Fighting the Filter, NEKLS July 2011


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Fighting the Filter, NEKLS July 2011

  1. 1. fighting the filter strategies for delivering a knockout punch to information censorship buffy j. hamilton | nekls school librarian workshop: the vital school librarian| july 2011
  2. 2. Which of the following resources are blocked in your school setting? YouTube or TeacherTube Social Bookmarking (delicious, Diigo) Google related pages Wikis Blogs Other?
  3. 3. filtering policies lock away quality content
  4. 4. Image used under a CC license from
  5. 5. the challenge: how to move that mountain
  6. 6. the roadblocks Image used under a CC license from http ://
  7. 7. fear Image used under a CC license from
  8. 8. lost in the fog of misinformation and in the dark Image used under a CC license from
  9. 9. noble but misguided intentions
  10. 10. fear of lawsuits and legal action
  11. 11. a shift in who counts as experts and the decision making model
  12. 12. how do we go beyond the walls and barriers? cc licensed flickr photo by Giuseppe Bognanni:
  13. 13. we can open doors and unlock resources by fighting the filter
  14. 14. find out who makes filtering decisions and establish a conversation with the decision maker(s) 1
  15. 15. campaign for filtering policies and procedures for appeals to be put in writing and volunteer to be a member of the filter policy committee 2
  16. 16. make the argument for access to a specific resource or tool by collecting examples of effective instructional practice 3 Image used under a CC license from
  17. 17. develop and present a concrete plan for use of the resource and how you will implement its use 4
  18. 18. develop a plan for addressing the potential challenges while championing the possibilities 5 Image used under a CC license from /
  19. 19. be an advocate for intellectual freedom and equitable access to information 6
  20. 20. enlighten stakeholders about the importance of social media through transparency 7 Image used under a CC license from
  21. 21. make the case for digital citizenship and helping students establish positive digital footprints 8 Image used under a CC license from
  22. 22. remind decision makers that students need guided instruction and opportunities to learn how to use social media thoughtfully and wisely 9 Image used under a CC license from
  23. 23. collect qualitative and quantitative data to support your stance 10
  24. 24. tie your requests to performance standards 11
  25. 25. cc licensed photo from / if our goal is for students to be information fluent learners, we must have access to the tools so that students can ultimately act as their own filter
  26. 26. if your requests get knocked down, keep trying and be persistent Image used under a cc license from
  27. 27. Cc licensed photo from fight the machine
  28. 28. Image used under a CC license from the fight is not for ourselves but for our students
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  30. 30. contact information [email_address]