Recommended Reads: Issues in School Librarianship

  1. 1. Title Link and/or More Information Recommended By Comments/Thoughts“What’s Right With http://goo.gl/QU9iz Elisabeth Abarbarnel thinking there is a lot school librarians can take fromThis Picture?: the YOU Media model being introduced at publicChicago’s YOUmedia librariesreinvents the publiclibrary”, KarenSpringen (SchoolLibrary Journal)The World is Open, http://goo.gl/oAXvz Heather Braum Available as a Kindle and Nook eBooksCurtis J. BonkAlone Together: Why http://goo.gl/1KvzQ Laura Deisley Extremely provocative with a challenge to pay closeWe Expect More also see http://www.mit.edu/~sturkle/ attention to our interactions with technology lest wefrom Technology and lose the very essence of being humanLess from Each Otherby Sherry Turkle Kristin FontichiaroPoke the Box, Seth http://goo.gl/ZAsZF Ernie Cox While it wont provide a semesters worth theGodin discussion it could definitely ignite some conversation about how things get done in organizations (in our case schools). Very affordable kindle version.The Flat World and http://goo.gl/J6Qt7 Ernie Cox From Ernie Cox: “Much larger and more specificallyEducation, Linda Carolyn Foote about schools is Darling-Hammonds "The Flat WorldDarling-Hammond and Education". This book could really prepare future SLM to be building leaders on an array of education issues.”The Shallows, http://goo.gl/0xhIT Doug Johnson From Dawn Nelson: “Those attending the AASLNicholas Carr Dawn Nelson Conference in October could do double duty with ‘The Laura Deisley Shallows’ as it is the title chosen for One Book, One Wendy Stephens Conference and Mr. Carr is a general session speaker.” Michelle Luhtala http://www.aasl11.org/events/onebookoneconference/ 1
  2. 2. Title Link and/or More Information Recommended By Comments/ThoughtsBorn Digital: http://goo.gl/wromL Jennifer LaGarde From Jennifer LaGarde: “It explores a variety ofUnderstanding the Carolyn Foote discussion worthy issues including contentFirst Generation of piracy/creation/evaluation, cyber bullying and onlineDigital Natives , John activism/philanthropy – all framed within the context ofPalfrey and Urs how today’s generation of “digital natives” is shapingGasser. the world – as opposed to being shaped by it. It would be an interesting companion read to Shallows- which Doug and Laura suggested.”The Global http://goo.gl/wtaYI Kristin Fontichiaro From Kristin: Attacks the sacred cow that even upper-Achievement Gap: Heather Hershey SES schools, where kids score well, often lackWhy Even Our Best Michelle Luhtala conceptual understanding.Schools Dont Teach Michelle Frommethe New SurvivalSkills Our ChildrenNeed--and What WeCan Do , TonyWagnerYou Are Not a http://goo.gl/5uw7B Kristin Fontichiaro The essay http://goo.gl/svpn is a more readable versionGadget, Jaron Lanier of some of the ideas he articulates in the book, which I found hard to traverse: gets at many thought- provoking concepts, including the idea that merely quoting others without adding ones own perspective adds little.Common As Air: http://goo.gl/cInqh Carolyn Foote notions of intellectual property (this one may be tooRevolution, Art and limited in scope)Ownership by LewisHyde--Late Age of Print by http://goo.gl/V0asf Carolyn Foote interesting exploration of print/digital technologiesTed Striphas 2
  3. 3. Title Link and/or More Information Recommended By Comments/ThoughtsHere Comes http://goo.gl/Pm0SV Elisabeth Abarbarnel I enjoyed it - but it isnt "quite recent."Everybody, ClayShirkyHanging out, http://goo.gl/s9LBG Elisabeth Abarbarnel From Ernie Cox: This document shows whatMessing Around, and transliteracy is for youth and could really provide greatGeeking Out Ernie Cox conversation about school libraries.Linchpin: Are You http://goo.gl/kmalw Buffy HamiltonIndispensable?, Seth Sara Kelly JohnsGodin Sophie BrookoverConfronting the http://goo.gl/bXiBJ Buffy HamiltonChallenges ofParticipatory Culture:Media Education forthe 21st Century,Henry JenkinsLibrarians as http://goo.gl/WoNuQ Buffy HamiltonLearning Specialists: Heather HersheyMeeting theLearning Imperativefor the 21st CenturyAllison Zmuda andViolet HaradaDrive: The Surprising http://goo.gl/HdgUS Susan GrigsbyTruth About What Sara Kelly JohnsMotivates Us, DanielPinkA Whole New Mind: http://goo.gl/sUytY Susan Grigsby From Susan: I especially loved the implications toA Whole New Mind: Sara Kelly Johns library service in his writing which, I believe, supportsWhy Right-Brainers the Learning Commons line of thinking.Will Rule the Future,Daniel Pink 3
  4. 4. Title Link and/or More Information Recommended By Comments/ThoughtsGuided Inquiry: http://goo.gl/z8z0M Heather HersheyLearning in the 21stCentury, CarolKuhlthau, LeslieManiotes, AnnCaspariReadicide: How http://goo.gl/sFOdX Heather HersheySchools Are KillingReading and WhatYou Can Do About It,Kelly GallagherAssessing for http://goo.gl/PzaMq Heather HersheyLearning: Librarians Buffy Hamiltonand Teachers asPartners, Revisedand Expanded, VioletHarada and JoanYoshinaDisrupting Class : http://goo.gl/zUFFP Michelle LuhtalaHow DisruptiveInnovation WillChange the Way theWorld Learns, CurtisJohnson, MichaelHorn, ClaytonChristensen 4
  5. 5. Title Link and/or More Information Recommended By Comments/ThoughtsNurtureShock: New http://goo.gl/WOUzP Sophie Brookover It’s less on the tech side, more on the radical shifting ofThinking About how we think of children & adolescents and theirChildren, Po developmental needs – huge implications for schools &Bronson, Ashley learning there.MerrymanDigital Community, http://goo.gl/NtQJu Sara Kelley-Mudie I’m currently reading Digital Community, Digital CitizenDigital Citizen, Jason by Jason Ohler and finding myself making far moreOhler notes in the margins than usual and wanting to have conversations with people about some of these ideas.The Information: A http://goo.gl/1X0Dp Wendy StephensHistory, A Theory, AFlood, James GleickProust and the Squid: http://goo.gl/qvLGz Wendy StephensThe Story andScience of theReading Brain,Maryanne WolfUnderstanding the http://goo.gl/7m3kF Michelle LuhtalaDigital Generation:Teaching andLearning in the NewDigital Landscape(The 21st CenturyFluency Series), IanJukes, Ted McCain,Lee Crockett, MarcPrensky (foreward) 5
  6. 6. Title Link and/or More Information Recommended By Comments/Thoughts2011 Horizon Report http://www.nmc.org/publications/2011- Michelle Luhtala horizon-report or http://goo.gl/BaLqP ; the Buffy Hamilton K12 report is due in May 2011—please see the awesome wiki at http://k12.wiki.nmc.org/Assessing New http://goo.gl/XiNWO Buffy HamiltonLiteracies (NewLiteracies and DigitalEpistemologies)21st-Century http://goo.gl/07v3Y Buffy HamiltonLearning in SchoolLibraries, Ed. KristinFontichiaroSwitch: How to http://goo.gl/HN2r0 Buffy HamiltonChange Things WhenChange Is Hard, Chipand Dan HeathLiteracy and http://goo.gl/njqSN Buffy HamiltonLearning: Reflectionson Writing, Reading,and Society, DeborahBrandtSocialnomics: How http://goo.gl/LWvDp Heather Braum Heather: Id recommend it generally speaking, but notSocial Media Carolyn Foote for a graduate level class; maybe an undergraduate ed-Transforms the Way tech class. His promotional videoWe Live and Do (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFZ0z5Fm-Ng)Business, Erik generally captures the essence of the book in a fewQuamlan minutes. 6
  7. 7. Title Link and/or More Information Recommended By Comments/ThoughtsHamlets BlackBerry: http://goo.gl/0b4S7 Michelle FrommeA PracticalPhilosophy forBuilding a Good Lifein the Digital Age,William PowersWhat’s the Big Idea?, http://goo.gl/O62p3 Buffy HamiltonJim BurkeThe Atlas of New http://goo.gl/keV1O Buffy HamiltonLibrarianship, R.David LankesReflective Teaching, http://goo.gl/CHFUi Buffy HamiltonEffective Learning:Instructional Literacyfor LibraryEducators, CharBooth“Attention, and http://goo.gl/GIIC Buffy HamiltonOther 21st-CenturySocial MediaLiteracies”, HowardRheingoldThe Future of http://goo.gl/uR3p6 Buffy HamiltonLearning Institutionsin a Digital Age,Cathy Davidson andDavid Theo Goldberg 7