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  • 1. Score Out of 200 Points Rubric: Digital Composition, VoiceThread Spring 2012 Name(s):_______________________________________________________ Topic: _________________________________________________________ 0=not evident 1-2=evident but poorly constructed 3=adequate 4=above average 5=exceptional/superiorContent and Design Elements Evaluation Weight Possible Score of the Points Element (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)Title slide includes: X1 5 Topic Names of Researchers Date Course TitleStoryboard Organization: The content items are X4 20sequenced in a thoughtful, effective, and logicalmannerVoice and Narration: The pace (rhythm and voice X3 15punctuation) fits the story line and helps theaudience really "get into" the issue. Voice quality isclear and consistently audible throughout thepresentation.VoiceThread Clarity and Design: X2 10  the presentation reflects excellent use of font, color, graphics, and multimedia effects to enhance the presentation and to tell the “story” of learning and the reading experience.  Each panel is “clean” and easy to read without being overly “busy” with an abundance of too much content.  Media used creates a distinct atmosphere or tone that matches different one or more viewpoints of the issue. The media may communicate symbolism and/or metaphors.  VT has a minimum of 10 content slides/panels  Works Cited slides/panels are included 1 Digital Composition Rubric: VoiceThread, Spring 2012 Lester and Hamilton
  • 2. Content and Design Elements Evaluation Weight Possible Score of the Points Element (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)Images and/or Video: X4 20  the use of these media create a distinct and appropriate tone for expository/information composition.  The media may communicate concrete or abstract representations of ideas and facts.  All multimedia appears to be copyright friendly and includes image attribution  All hyperlinks work and go to the correct contentAudience: X2 10the design elements reflect a strong awareness ofaudience in the design (classmates, teaches, otherteens who may see the VoiceThread). The designelements are thoughtful and purposeful in choiceand incorporation into the VoiceThread.Economy: the VoiceThread reflects and maintains X2 10a clear focus through all panels; the informationpresented is balanced and focuses on big ideaswithout getting bogged down in irrelevant or off-topic details.Issue is clearly defined and discussed. X2 10Content clearly reflects relevant and meaningful X3 15concrete details.Content clearly reflects relevant and meaningful X3 15commentariesContent: the presentation reflects: X4 20*big ideas and deep questions (beyond basic facts)*research that goes beyond surface level,superficial facts and digs into the “how and why”*sequence of ideas, facts, interpretation ofinformation flows in a logical wayContent reflects research and thoughtful analysis X4 20that address at least 3 major “why or how”questionsText is free of spelling, punctuation, and major X3 15grammatical errors.At least eight different sources are included in the X3 15Works Cited page, including 1 database articlesand an interview Comments: 2 Digital Composition Rubric: VoiceThread, Spring 2012 Lester and Hamilton