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  • Regional center for :Culture & entertainmentHeritageEducationCommerceGovernment
  • The Queen City Hub envisions Downtown as a place where citizens of the city and region choose to live, work & play.
  • Established neighborhoods Lower West Side West Village Waterfront Village Marine Drive Pine Harbor/ Shoreline Growing clusters Proximate to Flower District Theatre District Prox. To Lafayette Sq, along Washington & Ellicott Street – Buehl Building, Holling Place, AM&As Warehouse, Warehouse loftsRecent projects – Avant, Lofts at 136, Corn ExchangeMany others in the planning stage
  • Historic center for commerce in WNYLargest employment center in WNY- Over 50,000 workers DTCenter for:- banking- Government- Insurance- Business and legal serviceMajor employers – M&T Bank, HSBC Bank & HealthNowOffice market is stable Office inventory increased by nearly 1.2 M SF between 2002 and 2010 Despite downturn in economy over 200,000 SF absorbed Despite increase in space, vacancy rate of 14.7%, much lower than historic 10-year avg. of 20.7%
  • Regional center for culture and entertainmentTheatre district – a number of venuesSports – Sabres, Bandits & BisonsHistoric buildings/museums – Pierce Arrow museum, Michigan Ave. Heritage Corridor, Aerospace MuseumFestivals – Thursday in the Square, Taste of Buffalo, GussMacker, Powder KegRestaurants/nightlifeWell over 6 m visit DT every year, not including restaurants and bars
  • Buffalo is renowned for its architecture and Downtown has a significant concentration of historic architecture.EllicottTheatre District500 Block Main StreetCobblestoneWest Village
  • PublicCars sharing Main Street - $2.4 M 700 block, $8 M for 600 block is securedErie Canal Harbor - $46 M, Significantly more $ to do further infrastructure and DevelopmentCobblestone Streets - $4 MOuter Harbor Parkway & Greenbelt - $60 M & 13.5 MFederal Court House - $137 MConvention center improvements - $7One way street conversionsNiagara Street - $2 MHutch Tech HS $27 MHerman Badillo School #76 - $19.5 M
  • PrivateBuffalo Niagara Center - $40 MAvant - $83 MGenesee Gateway project - $12 MHealthNow – $110 MEllicott $
  • Ellicott’s Street pattern – QCH calls for restoring the Street pattern where is has been compromisedMain Street – Traditional commercial street Downtown critical connection between 2 bookends of WF and BNMC, undergoing multi-year project to bring traffic back to Main Street. Gateways – Important points of entry into downtown or into keys areas within DT such as the waterfront or theater district. The HUB plan calls for a series of celebratory gatewaysCentral area has a number of important civic spaces Niagara Square, Lafayette Square, Cathedral Park, Johnson Park, Fountain Square – provide outdoor rooms and gathering spaces.Mix of Uses in order to develop a 24/7 vital downtown,
  • Karen:Mayve use front cover of City Zoning Ordinance with 1950 date so they get idea that it is an outdated law.
  • Need new ones here
  • Karen:listening meetings( are those regional meetings?):  photos show no diversity [use a photo from Good Neighbor Alliance mtgs]
  • Karen: Vibrant biz districts:  include some area that communities of color are familiar with
  • The values that you…….will serve as the foundation for ….
  • Karen’s comment: BUF Building Blocks:  Maybe use 'Created as examples or model for future uses' ['We' gets overused since Team is not BUF and don't want to imply that WE know what's good for citizens]
  • Buffalo’s future development should reflect community concerns and vision. To do this, basic urban building blocks can be applied throughout the city to enhance existing neighborhoods or build new ones. When we go to individual tables, we’ll be asking you to work with these images to think about what your neighborhood should become.
  • Introduction of Residencialblock types…
  • Introduction of Residencialblock types…
  • Introduction of Residencialblock types…
  • Introduction of Residencialblock types…
  • Introduction of Residencialblock types…
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