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Participatory Librarianship Shaping Conversations to Advocate the Impact of Our Academic Libraries, Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) 38th Annual Conference
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Participatory Librarianship Shaping Conversations to Advocate the Impact of Our Academic Libraries, Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) 38th Annual Conference


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  • 1. Participatory Librarianship: Shaping Conversations to Advocate the Impact of Our Academic Libraries ALAO Annual 2012 Preconference Roberts Centre, Wilmington, Ohio October 25, 2012 Buffy Hamilton, FacilitatorCC image via
  • 2. “These are the times that try men’s souls…” Thomas Paine, The CrisisCC image via
  • 3. shifting landscape of highereducationImage via Microsoft Clip Gallery
  • 4. budget cuts andImage via Microsoft Clip Gallery funding crisis
  • 5. the “fear factor” Image used under a CC license from
  • 6. tension in competing ideas between departments onhow to best support institutional goals and missionCC image via
  • 7. competing pedagogies and what “counts” as authentic learningImage via Microsoft Clip Gallery
  • 8. meeting the needs of many different kinds of learnersImage via Microsoft Clip Gallery
  • 9. CC image via
  • 10. how do wetransformourselvesand ourlibraries to havemeaningful impactin our communities?Original photograph by Buffy Hamilton
  • 11. trustworthiness CC image via
  • 12. likabilityCC image via
  • 13. fantastic product or serviceCC image via
  • 14. enchantmentCc image via
  • 15. enchantment:sustained,voluntarydelight that ismutuallybeneficial CC image via
  • 16. “enchantmenttransformssituations andrelationships”Guy Kawasaki,Enchantment: The Art of ChangingHearts, Minds, and Actions CC image via
  • 17. relationships are the cornerstone oflibraries and participationCC image via
  • 18. library is theshared story of thehumanexperienceCC image via
  • 19. libraries as communal experiences and“commonplace” texts constructed byparticipantsCC image via
  • 20. libraries as sites of the experience of self-excavationand discovery through learningCC image via
  • 21. participatory learning is a lens to help us see the possibilities and create a context for crafting a shared vision of library in learning communitiesCC image via
  • 22. relatively low barriers to artistic expression and civic engagementOriginal photograph by Buffy Hamilton
  • 23. strong support for creating and sharing one’screations with othersOriginal photograph by Buffy Hamilton
  • 24. co-expertise and fluidity in roles of experts andnovices
  • 25. members feel some degree of social connection with one anotherCC image via
  • 26. members believe that their contributionsmatterCC image via
  • 27. meaningful play and experimentationCC image via
  • 28. integrated learning space that valuesconnections between home, school,community, and the worldImage from Microsoft Clip Gallery
  • 29. learning experiences that feel relevantCC image via
  • 30. People and relationships Sustained Partnershipsparticipation for Learning
  • 31. communities formed around content andinformation literacy standards CC image via
  • 32. communities formed around passions,interests, wonderings, and curiosityCC image via
  • 33. participatory learning and literacy are scalable to the needs of a learning communityCC image via
  • 34. librarians can be thecatalyst to spark largerchange in a learningecosystemCC image via
  • 35. how do we grow a culture of participatoryculture, relationships, and learningcommunities as librarians?
  • 36. CC image via
  • 37. how do we as libraries and librarians make a“dent in the universe” of our community?CC image via
  • 38. vanishingboundaries
  • 39. CC image via
  • 40. CC image used with permission from
  • 41. conversations and idea sharing forlearning CC image from
  • 42. CC image via
  • 43. CC image via
  • 44. Image used with permission from Sara Kelly Johns
  • 45. Conversation Rounds Questions to Explore in Our Conversation RoundsCC image via
  • 46. CC image via
  • 47. Assessing the Current SituationWho is your library community andwhat do they need? How do you know and assess their needs? How do you assess the points of meaningful impact of the library in the community? How does the community impact the mission of the library?
  • 48. Existing ConnectionsWhat services and programs What services and programsdoes your library offer that invite your community to foster trust or likability participate? Think of between the library and successes---what created community? excitement? Think of services or programs that did not work the way you expected. What were some unexpected factors? Did they work for you or against you?
  • 49. Articulating Our Value If you wanted to write a TVcommercial for your library and have 60 expensive seconds to articulate it s value, what are your key points and what can What would that commercial say if you do to make the ad hit its primary audience is your home? provost/president/academic deans, faculty/alumni?
  • 50. PlenaryCC image from Conversations
  • 51. What insights did you have asyou talked to one another? What was new to you or challenged your thinking?What would you like to explorefurther?
  • 52. Participatory Relationships What assumptions and “sacred cows” might we as librarians challenge to better build community participation and increased excitement?
  • 53. Planning for the Future: “If You Build It, They Will Come…” What are you building? Who do you want to come? What will be different about your library in the future?
  • 54. Envisioning the Future What do you need to build these elements of enchantment and touchpoints for participation to create strategic and amplified impact in your community? What can your community aspire to be?
  • 55. cc licensed photo by The Shifted Librarian:
  • 56. embrace the wobbles CC image via
  • 57. leave your learning siloCC image via
  • 58. embrace pivot pointsfor positive change tobuild a new visionfor librarianshipCC image via
  • 59. change andunderstanding=innovation Participatory Librarianship and Change Agents: CC image via
  • 60. CC image via
  • 61. participation creates enchantmentCC image via
  • 62. enchantment is the nectarCC image via
  • 63. CC image via
  • 64. CC image via
  • 65. contact information Twitter: @buffyjhamilton