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How to use ( to collaborate on a project

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Collaborate with Box

  1. 1. S4Secure and Synchronize while Saving your Sanity How to Use
  2. 2. The Challenge• A dispersed (editorial) team o Geography o Time zone o Need to work away from primary office• Many documents – many versions each• Constant revisions• Need to share with selected outsiders
  3. 3.• Free (5 GB per account)• No software required (App for phone or tablet useful but not necessary)• Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux• Can view and comment with Tablet or phone• All you need is a computer with a o Web browser o Internet connection
  4. 4. How to use it: Visit and create a free account following the on screen instructions In a few minutes you’ll get a confirming email. Return to and log into your new account with the username and password you chose.
  5. 5. After you login, you’ll see a column on the right with tasks you canperform.If you need to return to root of your account, click on the Files button
  6. 6. Start by creating a folder.Click the + New button near the top of the browser windowIn the window which appears give the folder a name. Keep the otheroptions as they are.
  7. 7. Now that you have a folder, add a file, such as a word document to it.Do this by clicking the Upload button to the left of the + New buttonand selecting a file on your computer. Note that you can add a description to the file, by clicking on the blue add description link
  8. 8. Your workspace now has a file and a folder file such as a word document folderNote that files and folders have a small menu. Click thedown arrow to reveal more options, which differ dependingon whether the object is a file or folder. For foldersFor files
  9. 9. If you move your cursor over a file, it will be highlighted and a link titled Taskswill appear. It allows you to send requests to other team members.
  10. 10. It’s usually easier to keep related files in the same folder orsubfolder. To move a file into a folder, simply click on it and drag itinto the desired folder. Your folder will change from yellow to blue,indicating it now contains something. (This color change may take a fewminutes.)Now that you have content, you can share it.Click the down arrow by your folder. Select Share -> InviteCollaborators
  11. 11. It’s usually easier to keep related files in the same folder or subfolder.To move a file into a folder, simply click on it and drag it into thedesired folder. Your folder now changes color from yellow to blue,indicating it now contains something.Now that you have content, you can share it.Click the down arrow by your folder. Select Share -> InviteCollaborators -> Enter their email addresses - comma separated. You can allow collaborators to edit documents by giving them Editor status or restrict them to viewing documents by inviting them as a Viewer
  12. 12. Each collaborator needs her own Box account. When a collaboratorlogs-in, she will see the project folder, and by clicking on it, thefile(s) it contains. She can edit a file, by downloading it, changing itand again uploading it.After the file is uploaded, its version number will change as will therecord of actions taken on the file and size, if the file has grown.
  13. 13. When you open a collaboration folder, a list of collaborators will beshown in the right column. All collaborators for all projects will beshown, by visiting Contacts from Box.coms main menu:Managing Your Project: • By default, Box will email you whenever you or a collaborator interacts with a file. This may quickly become tedious. To change notifications for various actions, choose My Account -> Account Settings -> Notifications. From here you may choose what you wish to be emailed about. • You can see the history of changes to project files, by clicking the Updates link. • In addition to using a Mac, Windows PC or Linux computer, you can access documents from a tablet computer or even a smart phone. You do this by visiting and logging in. You can get more functionality on a tablet or phone, by installing a free Box app. • Most of the remaining choices should be self-explanatory. Feel free to contact me, if you have questions.
  14. 14. Why Bother?• The mechanics of will take a 15 to 30 minutes to learn• Changing your style of collaboration will take longer. It won’t be easy until it becomes a habit. This one is worth acquiring.• Once a project get’s complex with lots of tasks, revisions, and concerns of who is supposed to do what when; it becomes very valuable• When you’re away from your office it’s also very convenient to be able view files from a phone or tablet.