listening, learning, leading: rewriting the story of library through participatory librarianship


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listening, learning, leading: rewriting the story of library through participatory librarianship

  1. 1. listening, learning, leading:rewriting the storyof library throughparticipatory librarianship buffy j. hamilton || april 2011 CC image via
  2. 2. challenge: pulling and weaving together themany threads of librarianshipCC image via
  3. 3. “It’s all about learning…how is this going to fundamentallyenrich a conversation? There isn’t a part of the library that isn’t about learning. Learning is a collaborative conversation.”CC image via Dr. David LankesParticipatory Librarianship and Change Agents:
  4. 4. participatory librarianship is a lens to help ussee the possibilities and context for a sharedvision of our library
  5. 5. sparking and ignitingconversations cc licensed flickr photo by jurvetson:
  6. 6. sharedownership oflearning andconversationsfor learning CC image via sizes/l/in/faves-10557450@N04/
  7. 7. knowledge construction and creation cc licensed flickr photo by Ian Muttoo:
  8. 8. what mediums and strategies cultivate conversations forlearning in libraries and give participants a voice?CC image via
  9. 9. mobile computing for learning
  10. 10. information evaluation and social scholarship viaresearch pathfinders
  11. 11. network and attention literacy
  12. 12. cloud computing
  13. 13. collaborative learning and knowledgebuilding
  14. 14. portfolios
  15. 15. formative and summative assessments
  16. 16. digital identity and citizenshipCC image via
  17. 17. inquiry, engagement, and collectiveintelligence face to face
  18. 18. collection
  19. 19. spaces for honoring patron voices,expertise, and opinions
  20. 20. partnerships for learning
  21. 21. physical space
  22. 22. play
  23. 23. shared story of “library”
  24. 24. ask “how do I invite and engage participation?”CC image via
  25. 25. participation and shared ownership will create a library that is THE participatory network in your learning communityCC image via
  26. 26. CC image via
  27. 27. Q&A
  28. 28. contact information