Crafting New Narratives of Community, Connecting, Creating, and Participatory Learning at The Unquiet Library--A Makerspace Culture of Learning

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A First Outline of Our New Chapter for 2012-2013 | Presented to Dr. Adrian Thomason, July 16, 2012 | Buffy J. Hamilton …

A First Outline of Our New Chapter for 2012-2013 | Presented to Dr. Adrian Thomason, July 16, 2012 | Buffy J. Hamilton

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  • 1. Crafting New Narratives of Community, Connecting, Creating, and Participatory Learning at The Unquiet Library: A Makerspace Culture of Learning A First Outline of Our New Chapter for 2012-2013 | Presented to Dr. Adrian Thomason, July 16, 2012 | Buffy J. HamiltonCC image via
  • 2. Defining Makerspace A place where people learn to use tools and materials and can develop creative projects Can be embedded inside an existing Makerspace organization or standalone on its own Adaptable—can be shaped by educational goals as well as students’ creative interests CC images via , , andSource:,
  • 3. Defining Makerspacecollaborative learning environments where peoplecome together to share materials and learn newskillsnot necessarily born out of a specific set of materialsor spaces, but rather a mindset of communitypartnership, collaboration, and creationpeople can create content as well as consume it inthis incubator for ideas and venturesSource: and
  • 4. MAKE magazine
  • 5. Maker Faire
  • 6. Makerspace
  • 7. Every Child a Maker
  • 8. Makerspaces + Education
  • 9. Makerspaces + Education
  • 10. Content Consumption AND Creation in Authentic Contexts Practices of Participatory Across Multiple Subjects Areas Learning and Play and Student Interests The Unquiet Library: A Makerspace Culture of Learning Affinity Spaces: Formal and Guided Inquiry, Tinkering, and Informal Communities of Messy Learning LearningBuffy Hamilton, July 2012
  • 11. “While we sit here and debate when we deliver our lectures, or how long they are, or in what channels; the real flip is already occurring. The lecture? The long form or short form, oratory? That is not the point of this. They all have a place. No, the real flip is facultyare losing control. The real flip is from us – LIS faculty –thinking we have the content and we are just debatingthe delivery to the truth that we need to relearn the content continuously right along side our students.” Dr. R. David Lankes, “Duct Tape, 3D Printing, and Libraries of the Future”
  • 12. “That last bit, the relearning bit, that is crucial. This is notsimply ceding control, or turning education into one long do it yourself project. There is value in a good teacher and a good researcher – they will always have a strong ability to guide. No, it is about realizing that truly co-owning a curriculum, or library program, requires constant reinvention if for nothing else than applying it to new contexts.” Dr. R. David Lankes, “Duct Tape, 3D Printing, and Libraries of the Future”
  • 13. Public Libraries iStreet Press Possibilities: SacramentoSource:
  • 14. Possibilities: Westport Public LibrariesSource:
  • 15. Possibilities: UMW LibrariesSource:
  • 16. Possibilities: UMW LibrariesSource:
  • 17. Possibilities: Allen County Public LibrarySource:
  • 18. Possibilities: Chicago Public Library YOUmediaSource:
  • 19. Digital and Multimedia STEM related projects Possibilities: The Unquiet Composition and in Science, Math, and Publishing Career Tech Common Core LibraryStandards: Multiple Fine Arts and CareerLiteracies Across ELA, Tech Science, and Social Studies Student Driven Writing and Print Tinkering and Content Publishing Making
  • 20. Distributing the library Supporting through a shared implementation of model of teaching and Common Core ELA and learning to cultivate Literacy Standards networked and across content areas collaborative learners (informational reading,(teachers and students) writing, and research) Continuing to cultivate Helping faculty develop relationships with all inquiry driven units of members of the study and developinglearning community for effective practices for the ongoing teaching and learning composition of the through lenses of narrative of libraries critical pedagogy and and learning participatory learning
  • 21. Possibilities: The LibrarianInstructional Learning Strategist Partner EmbeddedProfessional co-teacher and Developer instructional designer Coach and Mentor
  • 22. Action Steps 2012-2013 Shift: Reconfigure library computer lab into a learning makerspace labThe Unquiet Library as a Focus on guided inquiryMakerspace : design and practices ofCatalyst for A participatory Culture of learning/culture Learning at Greater emphasis on CVHS the librarian as a community learning strategist for students, parents, teachers, administration
  • 23. a makerspace culture of learning that values participatory learning is a lens to help us see the possibilities and create a context for crafting a shared vision of library in learning communitiesCC image via
  • 24. relatively low barriers to artisticexpression and civic engagement
  • 25. strong support for creating and sharing one’screations with others
  • 26. what is known by the most experienced is passed along to novices
  • 27. members feel some degree of social connection with one anotherCC image via
  • 28. members believe that their contributions matter
  • 29. • Heightened motivation and new forms of Practices of Participatory engagement through meaningful play and experimentation• Learning that feels relevant to students’ identities and interests Learning• Opportunities for creating using a variety media, tools and practices• Co-configured expertise where educators and students pool their skills and knowledge and share in the tasks of teaching and learning• An integrated system of learning where connections between home, school, community and world are enabled and encouragedSource:
  • 30. communities formed around content andinformation literacy standards CC image via
  • 31. communities formed around passions,interests, wonderings, and curiosityCC image via
  • 32. Hear Dr. Wesch’s TED Talk CC image via
  • 33. CC image via
  • 34. enchantmentCc image via
  • 35. enchantment:sustained,voluntarydelight that ismutuallybeneficial CC image via
  • 36. “enchantmenttransformssituations andrelationships.”Guy Kawasaki,Enchantment: The Art of ChangingHearts, Minds, and Actions CC image via
  • 37. trustworthiness CC image via
  • 38. likabilityCC image via
  • 39. fantastic product or serviceCC image via
  • 40. cc licensed photo by The Shifted Librarian:
  • 41. enchantment is the nectarCC image via
  • 42. change, continuous learning, and understanding=innovation Participatory Librarianship and Change Agents: CC image via
  • 43. CC image via
  • 44. CC image via
  • 45. contact information Twitter: @buffyjhamilton