Circulating Kindles at The Unquiet Library: Books, E-ink and Databases, Oh my! Collection Development in the 21st Century


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Circulating Kindles at The Unquiet Library: Books, E-ink and Databases, Oh my! Collection Development in the 21st Century

  1. 1. kindles at the unquiet library buffy j. hamilton
  2. 2. “embrace the potentials andchallenges of this [participatory]emerging culture not as areplacement for existing printpractices but as an expansion ofthem”~henry jenkins~
  3. 3. portable personalizedparticipatory
  4. 4. eBook as a fundamentallyaccess to eContent different literacy/reading experience
  5. 5. policies, procedures, paper trails
  6. 6. sharing and reflecting on the journey oflearning
  7. 7. observations/discoveries
  8. 8. What Is Working/What Students Like• With the exception of one student , every participant in the Kindle program has expressed extreme satisfaction with the Kindle reading experience.• Students are thrilled that we purchase the books they want; the personalized reading experience is very important to our readers.• Students like they can make adjustments to the page views/font size while reading.
  9. 9. What Is Working/What Students Like• Students like the convenience and ease of reading on the Kindle.• Students have been consistent and diligent in returning the Kindles on time within the one week circulation period.• Most students have requested to use the Kindle again.
  10. 10. Hiccups/Challenges/Suggestions from Students• We have discovered we need to keep the wireless turned off on the Kindles even when they are not in use because the battery drains rapidly trying to either find the 3G signal or to connect to the wireless network.• Students all indicated they wished the Kindle was backlit and/or for us to purchase reading lights for nighttime reading.
  11. 11. Hiccups/Challenges/Suggestions from Students• A few students have had difficulty remembering to return all Kindle accessories ; most return the missing item(s) within a day. Now that we have identified the source of the battery drain issue, we are now circulating the Kindles without the power supply unless the student specifically requests.• Students would like a loan period longer than one week; as we acquire more eReader devices, we plan to extend the loan period to two weeks in 2011-12
  12. 12. Tips CC image via
  13. 13. be familiar with district purchasing procedures andpolicies before committing to a device or format
  14. 14. become comfortable with the devices before makinga decision on a starting point for eReaders.CC image via
  15. 15. stay abreast of the changes and developments in theeReader/eBook landscape—it’s extremely fluid!CC image via
  16. 16. Future Directions• 50 Nook Simple Touches• 35 for a classroom set• 15 for free circulation
  17. 17. Q&A
  18. 18. CC image via