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Raport intermediar par_2009_alice

  1. 1. GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIPS LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME GRUNDTVIG Progress report form 2009 for Learning Partnerships (grant agreement period 1.8.2009 – 31.7.2011)Please send this report to your National Agency, duly completed and signed by31.06.2010 as requested in Article 7 (Monitoring, Evaluation and Control) of your GrantAgreement. The report will be used by your National Agency for monitoring purposes. GENERAL INFORMATION(FROM LLPLINK)Grant agreement GRU-09-P-LP-142-NT-ITnumberTitle of the AULT LERNING IN CULTURAL EVENTPartnershipAcronym (if ALICEapplicable)Working language ENGLISHof the partnershipName of your COLEGIUL TEHNIC “GHEORGHE CARTIANU “institution /organisationRole of your  The coordinatorinstitution / A partnerorganisationOther participating Fondazione Abruzzo Europa “A. Spinelli” – ITALYinstitutions / COLEGIUL TEHNIC “GHEORGHE CARTIANU” –ROMANIAorganisations Centre culturel de Habay -BELGIQUE(name and country) UAB “GREIČIO KONTROLĖ”-LITHUANIA CENTRO DE EDUCACIÓN PERMANENTE “POLÍGONO SUR”-SPAIN Bulgarian Development Agency –BULGARIA 1
  2. 2. GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIPS INSTITUTION/ORGANISATION DATA(FROM LLPLINK) Full Legal Name COLEGIUL TEHNIC “GHEORGHE CARTIANU “ Type of [Table C – Type of organisation] EDU-ADLT Organisation Legal Status  Private Public SizeCommercial  Profit Non profitOrientation Address Bulevardul Traian nr 265 Postcode 610143 City PIATRA-NEAMT Region NE Country ROMANIA Scope REGIONAL Organisations 2613273 national ID (if applicable) Organisations www.colegiulcartianu.ro ctcatianu@gmail.com website (if applicable) CONTACT PERSON Title ms First name Eleonora Family name Budur Department European Integration Position Responsible ,teacher Work Address Street – Number (if different from above)B-dul Traian nr 165 Postcode 610143 City Piatra Neamt Country ROMANIA Telephone 1 +40 0333402623 Telephone 2 +40 0233222370 Mobile +40 0766407354 Fax +40 0233222800 E-mail address budureleonora@yaho.com 2
  3. 3. GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIPS PARTNERSHIP CONTENT1. Please describe briefly the Partnership activities undertaken and the resultsachieved so far: The A.L.I.C.E. partnership combines public local authorities and secondary/ adult schools. The partnership wants to increase the transversal skills of adult people involved in cultural events (all types of cultural activities) and consequently in the cultural and touristic promotion of their territory. In order to develop the participation in these European projects, the partnership will underline the use of innovative and creative methods to manage cultural activities then realise a compendium of best practices to promote creativity, professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit in the culture sector, not only within the partner’s organisations but all around Europe. The partnership will contribute to the development of the objectives of the Grundtvig Program: social cohesion, active partnership, intercultural dialogue, sexual parity and people personal realisation. We intend to improve the people’s skills in foreign languages and informatics (volunteers, professional operators, public employees,) involved in the cultural promotion in a broad sense. The partnership project has been defined to answer the specific needs of our territories, to improve language and informatics skills and to provide information about European Strategies to safeguard and promote the European culture.The partnership intends to exchange experiences acquired by the learners in their ownorganisations and projects, events that they manage. A special focus will be made on thepromotion of cultural events. A second objective is to confront the needs of the local authorities(foreign languages, informatics, innovative and creative approaches and fund raising) together withthe direct experience / practice of schools.The exchange of experiences, best practices and methods at European level will contribute toimprove the quality and efficiency of the local events organised by the involved people (learner andstaff). The partnership will also collect the best practices and compile various suggestions. Thistransversal documentation will be at the disposal of any association involved in event organisationand adult learning activities thanks to a dedicated web site called: www.grundtvig-alice.euThe partnership attempts these results by a series of workshops in each Partner Country in order toindividualise the case study: cultural events, musical festivals, historical festivities. The workinggroup of each partner prepares a presentation in the official language of the partnership usinginformation and communications technologies.Then in a series of trans-national meetings (Italy, Romania, Spain and Bulgaria), the participantspresent their case study and exchange opinions on how it could be improved. The result of thiswork will consist in a compendium of case studies.The program of trans-national meetings was modified in the first project meeting in Italy 2009 andit is the following :November 2009-ItalyApril 2010 –RomaniaNovember 2010-SpainApril 2011 –BulgariaWe had to modify the program of trans-national meetings because 2 of our partners did not get thefinancing support for the project from their national agencies. So the third project meeting had tobe in Turkey and it will be in Spain and the fourth project meeting will be in Bulgaria. So the concrete objectives of the partnership are: 1) individualise innovative methods to arrange cultural events 2) connect people 3) increase transversal skills In order to achieve this objectives we realised the following activities: - local workshops - local cultural events - mobility 3
  4. 4. GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIPS- trans-national meetings.The project is structured in 4 phases :Phase1 –animation and sensitising , Phase 2 - trans-national meetings(2.1 Italy , 2.2 Romania , 2.3 Spain , 2.4 Bulgaria )So far we have completed Phase 1, Phase 2.1 and Phase 2.2.Phase 1The preliminary activities, animation and sensitizing:All the partners realised in their countries a series of meetings, in order to individualise andprepare the arguments of various presentations.Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu realised :-Workshop for the organization of the project in the school and task distribution .Date: 15 September 2009. Place : Technical College Gheorghe CartianuPeople involved in this workshop:-Prof Mariana Paleu –the project manager-Prof. Emilia Lupei –assistant manager-Prof. Budur Eleonora – project coordinator-Prof. Ciocan Ana Raluca –English teacher and translator for the project-Mr. Munteanu Constantin –Responsible for organizing cultural events and thechoreographer of the dance group “Toporasul”-Prof. Olimpia Sima –publications responsible-Prof. Cozma Daniela –English teacher and second translator for the project- Prof. Alina Balus-French teacher and translator for the project-Prof.Casian Marian –teacher and coordinator of the folk group “Toporasul” -Meeting for project publicity in the school.Date: 20 September 2009.Place: The conference room of the Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu.At this meeting all the teachers of Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu participated. Theproject presentation was made by the project coordinator, Prof. Eleonora Budur .-Meeting with representatives of local organizations interested in cultural promotionDate: 13 October 2009.Place: the cafeteria of the Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu.People that participated in this meeting:Prof Mariana Paleu –the project manager,Prof. Emilia Lupei –assistant manager ,Prof Budur Eleonora – project coordinator ,Prof Luminita Moscalu –principal of the Art High School “Victor Brauner “ in Piatra NeamtDr. Costache Andone –president of the Association of Scientists in Neamt ,painter Gheorghe Vadana –president of “Sindicatul Liber al Pensionarilor Neamt” .Local cultural events :“Romanian writers in Europe”(13-14 October 2009). 10 writers and 100 teachers andstudents from Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu participated in this event realised inpartnership with the REGIONAL DIRECTION FOR CULTURE and the Writers Union,. “Folk sitting “(30 October 2009). The writer Emil Nicolae , the actor Ionut Cucoara and thefolk groups of dancers from the Center For Culture and Art Carmen SAECULARAE and thegroup Toporasul participated in this event realised in partnership with The Centre For Cultureand Art Carmen SAECULARAE and the Memorial Museum Calistrat Hogas. The 2 eventspresented above were presented in the workshop organised during the November trans-national meeting in Colonnella –Italy . (The Power-point presentations of this events are inannex 1)In Italy the project coordinator organised– the presentation of the Partnership to UCVVOfficial Meeting (partnership schedule and program) and meeting with the referees of theLocal Administration who want to participate in the workshop organised during theNovember trans-national meeting. 4
  5. 5. GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIPSPhase Preparation of transnational meetingsTechnical College Gheorghe Cartianu realized:1 Workshop for preparation of the first trans-national project meeting.Date: 10 November 2009. Place: Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu.People involved :-Prof. Eleonora Budur – project coordinator , prof Emilia Lupei – assistant manager ,choreographer Munteanu Constantin , musicians Apetri Andrei and Mariana Anghel , profCiocan Ana Raluca , the dancers from the folk group Toporasul and Miss Candia Grasso , theItalian Comenius assistant that we’ve hosted in our school during the 1 November 2010-31April 2010.We decided that the first delegation that will represent our institution in Colonnella-Italy willbe compose by: prof. Emilia Lupei manager assistant, choreographer Munteanu Constantinresponsible for organising cultural events, prof . Ciocan Ana Raluca –English translator fromthe staff team and the musicians Apetri Andrei and Anghel Mariana from the learners team. The coordinator, Fondazione Abruzzo Europa prepared the trans-national meeting and thefollowing activities:Internal coordinating meetings (Fondazione A.E. president, F. Luciani, Fondazione AEResponsabile of Comunication, G. Gaetani, the Fondazione A.E. Sportello EuropaResponsabile and A.L.I.CE. Partnership Person of Contact, Luigina Ciarrocchi and FAEassistant C. Giannobile) and external meetings (Partnership person of contact, L. Ciarrocchiand representatives of local organisations)Partner Coordination – planning the meeting program, assistance in preliminary activities(how to animate the territory, who has to participate to trans-national meeting and how toprepare the presentations)Logistical Assistance to partners – to find and send information on how to arrive inColonnella, the trans-national meeting town place (train, bus timetables, hotels information onRome and Colonnella and so on)Operative meeting aspects –the conference room (Sala Flaiano) formal request of the roomfrom the Local Administration of Colonnella, preparation of the conference room with video-projector, panel, note book, banner with A.L.I.C.E Logo.Planning of Communication Activities – planning the activities linked to thecommunication of the Event, the organisations of the Evening, realisation of a banner withA.L.I.C.E. Logo (attached) and communication with the local media.2.1.1.First trans-national meeting in Colonnella –Italy organised by the Italian Partner,“Fondazione Abruzzo Europa A. Spinelli”, in November 2009.The meeting took place in Colonnella, Italy which is an old village, with a strong culturaltradition from the region Abruzzo.The meeting consisted in a workshop about how to organize cultural events, how to raisefunds, to organize the events and how to attract adults from all social fields, differentages and culture, and how to participate and contribute to the cultural events .The meeting provided also a constructive cultural dialogue between the participantsfrom Italy Fondazione Abruzzo “A.Spinelli” ,Romania The Technical College GheorgheCartianu , Belgium, Centre Culturel de Habay , Bulgaria “Bulgarian Development Agency“ , Lithuania “ Greicio Controle “ Driving School and Spain “Centro de EducationPermanente POLIGONO SUR”. The meeting started on the 18 November - 21 of November2009. Below you can find the detailed program of activities: PROGRAM OF THE FIRST TRANS-NATIONAL MEETING 5
  6. 6. GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIPS “Adult Learning in Cultural Event. A.L.I.C.E.”- - Colonnella 18-21 November 2009 -:“Opening Ceremony” - 18 Novemer ’09 - C/o Osteria Vicolo Cieco in Colonnella At 8:00p.m.I° Workshop “A.L.I.C.E.”- 19 November ‘09 C/o Sala Flaiano in Colonnella –Opening - at 9:00 a.m.“La Sagra Enogastronomica di Torano” - at 9:30 a.m. -Presentation and description of the Food Festival of Torano N. by Pro-loco di Torano Nuovo“A Centre for adult education” - at 10:15 a.m. The Spanish centre of adult educationby Centre de Education Permanente Poligono Sur (EP)“Romanian Writers in Europe”- at 11:30 a.m. Presentation of a work on Romanian writersin Europe By Colegiul tehnic “G. Cartiau” (RO)End of first part - at 12:15 a.m.Group photos - at 12:30 a.mP.zza Largo Palazzo 6, ColonnellaII° Workshop “A.L.I.C.E.” – 19th of November ’09 - C/o Sala Flaiano in ColonnellaOpening - at 3:00 p.m.“International festival of Masquerade games Surva" - at 3:00 p.m.Description of an international masquerade festivalBy Bulgarian Development Agency“A Belgian musical festival” - at 3:45 p.m.Description of a musical festivalBy Centre Culturelle de Habay (BE)Pause - at 4:30 p.m.“Lithuania (Lietuva) - Country anniversary 2009” - at 4:45 p.m.History, traditions, cultural events:"1009-2009 anniversary of name "Lietuva"", "Vilnius -Europe Capital of Culture 2009".by UAB “Greicio Kontrole” (LT)End of second part - at 5:30 p.m.III° Workshop “A.L.I.C.E.” – 20th of November 2009 - C/o Sala Flaiano in ColonnellaOpening - at 9:00 a.m.“Organisation of a course of Guide Nature”- at 9:30 a.m.Presentation of a course of naturalistic guideBy Centre Culturelle de Habay (BE)“Folk sitting”- at 10:15 a.m.Romanian popular tradition By Colegiul Tehnic “G. Cartiau” (RO)Coffee Break - at 11:00 a.m.“Night of Museums”- at 11:30 a.m.Presentation of a Bulgarian cultural eventsBy Bulgarian Development AgencyEnd third part - at 12:15 a.m.IV° Workshop “A.L.I.C.E.” – 20th of November - C/o Sala Flaiano in ColonnellaOpening - at 3:00 p.m.“A Centre Culturelle” - at 3:00 p.m. 6
  7. 7. GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIPSDescription of a Belgian cultural centreBy Centre Culturelle de Habay (BE)“Il Palio del Barone” - at 3:45 p.m.By Associazione Due Torri di TortoretoPause - at 4:30 p.m.“Participatory theatre” - at 4:45 p.m.Description of an experience of participatory theatreBy Centre de Education Permanente “Poligono Sur”Conclusion - at 5:30 p.m.Visit of Tortoreto - 21 of November - At 9:30 a.m. - The place of Palio de lo GovernatoreVisit of Torano Nuovo - at 3:30 p.m. - The place of Sagra of ToranoConclusion of the meeting - At 5:30 p.m.It was a beautiful and useful experience. The hosts surrounded us with kindness andcreated a friendly atmosphere. We were proud to present our writers and our traditional dances. Our partners showedan enthusiastic interest for our popular dances and their power to reunite people from allthe social and cultural fields, and different ages.2.1.2 .Monitoring and evaluationAs it can be seen in the program above we presented in Colonnella the 2 cultural eventsthat we organised in Romania in the frame of the project as case studies, we haddiscussions about what we presented with our partners and we learned how to improveour activity.2.1.3.DiffusionAfter the meeting in Colonnella we disseminated the results in the frame of the “Regionalconference used in the PHARE SCHOOLS “in Piatra-Neamt on 3 December 2009. We alsoused the acquired information to prepare the second project meeting that took place inPiatra Neamt, between the 10-14 April 2010.Phase 2.2.Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu together with UAB Geicio Kontrole from Lithuaniaprepared the second project meeting .The Partner from Lithuania came to the meeting 4days earlier and worked with our organization. We created presentation maps and flyers,we posted advertising materials, and we organized the meeting program, the trips, thecultural events and the workshops.2.2.1 .In order to prepare the second trans-national meeting of the project the TechnicalCollege Gheorghe Cartianu started a learning activity organised by the projectcoordinator Eleonora Budur with a group of 56 teachers from primary schools andkindergartens finalised with an exhibition of textile-art. At the same time another groupof learners organised by Mr. Munteanu Constantin and the young musician Apetri Andreistarted to prepare a Folk cultural event to be presented in the cultural interchange withour trans-national guests. The second group of learners was composed by 14 youngdancers. The cultural event took place at the Popular Art Museum from Tarpesti- Neamt.2.2.1.Romanian project partner organized the meeting.The meeting program is listed below10 April, Saturday9.00 – 16.00Visit to "Red Lake"and monasteries 7
  8. 8. GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIPS11 April, Sunday9.00 – 16.00Visit to monasteries and museums of NEAMT and SUCEAVA counties12.00 – 13.00Lunch16.00 – 18.00Visit to the Popular Art Museum from TarpestiFolk dance demonstrations:Place: Popular Art Museum from Tarpesti • Romania • Belgium Presentation of Lithuanian dances.12 April, Monday8.00 – 12.00Place - Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu Piatra NeamtPresentations: • Bulgaria - International Rose Festival • Lithuania - National Folk Songs and Dance Festival • Italy- Torano Sagra and Torano wine • Spain - Cultural Event of Sevilla and the learning taking place at Centre of Permanent Education POLIGONO SUR • Italy - "Palio de lo Barone"and "Tortoreto Summer Program 2010"12.00 – 13.00Lunch15.00 – 17.00Place - Didactic House of Piatra Neamt TeachersPresentations: • An exhibition of handmade products of Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu, Romania • Virtual presentation of handmade products of Centre Culturel de Habay, Belgium • Embroidery products of Abruzzo Centre, "Associazione Il Focolare" - Italy (exhibition of photos ) • Award festivity for the best products realized in the frame of the project13 April, Tuesday8.00 – 12.00Presentations: • Bulgaria - Sofia Film Fest • Lithuania - Lithuanian Art (M.K.Čiurlionis) • Romania – Touristy attractions in Neamt County and in Piatra Neamt City • Spain “The most important feasts of April in Sevilla”12.00 – 13.00 8
  9. 9. GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIPSLunch14.00 – 16.00Presentations of activities from each partner: • Lithuania - Institution “Greicio kontrole” • Bulgaria - Perperikon festival • Bulgaria "Organization of the seminar "Participation of social partners in EU projects" • Romania – Folklore in the Neamt County • Conclusions, certificates award14 April, WednesdayVisiting the cityDeparture.Our main objective was to connect the adult people involved in a specific sector with colleaguesall around Europe. We realised 2 cultural events, the Textile-art exhibition and the Folk dancingevent by cultural interchange and cooperation with the partners from Belgium, Italy and Spain asit can be seen in the program above.Aspects from the 2 cultural events can be seen on the blog ADULT LEARNING IN CULTURALEVENT on “Travel pod “. The blog is created by the project coordinator in Romania , prof.Eleonora Budur to enlarge the impact of the project .To evaluate the progress of the learners and staff involved in the project we usedevaluation forms that have been filled by the 30 participants to the transnationalworkshop. We evaluated the quality and impact of the activities on the adult learnersand staff . These forms aim to compare the starting participation competences/abilitieswith their progress. Also they aim to give evidence to their opinions on methods andsubjects. The evaluation form is presented in annex 3 . At the end it was agreed on that each partner will familiarize themselves better with the possibilities from the Project Framework Programme. In the next meetings it will be discussed what would be the best way to continue our cooperation. 1. We discussed in the meeting about the needs and ideas for the future cooperation in the education sector: - adults need learn and experience cultural events in different countries. - In some cases it is easier for students and teachers to start international action between neighbours (so called lower step international exchanges). - The Romanians and the Bulgarians (practical) training education systems have lots of similarities which make mutual cooperation easier (or Lithuanians and Latvians, Estonians – Baltic countries).DisseminingThe project will develop the creative intelligence of the adults through cultural learningactivities. This two years experience at local and international level will increase thecreativity of the participants, the quality of work and of the qualifications.But also it will contribute to the prestige of the organisations involved in thepartnership. 9
  10. 10. GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIPS We expect Partnership Activities will interest not only the participants but also their families, colleagues, friends and the whole territory; that’s why we expect that they will increase organisations reputation, adult’s interest for knowledge and facilitate access to education for vulnerable groups (ancient people, emigrants ….). During the partnership Results achieved so far : The partnership activities contributed to improve basic abilities of learners and developed competence on how to manage local cultural events. In Romania 70 people from the targeted people following the project and attending the meetings received a Certificate of participation. This document will be a proof of their experience and abilities that they can integrate in their curriculum. In a more concrete way the learners and staff of the project will take advantage of their new skills and experience. They will also develop personal skills and competences such as better foreign language knowledge and comprehension, self assessment, better use of information and communication technologies and finally better social skills and experience in international working teams. In order to diffuse and widely spread the results, reports will be published in the official partnership language and in the mother language of each organisation. Also other products, such as art exhibitions handicraft, photos, information, ICT based materials and methods will be published on organisations web sites and diffuse to the involved organisations and widely spread throughout their newsletter.2. What problems/obstacles have you met in the implementation of thePartnership, if any? How have these problems been they solved?Miss Mariana Anghel , musician and teacher in the Art High School Victor Brauner fromPiatra Neamt that should have participated in the first trans-national meeting of theproject in Collonella as a learner was unable to go because of health issues.This problem was solved by rearranging the number of mobility, staff and learnersplanned for each trans-national meeting.3. Mobility activities initially plannedMinimum number of 4mobilities planned 8(please tick as  12appropriate)  24  Reduced number of mobilities ___4. Mobilities carried out between 1.8.2009 and 31. 5.2010Mobility description Nr of Number of participating participating staff1 learnersMobility in Colonnella –Abruzzo –Italy 3 11 Including any persons accompanying participants with special needs 10
  11. 11. GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIPS Total number of mobilities: 3 15. Number of mobilities to be carried out by Staff:6 Learners:231.7.2011:6. Grant holders declaration to be signed by the person legally authorised to sign onbehalf of your institution/organisation and by the Partnership contact person in yourinstitution/organisation:"We, the undersigned, certify that the information contained in this Progress Report iscorrect to the best of our knowledge."Date:25.06.2010 Date:25.06.2010Place:Piatra Neamt Place: Piatra NeamtName and position of the contact person: Name and position of the Head of institution/organisation: prof. MarianaProf. Budur Eleonora PaleuSignature of the contact person: Signature of the Head of institution/organisation: Stamp of the institution/organisation (if applicable) ****** 11