OGDC Datastorage Solution_Mr.Dung, Dinh Nguyen Anh
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OGDC Datastorage Solution_Mr.Dung, Dinh Nguyen Anh



Presentation in OGDC 2012 organized by VNG Corp.

Presentation in OGDC 2012 organized by VNG Corp.



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OGDC Datastorage Solution_Mr.Dung, Dinh Nguyen Anh OGDC Datastorage Solution_Mr.Dung, Dinh Nguyen Anh Presentation Transcript

  • Data Storage Solutions for SNS gameDinh Nguyen Anh Dung – P2S – G6 – VNG
  • CONTENT• SNS games and SQL-based databases• NoSQL technology and Couchbase• NoSQL does not come without challenges• SNS Storage Engine (SSE)
  • SNS games AND SQL-based databases
  • SNS games characteristics• Huge amount of concurrent requests but require low response time• Accounts can be stored separately – No need for centralized storage – In most cases, no need to put strict constrains on data relationship
  • Native limitations of SQL-based DBMS• Centralized fundamentally – Vertical scale up issue• Schema – High risk (and cost) for updates• Normalized data – Unnecessary overhead: join tables, locking, data constrain check,…
  • Native limitations of SQL-based DBMS Source : NoSQL - WhitePaper
  • Native limitations of SQL-based DBMS• SQL processing overhead at both DBMS and client side.• Most data accesses end up at hard-disk – Very challenging to meet low response time – Internal caching does not help much• Hard to distributed data across multiple- servers
  • NoSQL technology and Couchbase
  • NoSQL technology• Persistent distributed hash-table• Active set resides on RAM – Extremely fast response time• Horizontal scale up• Raw and direct data access – set, get, add, inc, dec : no overhead
  • NoSQL technology Key Value Jack.Gold 50123 Jack.Exp 4670 Jack.Coin 700 Peter.Gold 7050 Peter.Exp 20005 Peter.Coin 1Key Value Key Value Key ValuePeter.Gold 7050 Jack.Gold 50123 Peter.Coin 1Jack.Exp 4670 Jack.Coin 700Peter.Exp 20005
  • Active set on RAM CLIENT ACTIVE SET ON RAM Lazy write HDD
  • Couchbase server• Based on membase technology• Distributed• Replica• Since 1.8, have native client for PHP• Bucket types – Couchbase (persistent) – Memcache (memory only)
  • NoSQL does not come without challenges
  • Our first SNS game with Couchbase
  • Architecture and design issues• Transition from relational database design to key-value design – Account data => keys : how ?• Only minimum support for locking, concurrency control – add : failed if exists - mutex – cas : read get cas, write failed if cas is out-dated
  • Architecture and design issues• No transaction support – Data corruption becomes so easy!• No high-level data support (e.g. list,queue,…)• No tools for raw data viewing / editing
  • Pitfalls• Too much freedom for developers – Anyone can add / modify any key any time• Epic key design mindset – One key for all : bad performance, concurrency control is a true night mare• Abuse the power of set – Never fail ! Developer LOVE it !
  • SSE – SNS Storage Engine
  • Our second SNS game with Couchbase
  • What is SSE ?• A thin “layer” between developers and the all-mighty Couchbase – SSE is simply a PHP library• Provide better support for locking and concurrency control – Basic support for : Begin – update - commit• Provide high-level data structures – Collection, queue, stack, integer (gold), inc-only integer (exp), binary flags (quest)…
  • What is SSE ?• Minimize the risk of weak concurrency support – Ability to rollback pending writes• Schema – Limit freedom of developers! – No more nightmare for backup and raw data view/editing• Buffers to eliminate repeated read / writes
  • Raw account view / editing tool
  • What is SSE ?
  • What is SSE ?
  • Multi-instance architecture• Replica is too costly to performance• One node failed means cluster failed• Adding nodes requires rebalance – Only good when having clusters with large number of nodes (more than 20 nodes)
  • Multi-instance architecture• One instance for index (user-to-instance mapping) – Use APC on logic servers to cache / reduce load to index instance• Many instances of data – Dynamically adjust weight on each instance base on average load of instance – Node failure only affects part of the user-base
  • Multi-instance architecture Game Logic Game Logic Game Logic Game Logic APC APC APC APC Index Data Data Data Instance Instance 1 Instance 2 Instance 3
  • Disavantages• Lower performance of multi-get• Not well balance between instances in terms of accesses
  • How good is SSE for us ?• No more data loss due to concurrency• No more data corruption• No mysterious bugs due to un-intended writes• Reduce more than 3 times workload of server developers